James Laver was a fashion theorist and historian who came up with a theory regarding the life cycle of fashion trends. Even though it was published in ‘Taste and Fashion’ in 1937, it could still be applicable to fashion nowadays, especially with the current 'vintage’ trend. According to Laver, items are considered 'quaint’ 50 years after they were fashionable, which explains the popular vintage scene at present.


100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds.

Ragnor and Magnus and Catarina were absolutely early adopters of camera technology. Ragnor got one early and took pictures and Catarina was one of his favorite models. 

Magnus loved having his picture taken and when the first handheld cameras came out? Magnus was one of the first people to take selfies. You know those pictures of edwardian gentlemen looking like total dorks trying to get their boxy brownie camera far enough away to get a picture of themselves? That was Magnus. Except he used magic to make them even better. 

Also Catarina and Ragnor loved it when pictures finally got color and they could admire themselves in all of their glory but before that they would sometimes painstaking paint color into their skin. 

They have boxes of ancient pictures and whenever they go through them they’ll periodically find nudes Ragnor and Magnus (and on one occasion Catarina) posed for. Also, it’s like a timeline of fashion disasters. They can spend days making faces at each other and going through old pics. 

Raphael hates getting his picture taken but Magnus has lots of pictures of him anyway. He’s unfairly photogenic. 

Ren Kouen Character Guide Translation

The Flame Emperor who’s accomplished in both the literary and military arts. He’s the governor-general of the Western Subjugation Army. He conquered multiple dungeons and commands three djinns.

Caption: he’s a mighty warrior and well-versed in history. He also knows the Toran language.


Country: the Kou Empire
Height: 185cm
Weight: 83 kg
Speciality: war
Hobby: historical research
Favorite food: spicy food
Disliked food: sweet food
Favorite type: a smart woman
Disliked type: indecisive people
What he likes to do in his days off: historical research
Weakness: fashion sense

Kouen’s History (timeline)

Kouen, who possesses a charisma that unites the country under his banner, is also a conqueror of a number of dungeons and the master of djinns. While he appears like a calm royalty at first sight, he actually has a different side to him.


-Even though he appears like someone who doesn’t show much in the way of emotion, when something defies the norm, he’s unable to hide his surprise.

-He has a forcefulness to him where the other party has no choice but to comply after seeing that smile that’s beyond fiendish.

-For the sake of obtaining knowledge, he won’t hesitate to team up with an enemy.

Point: His Scholar facet

In contrast to his aggressive military leader public image, he’s an intellectual who likes studying history and reading literature and references. Every night, clad in casual clothing, he’s in a bliss and forgets himself while reading historical scrolls.

Behind his public image of a prince is an intense lust for knowledge that borders on abnormal. For its sake, he won’t hesitate to subject himself to harm.


-His lust for knowledge that knows no bounds can go as far as  possessing him. His demeanor changes from the usual calm and collected to aggressive and excited and his words and tone turn sharp.

-Like someone who weighs on a scale, he contemplates his options and chooses the best.

-His lust for knowledge can drive him to behave childishly.

Ohtaka’s Maref

Q) who set it up so Kouen’s charm point is his goatee?

A) it’s none other than himself. He likes it, but about 70% think it doesn’t suit him, though they can’t bring themselves to tell him.

Djinns Equip: Astaroth


-Scales like that of a snake cover him like armor plates. They are hard, and at times act as protection.

-White flames that burn everything! He unleashes the flames that take the form of a dragon and cuts the enemy to pieces.

-Kouen equips himself with a destructive power and the ability to heal. It’s an overwhelming djinn equip that suits his title as the Flame Emperor.

Extreme Magic: Ashtor Inqerad

-As long as Kouen commands them, Astaroth’s scorching white flames of hell can burn for all eternity.

Point: Phenex enables him to heal many injured soldiers single-handedly.


-Even though Kouha’s arm was awfully injured, he fixed it up in an instant.

Kouen thought up a secret plan so he could keep fighting despite consuming magoi, and that’s through switching between djinn equips and restoring his magoi. After analyzing the situation, he calmly changes his djinn equip from Astaroth to Agares and restore his magoi with the lava that gushes out of the earth.

Point: The Djinns in the three Metal Vessels

Let’s introduce the djinns dwelling in his spaulder, hilt ornament and his beloved sword!

Astaroth: his head is covered with snakes, his skin is also like that of a snake and his talons are sharp like those of a dragon. Astaroth is dwelling in Kouen’s sword.

Agares: he looks like a fox and scales like those of a crocodile cover his body. When on standby, he dwells in the right spaulder, in battle, the spaulder transforms into an enormous hand.

Phenex: she’s covered in feathers like a bird and wears a melancholic expression. On standby, she’s dwelling in the hilt ornament that dangles from Kouen’s waist.

Ohtaka’s Maref

Q: when he’s in his military uniform, how much does he weigh? 

A: It’s indeed heavy. Looks like he already got used to it.

Kouen’s Relationships

Gyokuen, who stands in the way of his unification of the world

Kouen, who’s steadily envisioning the unification of the world, has yet to cooperate with his stepmother.

Gyokuen: I only have you now…will you support me, my most loved son?

Caption: she’s a wicked woman who’s flirting with Kouen, who possesses power, knowledge and political power all at once.

Hakuei, who sympathizes with his ideals

Even though they are step brother and sister, they get along well. She admires Kouen, and is his supporter who aims at unifying the world together with him.

Caption: Not a lot of people can enter Kouen’s private space.

Koumei, Kouha and Kougyoku, his reliable and brave siblings

Each one has his own play style, but they are all specialists regardless. The levelheaded Koumei is an intelligent strategist; Kougyoku, who was acknowledged by Kouen when she was little, is a talented swordsman and Kouha, who harbors great respect for his brothers, is a battle maniac.

Hakuryuu, who won’t become like he wants him to be

Even though he’s aware of what’s in the heart of Hakuryuu, who wants to be emperor, he’s observing the situation for the time being.

Kouen: you lost an arm, but I heard you conquered a dungeon. Good job.

Caption: he finds the rebellious attitude of Hakuryuu, who has grown up, interesting (judging by the panel that was used, this probably refers to Hakuryuu’s rebellious attitude towards Kouen that he displayed in that chapter. This is also one of my favorite panels in Magi)


The household and aides around Kouen are his subordinates who swore an oath to fight together. The general of the right, Seiryuu, and the general of the left, Kokuhyou, are the closest ones to him (note: before the Kou Empire arc)

Judar, who’s lending him his power to unify the world

The black magi and the high priest who’s affiliated with Althamen. Judar seems to be getting along well with the Ren siblings and on good terms with them. There are numerous times where he and the war-loving Kouen act together and exchange information.

Aladdin, who knows the truth he has been seeking

He’s the fourth magi and knows about Alma Toran, the world that King Solomon was ruling. Aladdin finds Kouen’s excitement frightening.

Alibaba, who fought together with him

Kouen’s attitude toward him didn’t change even after knowing he’s the Balbadd prince. He took advantage of his presence and fought together with him. Following Kouen’s strategy, they delivered an extreme magic combo.

The King of the Enemy Country, Sinbad

The two who are in the position of ruling their respective countries. They both heard about each other from rumors; this is actually the first time they meet face to face.

Sinbad: “I didn’t expect that he would be so difficult to deal with.”

Caption: the man who possesses similar things to his. Even though he acknowledges his opponent’s capabilities, he senses that his opponent is cunning and will be difficult to deal with (note: it talks about how Sinbad sees Kouen)

Note: scanned from the first and second Magi official guidebooks. I was intending to post it during the Kou Empire arc, but didn’t get around to it until now.

still trying to figure out how to draw Toriel. At first my headcanon went something like “what if the monsters went underground centuries ago and followed the time with all the human garbage???” so i googled some fashion timeline thing and found my way to this italian renaissance dress  idk man i went crazy with the details…. and looks too opulent for her everyday clothes :))))) so now its something she would wear when she takes back the crown during the neutral routes.  OI-<

Timeline of Successful Homosexual Men in History

-Leonardo Da Vinci: 14th Century Inventor, painter, sculptor.
Relations: Surrounded himself with young handsome assistants and wrote about homosexual intercourse.

- Sir Isaac Newton: 17th Century Mathematician, Physicist, astronomer. Known for the Laws of Gravitation.
Relations: Nicholas Fatio de Dullier, once wrote: “…the reasons I should not marry will probably last as long as my life…I could wish sir to live all my life, or the greatest part of it, with you.”

- Oscar Wilde: 18th Century Writer, known for Dorian Gray and De Profundis.
Relations: Lord Alfred Douglas. Often called “My Darling Boy” by Wilde in their correspondences.

- Rupert Brooke: 20th Century Poet, writer. Known for his poem “The Soldier” Said that his “boyish looks” provoked W.B. Yeats to write “A Last Confession”
Relations: James Strachey

-Alan Turing: 20th century Mathematician and Cryptanalyst. Inventor of The Enigma, a computer used to defeat Germany during WWII.
Relations: Tortured for “Acts of Indecency”. Today the “Turing Law” is in place because of him.

-Tennessee Williams: 20th century Author and Playwright best known for “A Streetcar Named Desire”
Relations: Frank Merlo

-Yves Saint Laurent: 20-21st Century fashion designer. Best known for being the first designer to popularize tailored women’s trousers.
Relations: Pierre Bergé

-Christopher Isherwood: 20th century novelist, screen-writer, and playwright best known for his works “A Single Man” and “Goodbye to Berlin”
Relations: Heinz Neddermeyer and current spouse Don Bachardy


Our (four time!) cover star Emma Watson grew up on the red carpet, and she’s been wearing some seriously amazing looks since the very start!

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