Yuna Kim, World Figure Skating Championships 2010 (Gala Exhibition)

Leave it to Yuna Kim to make me like grey and ivory. It’s the beauty of simplicity that is brought out on rare occasions, a carefully considered expression.

The skirt just moves so beautifully, and I love the way the edges sparkle.

It’s elegant, it’s graceful, and it’s not for everybody. But here, for Yuna, it is right.

Grade: A


Another late one tonight, folks! Check out my first time in Fashion to Figure! 

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Ashley Wagner, US Championships 2017 (Free Skate)

I liked Ashley’s original free skate look, but I love this dress. It’s sultry, a little mysterious and very dramatic.

The only thing I really don’t like about it is that it was so hard to find photographic evidence of its charms that I had to resort to using images from after the skate. Come on, official photographers! You had one job!

Look at that! It’s like the end of a sunset. 

And I cannot believe that these are the pictures I have to resort to when expressing my passionate feelings about this dress. Do a better job photographing Ashley at Worlds, people!

Grade: A+


Bruno Bucciaratti - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Real Action Heroes - Medicom (2012)


New York City day trip looks ✨
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this stunning dress from fashion to figure
The fit and flare coat from Charlotte Russe is one from my dreams, I’m so in love.
The bag is from Nine West and I found it in DSW ☺️
~vlog coming soon~

Rika Hongo, Four Continents 2016 (Short Program)

Bless Rika, she goes BIG with her costumes as often as possible and this glorious green gold and silver firework of a look is no exception.

That is a FANTASTIC skirt. I treasure every bit of it.

And those sleeves! All the beauty of ribbons streaming from Rika’s fists, none of the hassle and potential costume violations. And the “belt” in glittery black lines with a blue “jewel” that the curving lines are bursting out of in both directions! This dress is not for parties, this dress is a party.

On top of all that, the illusion necklace almost feels unnecessary, but that’s hardly enough for me to subtract theoretical points.

Grade: A+

I really need to clean my room -__-;;;;

This was taken a few weeks ago when I was going on a mall adventure with my lovely friend @imapantsu. She’s wearing one of my old interview dresses from @fashiontofigure and I decided to pair my petticoat from SkyCreations with my sample 26″ Amethyst overbust from @lovelyrats <3

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, World Figure Skating Championships 2015 (Free Skate)

Why am I thinking about harems all of a sudden? 

Oh, okay, that’s intentional. I think.

That is a lot of sheer for one costume, basically barely concealing the fact that this is a shapeless robe-bag over a leotard with a few gold stars. Literally.

Still, I don’t completely hate it? I mean, it sort of feels like cheating to make sure your skirt doesn’t flutter unflatteringly by wearing half a piece of sheer instead, but I don’t know. Elizaveta just carries herself so well in it, it’s hard for me not to feel like she’s pulling it off. Whatever it is.

Grade: C…+?

Stephane Lambiel, Vancouver Olympics 2010 (Short Program)

Look carefully, because Stephane Lambiel is actually wearing skates into BOOTS.

Renaissance William Tell Stephane is the best.

Look at that fun detailing on the sleeves and those buttons! And I couldn’t resist this ridiculous picture, sorry. 

Now you can properly appreciate the line and the detailing. As an apology for the silly picture here is one extra picture that is not silly in the least.

Grade: A

Julia Lipnitskaya, Sochi Olympics 2014 (Free Skate)

I love this red coat so much, I can even ignore the skates-over-tights. In this case, they work.

I also think it was brilliant to add the sheer black gloves and black skirt underneath. It brings out the red more and gives a similar visual feeling to the way the red coat appeared in the film Schindler’s List, as the one spot of color in a black and white world. Plus it moves just incredibly with Julia.

I know there was a bit of controversy at the time, but personally, for me, this works. It’s artistic, and if you didn’t know the original movie you wouldn’t think “this is a program about the Holocaust” because it stands alone on its own merits. It’s tasteful, not inappropriate. But I recognize that’s a subjective feeling. Just my two cents.

Grade: A+

Anna Pogorilaya, Skate Canada 2014 (Free Skate)

Is this… is this real life? An actual competition costume for Anna that I don’t hate?!

It IS! This happened! It really happened! Her skirt even flutters properly! IT’s a beautiful, wonderful Firebird costume that I have absolutely zero issues with! I’m so excited, I’ll even ignore tights-over-skates!

The long sleeves into gloves are particularly gorgeous for Anna’s long limbs. Everything about this is just magnificent and thought out and I cannot believe it.

And the back! Look at that spectacular back that someone actually bothered to photograph! Anna, I demand you find whoever made this and insist they do your costumes from now on, because I refuse to believe it’s the same person who designed your free skate (and if it is, why do they hate you now?)

Grade: A+

About to post an old fic that’s errrr…. a bit….. smutty. The lovely @promisedyouforever had saved it, and asked that I put it back up.

Still trying to muster the courage. (I’ve become cowardly in my old age.)

Karen Chen, NHK Trophy 2016 (Free Skate)

Now, this is the kind of hand coverage I accept! It actually accentuates the articulation of Karen’s whole arms instead of chopping them up visually. Also that red flower on one side of Karen’s bun is tremendous

Spectacular glitter in swirls of silver and red!

And even more swirls up the back with a pointy illusion twist on the scoop back a la this look of Yuna Kim’s though I doubt it’s a direct shout out so much as great minds thinking alike. 

Grade: A+