Our (four time!) cover star Emma Watson grew up on the red carpet, and she’s been wearing some seriously amazing looks since the very start!

From Emma’s mini-dress moment in 2009 to her lovely LBD at the Bling Ring premiere, we’ve narrowed everything down to a few of our absolute faves. 

Click through the slideshow and tell us which look you love the most! >> 


Let’s dance around the clock?

James Laver was a fashion theorist and historian who came up with a theory regarding the life cycle of fashion trends. Even though it was published in ‘Taste and Fashion’ in 1937, it could still be applicable to fashion nowadays, especially with the current 'vintage’ trend. According to Laver, items are considered 'quaint’ 50 years after they were fashionable, which explains the popular vintage scene at present.


100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds.