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it doesn’t matter whether your bias is seungri or not BUT us seungri stans genuinely want a comeback it’s been so long and I had this idea where we’d go stream his mv GOTTA TALK TO YOU as much as possible get him trending and get the mv to 20m so yg would start taking us seriously please please we need every single vip on board with this he deserves this so much SPREAD THE WORD AND PLEASE STREAM




• Self Titled is just as good as Regional At Best

• Stressed Out is a great song

• Fans that got into tøp because of blurryface and/or stressed out are not better or worse than older clique members

• Liking Blurryface more than Regional At Best is okay

• March to the Sea is the most underrated song tøp ever made

• Strictly loving the music and knowing practically nothing about Tyler and Josh is okay

• Not particularly liking Jenna Joseph is okay

• Sending Jenna hate and death threats for any reason is disgusting

• Tyler and Josh are possibly the closest friends on the face of the earth but are not in a romantic or sexual relationship with each other

• Liking Tyler more than Josh is okay, as long as it is for a reason other than that he is the lead singer

• Not liking Kitchen Sink is okay

• Being able to rap Heavydirtysoul and Kitchen Sink doesn’t make you a bigger fan than someone else

• Meeting Tyler and Josh and telling them that they’re hot is uncomfortable and creepy

• It isn’t always the best idea to camp outside concerts weeks in advance (one week at max is alright)

• Hating everything to do with religion and still loving Tyler and Josh’s family is a good thing

• Being a welcoming person who treats the clique and the boys with respect makes you one cool fren