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How do I know if a POT SD is serious about beginning an arrangement? I'm talking during those awkward initial messages on SA, what are some things I should look out for to show me he's serious?

This question gets to the heart of what it means to be a successful sugar baby.  She does not want to waste her time on guys who have a low probability of being “the real deal” and, instead, she wants to focus on the POTs that are promising.  

You have to go through a process to arrive at this determination.  You have to read those messages carefully and thoughtfully!  You have to follow up on the good prospects in a timely fashion and dump the losers as quickly as possible.

And this is how you do it: First, you have to rely on your skills that have acquired so far in your vanilla life when it comes to “reading guys”. I call that your “bullshit meter” for short.  In I just signed up for SA, how do I know if the guy is a phony? I commented on the application of this skill:

[Y]ou have to draw conclusions based on what a guy says, writes or does and make reasoned decisions based on that.  Usually you will be right if you label him a phony and, even if you’re wrong, so what?  There’s always the next guy!  I think it is better to mistakenly label a good guy as a “phony” and move on, than it is to deal with multiple phony guys just to make sure that you haven’t passed over a good guy.  

If you’ve got a good “bullshit meter” when it comes to vanilla guys, fire that baby up and use it on the POTs who contact you!  That’s the best tool you have.

Next, you program your bullshit meter to detect guys who are almost definitely going to be losers! There are very specific “personality types” into which the vast majority of losers fall.  I have a two part series on these undesirable personality types:

The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II)

You should print these two posts and put them next to your computer as you read messages from POTs or have with you if you are using your phone!  If one of these guys comes at you, end the conversation and block him!

Now, if you follow the above, you are 80% of the way home because the process of elimination that I have just described will weed out most of the guys you want to avoid.  

We finally arrive at the “good stuff”; identifying the POT who is serious, who is, in all probability a real sugar daddy.  Generally speaking, there are three steps you will have to go through when landing an arrangement with such a guy:

  1. The initial contact
  2. The meet and greet
  3. The allowance talk

I have a three part series that covers each of these steps. The first link below deals directly with your question, the initial contact, but I have also given you the links for each of the steps that will follow:

Spot the real POT:  Things to look for that will tell you that he is for real!

Spot the real POT (Part II):  How a real POT handles the “meet and greet”

Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”

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