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These are self portraits. And that’s important because I believe that images are a glimpse at the magic that happens when the mind, body, and spirit connect. The camera is only an extension of the eye, and this is how I see myself.

A few months ago I heard Kathleen Cleaver, a former Black Panther, speak at a local museum and as she spewed her feelings about “Formation”, calling it pornography, I recall feeling a disappointment so strong it nearly felt like grief. I felt similarly reading bell hooks’ criticisms of Beyoncé. I felt that ultimately they were expressing their disdain for me, women like me, and my/our own brand of feminism and autonomous expression. I don’t fit into any one box. Sometimes I am poised and polite. Sometimes I’m a bitch. Sometimes I am homely. Sometimes I’m scantily clad. Regardless, I am always wanting more for us. More respect, more love, more space and freedom. My attire does not negate that.

Kathleen Cleaver called Beyoncé’s lens, and ultimately my own, mindless. She called it disgusting. And the dank thickness of her tone has fixed itself in my memory. Wedged itself in my psyche. And I find myself, ever since, feeling apprehensive about being visible in my own skin.

These are self portraits. And that’s important because shame and internalized misogynoir are real. Respectability politics are real. And while I am a woman who can be agreeable to a fault, I’ve never had a talent for conforming.

This is not pornography. These are self portraits.

And that’s important.

That’s imperative.

Emerald Shaw
June 2016

“Rainbows are just fashionable right now” = “Heterosexuals figured out that they can erase the importance of your symbol by co-opting them.”

New WWE Women’s Division-Themed Dolls and Toys Revealed

WWE are planning on breaking into the toy market even further, this time gearing towards young girls with their new Women’s Division Fashion figures, dolls and accessories.

The new 6 inch and 12 inch figures, so far, consist of Brie and Nikki Bella, Natayla, Eva Marie, Charlotte, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch and is expected to be released later this year.

Product descriptions are as listed below:

WWE Women’s Ultimate Entrance Playset - “The lights are bright, the fans are cheering and it’s time to make your big entrance in the ring with WWE® Superstars Ultimate Entrance Playset! This exciting 2-in-1 playset lets kids get their WWE® Superstars ready backstage with a couch, table, vanity, closet, hangers and camera, to document the fun. Then when the Superstar is ready, the playset transforms with a turning platform to reveal the Superstar on the Ultimate Entrance stage! Add more WWE® storytelling fun with stickers you can use to customize the playset. Includes playset, piece-count, stickers and Nikki Bella action figure.

”WWE Ultimate Fan Packs (6-Inch Figure With DVD & Accessories) - “Fans of the WWE will love this Ultimate Fan Pack that offers the ultimate in collectable fun! This highly giftable set offers the ultimate fan experience—from playing to wearing to watching. Each pack includes a 6-inch basic figure, an accessory for the fan and a DVD of the Superstar’s highlights.

”WWE Superstars 12-Inch Fashion Dolls - “Action meets fashion with WWE® Superstars Fashion Dolls! These approximately 12-inch WWE® Superstars fashion dolls feature multiple points of articulation, amazing details and are fearlessly fashionable! Each WWE® Superstars wears a fashion inspired by their signature style for a look that girls will love! Plus, these incredible dolls can also stand alone with their shoes on—perfect for recreating WWE® Superstars action-fashion poses! Each doll includes outfit and shoes.

”WWE Superstars 12-Inch Deluxe Fashion Dolls - “It’s double the action and fashion with WWE® Superstars Fashion Dolls who are fearlessly fashionable inside and outside of the ring! These approximately 12-inch WWE® Superstars fashion dolls feature multiple points of articulation and amazing details! Each WWE® Superstars comes with two fashions and two pairs of shoes. The first fashion is inspired by their look in the ring and the second fashion is inspired by WWE® Superstars signature style outside of the ring. Plus, these incredible dolls can also stand alone with their shoes on—perfect for recreating WWE® Superstars action-fashion poses!

”WWE Women’s Basic 6-Inch Series - “Bring home the stylish action with WWE® Superstars Action Figures! These approximately 6-inch Superstars feature articulation, amazing details and are fearlessly fashionable! Pose them in exciting stances on their own or combine with other figures or create stories and matches to determine who will become the new WWE® Superstars champion!”

Also revealed is a child size WWE Raw Women’s Championship 

-noblewoman vibe


-dark skin

-unorthodox hair color

-drill curls



-a shapely figure that even artistically emphasizes her aesthetic


Nintendo I would like royalties for your gratuitous digging through my brain for character ideas. A pass for the opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park will suffice.

anonymous asked:

Alright, it might just be me being fashionably inept, but I can't figure out what those black things on Chara's shoulders are. An Undershirt? A part of the sweater/shirt/thing? A bra? Suspenders? What are they?

It’s an undershirt!

does anyone think a lot about teddy's self identity because i do

i refuse to believe his mother pretended not to know about/ignored/repressed teddys abilities that he surely expressed from a young age (she just didn’t know he was heroing with them)

i like to think that she presented the idea to teddy that he was a mutant because she didn’t want to tell him the truth that he was actually a space prince who was sent for execution by his own grandfather and that she wasnt actually his genetic mother

but this means that teddy was probably open with his shifting at home and she probably helped him figure out how to stay in human-passing form for long enough to save him from the discrimination mutants face

but then think about teddy becoming more aware of what his power truly means, and becoming more confused because he doesn’t know who he actually is

when he realises he likes boys, he wonders for a while if maybe hes actually a girl who had always shifted into a boy body- but how could he not have known that? his internal struggle lasts for weeks until his mum sees his look lingering on another boy on one of their rare outings, and she tells him that his attraction is okay whether he wants to be a boy or a girl

he thinks he feels most himself as human boy teddy, but then looking back at baby photos he seemingly changed his eye colour every day and hes so aware of how he will add a piercing, add muscle, change his hairstyle, whatever necessary to fit in

and suddenly he doesn’t know who he really is? what is his true form? his green self- the form his mother affectionately nicknamed ‘hulkling’- feels as true as his human self, and he thinks about hank mccoy of the xmen and how he is more the beast than he is the man and teddy maybe thinks he could deal with that if he were at xaviers but instead he is here, in a new york high school, and he knows he’s just trapped in this culture of peer pressure and he feels so out of his own skin half the time-

then he joins the young avengers and has a reason to stay in hulkling form for extended periods of time and it feels right, and he gets with billy and he starts to stay as hulkling even when it’s not necessary because he never knows how to be around billy, how billy wants him to be

until billy one night poses the question on him out of the blue. what do you look like, really? hes noticed teddy will sometimes be more bulky when he’s tense or shorter when he’s embarrased or will have more earrings when hes dressed up nice for a date. teddy stutters and then mumbles quietly, i don’t know. they have a long deep talk that continues on the phone after teddy has to go home, and ends with teddy having wet eyes, and he cant quite say why, but he feels grateful-

and its like billy has broken the spell on teddy (ironically). being free of greg too really puts things into perspective for him- he doesn’t have to be what other people want him to be, just himself, and billy reminds himself of that regularly after that night. he lets go of his frustration of not knowing his ‘true’ form- hes a shapeshifter, and in true optimistic teddy fashion, figures he should count his blessings and just be whatever the hell he wants. he experiments with hairstyles and piercings and bulk and billy compliments him on it all, and eventually he settles on a him that he likes, and he’s happy.

and then the whole family reunion, kree-skrull jamboree revolation happens, and teddys mum is dead, and teddy no longer has the identity mutant, or even human, and the confusion is back. hes an alien, and a royal, exiled alien at that, and his green form feels both more real and more odd than ever, and his human form isn’t even human it’s kree- he doesnt know what to think.

so he goes back to being hulking more than ever, but this time it’s not a shield, it’s teddy reshaping his own identity as the half skrull, half kree prince of space that he slowly comes to accept, culminating in his eventual acceptance of his spacely duties in new avengers

this is solidified when teddy carries their child and she comes out like them both- a little magic and a lot green, and he proudly wears his green skin outside with his daughter, and he finally feels a connection to his true self- teddy altman, husband to billy kaplan and father to a beautiful daughter, and really, loved for who and what he is.

so when his daughter asks why she has two fathers and no mother like all the other kids, he tells her, the same reason that our skin is green, darling, we’re not like other people, but like ourselves, and that’s exactly what we ought to be.


I basically have had “ants in my pants” with how eager I have been to post this look. My friend Peter shot this set Thursday and I’ve looked at it every day since then. It has been a long time since I felt this beautiful. 

Initially, I was afraid of this dress. I don’t really like to show off my stomach and it has a prominent cut out. I tried to shop around it and ignore it, but I couldn’t get the style out of my mind. So I caved. I could picture how I wanted this blog shoot to look from the location (Mount Holly Historic Cemetery) to the props I wanted to use to set the tone (vintage Nancy Drew novel). I was not going to let my fear of 5 inches of skin stand in the way of what I knew could be an awesome set. I am so glad that I ignored that voice inside my head.

Dress: Alice & You, via Asos Curve

Vest: Coco + Jameson, via Dillard’s

Wedges: KorkEase

Rings: H&M, Forever21, boutiques in Little Rock and Panama City Beach

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Clutch: Honestly, I believe it is an off brand version of a Kate Landry clutch.