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What You're Most Likely to Succeed in/as Based on your Midheaven

Aries: Police, Athlete, Manager, Fireman, Business in general.

Taurus: Real Estate, Beautician, Singer, Actor, Gardener, Banker, Fashion Designer, Architect.

Gemini: Journalist, Reporter, Writer, Books, Flight Attendant, Comedian, Programer, Dancer, Acrobat, Professor.

Cancer: Cook, Musician, Corporate Manager, Poet, Sailor, Accountant, Nanny.

Leo: Actor, Film Director, Fashion, Writer, Ambassador, Gambling, Jeweler, Fireman, Police, Driver.

Virgo: Architect, Mathematician, Secretary, Assistant, Breeder, Medicine, Pharmacist, Vet, Doctor, Finance, Designer.

Libra: Fashion, Model, Presenter, Beauty Guru, Hairdresser, Judge, Marriage Counselor, Musician, Painter, Singer, Writer, Dancer, Journalist.

Scorpio: Police, Engineer, Scientist, Gynecologist, Sexologist, Astrologer, Psychiatrist, Medium.

Sagittarius: Explorer, Pilot, Driver, Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Trader, Politician, Spiritual Leader.

Capricorn: Manager, Banker, Agent, Scientist, Cultivator, Judge, Mechanic, Politician.

Aquarius: Engineer, Astronaut, Astronomer, Specialist, Photographer, Film-Maker, Activist, Philosopher.

Pisces: Musician, Dancer, Consular, Medium, Priest, Doctor, Writer, Poet.

Director Dorothy Arzner and choreographer Marion Morgan on the set of ‘Manhattan Cocktail’ (1928). Arzner met Morgan while directing her first film, 'Fashions for Women’ in 1927 and they were romantically involved until Morgan’s death in 1971.

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