This is for mpankey11 – you’re just so sweet and I hope you like it. The request: Do you do a Drabble with Matthew Gray Gubler? If so, could you do one where the reader is a virgin and Matthews not and is all nice and sweet and caring (in typical Matthew fashion) for her first time?

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“Damn it, I’m not getting it right!”

You were talking to yourself, something you often did when you were frustrated.

You were painting, or doing your best attempt to. Swirling different palettes together you were trying to get the right shade of green, but no matter how much you added the color would get a shade too light or dark.

“To hell!”

You blew a piece of hair that escaped your bun from your face, letting the huff lessen your frustration. You were never going to get the piece done by Friday at the rate you were going. Maybe you could give them one of your pieces from last year and no one would notice.

“Having fun?”

“Jesus Christ!”

“Not very close at all.”

You looked from your canvas, not even hearing the silent footsteps of your boyfriend.

“You almost gave me a freakin’ heart attack, Matt.”

“It’d been okay, I know CPR.”

“Or maybe it would have been better, don’t have to paint if I’m in the hospital.”

His arms circled you and you let your chin rest on his wrist. “What are you talking about, Y/N?”

“This stupid painting, I’m not getting it right, which means I’m not getting it done.”

“You’re an amazing artist, the set crew wouldn’t have asked you to do it if they didn’t think so too.”

“You can’t even tell what it is yet.”

“But it’s abstract. You’re not supposed to really tell anyways, are you?”

“You’re supposed to have a general concept. At least with mine you are.”

Matthew took a step back from you, putting on an expression of exaggerated concentration.

“It’s Christmas.”

“No shi –“

“Hey, I’m not done. It’s Christmas night, inside with the tree fully decorated, with presents under it, and stockings hanging over the fire.”

You blinked at him, turning back to the painting before snorting. “Lucky guess.”

“It’s not lucky I can tell. Maybe you should take a break.”

“Can’t if I’m to meet the deadline.”

You felt a kiss on your neck, the spot immediately tingling.

“I could make it worth your while.”

You giggled. “Oh? You going to finish this for me?”

“I could. We could strip down, drench ourselves in paint and roll on it.”

You blushed. “It does sound festive.”

He could feel you stiffen from his comment, and you felt the guilt. It wasn’t the flirting, you never minded that, the teasing way Matt always went about it made you smile. But after six months the flirting went in the direction of suggesting and suggestions went…well, you never made it that far. Matthew was the only boyfriend who didn’t seem to mind that you’ve never circled all the bases.

Though he had, which in sad honesty, you didn’t think so when you had met him. Besides painting, the two of you shared a quirky sense of humor, a love to scare everyone and anyone, mismatched clothing, and dancing. So it was natural for you to assume he was a virgin as well. But wasn’t there a saying about assuming?

“Hey, where’d you go?”

You turned back to him, and you gave a glance at his unshaved face and rumpled hair. You leaned into him then, inhaling the sweet scent of his shirt.

“Not far, just thinking.”

You sighed, feeling him nuzzle your hair.

“And what pre tell were you thinking about?”

“Us, I guess. I just –“

His brown eyes were set on you, curious, and you could tell beyond their depths it held something on the border of fearful. You wished you could read minds, hell, you wished he could read yours so you didn’t have to say anything. You wanted him, but you had no idea how to go about it. Had no idea how it would affect your relationship.

“I love you.”

He looked surprised by this but then melted into a smile. “I love you, too. I like these things you’re thinking.”

Laughing, you crept up into his lap. “What would you say if I wanted to love you?”

His eyes slid to the side, clearly dumbfounded before coming back to you.

“Uhhh, that I guess that’s okay.”

“You’re not going to make this easy are you?”

“I’m trying to, I’m not very good with riddles though.”

You ducked yourself in the crook of his neck. “I-I…I want you to make love to me, Matt.”

You could feel his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed deeply at your words.


“Don’t. I have thought about it, a lot, it’s not a spur of the moment thing. And it’s not one of those screwing to keep you around things. Though I do wonder how you’ll see me afterwards.”

You let your eyes close as his palm trailed down your face. “And how would I see you?”

“I don’t know. Amateur. I’m afraid  I won’t be good at it, or I’ll do something wrong, or make a funny noise, or pull a muscle and punch you or -”

“Y/N, I don’t think any of that’s going to happen, certainly not you being bad at it. It’s, well, it’s instincts, you know what to do when things proceed.”

“It’s not rocket science is what you’re saying.”

“Depends on what you’re into I guess.”

“Oh, God, please shut up.”

He laughed at your cringe, kissing your cheeks.

“So what do you say, Gubler, want to provide me with some inspiration?”

He groaned at your boldness. “You’re sure this isn’t something you’ll regret?”


“You sure you’re not going to get your fill and take off on me?”

You giggled. “No. Are you?”

“Nope, I think we’re stuck with each other.”

“Good. So what do we do? Just, should I take off my -”

It was then he sucked a spot on your neck he knew would make you lose your breath. Trying to go by his pace you let your hand fall into his hair, holding him to you as the other went to his waist. You scraped your nails along the nape of his neck, something you knew he liked and his hands tightened on you. One reaching underneath your smock and shirt to feel the lace-clad breast underneath. This was fine, these were all the places you knew and even when you both fell onto the floor with each other it was familiar.

“Take off your shirt.”

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re trying to get me naked.”

“I am, strip.”

“Fine, but I’m keeping my socks.”

You snorted a laugh. “Fine, I’ll keep mine too.”

Watching him remove the material it revealed pale skin covering sinewy muscle. You loved to run your fingertips over the planes different parts revealing pulses and twitches from your touch.

“Now you.”

Now me?

This still wasn’t a problem, you’ve both seen each other in your underwear. Hell, with the heat that’s how the two of you went to bed half the time. It’s when everything was removed that had you worried.

“You okay?”

Of course he could tell.

“I’m fine, wandering off again.”

He smiled, helping you shimmy out of your pants. “If it’s all right I’d like you to stay here for this.”

“I’ll do my best.”

After making out for several more minutes Matthew let his mouth go lower. “Do you care if I…?”

“No, you can take it off.”

Hearing the clasp snap open you could feel heat rising as the material was tossed in the pile.

“You’re beautiful.”

The flush has had to trail downward by now. “Don’t get cliché on me.”

He smirked, lowering his mouth and flicking a nipple with the tip of his tongue. The action making your body bow upward. He’d alternate flicking and sucking, sometimes suctioning the nipple as well as the areola and you couldn’t help the pants from emitting.

His fingers were trailing along your thighs and you couldn’t help but thrusts your hips upwards. He let his fingers run over your slit through your underwear the wetness sipping through.

“Just take ‘em off!”

He laughed at your insistence. He licked a stripe where his finger was before pulling down the offending garment.

“I didn’t even think about condoms.”

“You know I’m on the pill.”

“You sure?”

“Didn’t I already give you my answer?”

He kissed you again, much more tender than before, as you felt something slowly prodding through your entrance.


“All right?”

“Yeah, just go, make it like a Band-Aid.”

His eyes held concern, pondering if he should do as you say. But from your thrust upwards he, on reflex, thrust back and went further in.

“Keep going.”

When he was buried in you he gave you time to adjust before pulling back out. Going back in he watched your face for any pain.

“I’m fine.”

His pace quickened the sharp burning ebbing as you let yourself enjoy the experience. Your walls clenched, squeezing him as he pulled out with every thrust. You seemed to have gained super powers with the experience, each sense heightened. You could hear his breathing turn ragged. The carpet felt infinitely softer each fiber stroking your back. The taste of his mouth as each time he push in. Seeing sweat stick strands of hair across his forehead. The scent was something you couldn’t describe, you always heard of people saying something smelt of sex, perhaps it did. The sweat, heat, and musks of two bodies. Before you could inquire further you could feel Matthew’s body dipping into yours, contorting on the borderline of pain. Then you felt it, those spurts, spraying against your walls and you sighed in contentment.

“I’m sorry.”

You looked up at him in confusion. “Why?”

“You weren’t even close were you?”

“I didn’t really expect to be, but it was worth it.”

After a rest you tried again, and one more time after that. The last leaving you completely exhausted and sore in the right places.

“So how was that?”

You didn’t move, letting your eyes ease shut, only giving the effort of a thumbs up. You could hear Matthew’s breathless chuckle as he laid you across his chest letting the sound of his heart lull you to sleep.

In TSW my main has gotten to Egypt and done quite a few main quests, and I’m struggling. I don’t know how much of this is me being bad at games (because I am), but I’m having a lot of trouble killing mobs in a timely fashion and without taking a ton of damage and risking death, especially groups of mobs.

I’m admittedly kind of bewildered by what stat does what exactly, and what would be good for a mostly solo blade/chaos player to focus on. I’ve been moooostly concentrating on hit, penetration, and attack rating, but I’m kind of feeling like I should also be looking into evade as well?

I’m also not sure if there’s one status effect that’s better to use than the others, or what. 

Any recommendations for a hapless noob?


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