fashionable jeans

Psa: Jeans that fit the booty

People, if you happen to have an althetic body like me (ie. Big butt and thighs, smaller waist) and struggle to find jeans that don’t have something lacking, I have the jeans for you!

American Eagle outfitters 360° flex and flex 4 are the most comfy jeans that have graced my thights. They fit the waist, the booty, have REAL pockets, and pass the squat test (I can even kick over a person’s head in them 😭, happy tears don’t worry)

How did I find these unicorn Jeans?

I accidentally bought men’s jeans at a goodwill shop. I didn’t even realize until later. I was bragging to my brother about having pockets and then it hit me, women’s pants don’t have real pockets. A quick Google and confirmation. I was wearing men’s pants and GDI they looked good on me.

I only have two complaints.

  1. The pockets are a tad low (like 1-2 cm) for the ultimate pocket to booty raito (but that can be fixed with a bigger booty, yay squats!)
  2. The ankle end of the jeans aren’t fitted. 3 things to resolve that: cuff them, wear boots, or sew them.

Other than that…go forth and enjoy jeans you can move in!!!

tl:dr - AE 360° flex and flex 4 jeans are the ultimate “holy smokes, I can move without ripping my pants” jeans. Good for big butts/thighs without leaving a huge waist gap. Bless