fashion: traditional


hey guys, big apologies again for the silence! Got my computer back from repair recently and just got back from clover con! Hopefully going to be back to posting more regularly and finishing up some trades and commissions that have been waiting so patiently for so long (thank you so much im still so sorry <3) Here’s some on site bust commissions I did at clover con (sadly forgot to take a picture of the others… again!!! ;O;)!

Mermay #22 - Tsuname as a Mer
Finally, all caught up! Well, here’s a crowd favorite XD Tsuname, as a mer! I know his species is technically mermaid-like, but I thought I’d draw him as a traditional mer for fun. I would have colored, but I reaaaally wanted to get caught up. XD; So I left is as is in pencil sketch form!