Finally Home

After a long photo shoot and two fashion shows, Noella finally came home after being away for three weeks. She walked down the hall to the bedroom she shared with her boyfriend/girlfriend, who was asleep in bed. She stripped down to her shirt and underwear and got in bed with him/her resting her head on his chest. Noella could feel his/her arms tighten around her waist “I didn’t want to wake you up.Did you miss me?” 

Week 37 of 52


Not only have we lost a day because of the Bank Holiday it’s the Graduate Show week on the Friday so we had 4 days to get prepped.

Tuesday started off not being busy to then helping out with the scaffold tower being used in the Fashion and Textiles studio, and this was a huge task to undertake, as we had to keep dismantling the tower and make it fit in the windows but under the low ceiling lights, to hang up window vinyls.  

I got to hang a couple of banners in the large space of the front for the Entertainment Technology course on the Wednesday and Thursday morning. These were there to display work that each student has produced throughout the degree years. 

Then it was Friday. After a lot of last minute running about, making sure that the smoking shelter was secured down properly by Lewis Marquees (they hadn’t done so and the wind had really picked up and almost bent one of the legs), then the heavens opened …. but luckily it soon stopped and dried out in time for 4pm when the VIP event began. This was well attended by those who were able to make it. What we didn’t account for was a train fire which delayed quite a few people coming from London and Brighton.

Batala Portsmouth started the night off at 5pm and I got to give the go-ahead to them. At 5.30 Peach and the New Beats began their performance in the marquee. Then students from Musical Theatre and tap Society - Tap That - were next on the stage. Given the amount of room that they had on the stage they did a great job. PATNB were scheduled for another 2 performances but inbetween them the Drama and Performance students acted out a version of Frankenstein. One of the students had rewritten the version as part of his final year project.

I went to the Photography floor twice, the 2nd time I didn’t hang about as it was heaving and I can’t even explain that for them. Course leader Dinu was so worried about no one going up there but when it was really busy he was surprised that so many people wanted to see their show, when I spoke to him via email.

I managed to get around most of the other exhibition spaces to see how each were doing, but did leave the animation and games areas to the last minute, 1 because I’m not a geek and 2, I heard afterwards all the rooms were jam packed.

Later that night I met with twins Tom and Henry from animation company Golden Wolf. They were able to make it from London despite a train delay owing to the fire. The twins were graduates in 2008 in Animation and love coming back to see what the current graduates have been producing.

The show closed at 9pm but you could see people weren’t ready to go. I got away about 9.45pm and was glad to have driven over.