How the 2P's text

2P! Italy:
- [For the last time I will not crosdress for your damn fashion show. That’s final.]
- texts in one paragraph
- doesn’t use commas, just periods

2P! Germany:
- [holy fuck man that party was lit]
[except for the shower nozzle incident]
[that was shit]
- texts every sentence separately
- no punctuations and capitalization unless he’s v excited

2P! Japan:
- [Stop texting me, you piece of shit. I do not want to know your stupid shower stories]
[Nor what dream you had about me]
- uses proper punctuation except for the last period
- texts in segments

2P! Romano:
- [😍😘💕 My dearest fratello I was wondering if you were free this saturdayyyy? 🙏😗🙈]
[I reeeeaally need you to do something for me pretty please?😇🐱💓]
- emojis galore
- no punctuation whatsoever

2P! Prussia:
- [I’m really sorry for asking you to come with me last time ;-; How can I make it up to you? Q-Q]
- [Again I’m really sorry ; v ;]
- doesn’t use emojis, just these kind of shits; xD owo -3-
- no periods
- also texts in segments

2P! Austria:
- [okay. I did the thing you asked me to but it comes with a price]
[it gave me a lot of mess. Do you know just how hard it was to wash it off?]
[meet me near the school later 😑]
- uses at least one emoji at the end
- only uses periods and never capitalizes the first letter of each text which is annoying as fuck

2P! America:
- [oi you piece of shit get yer ass over here ffs]
[jfc my home hot recked bc of it fk u]
[I got yelrd at dammit]
- typos galore
- no punctuation and uses a lot of shorthands

2P! England:
- [Hi there, Allen dear 😳😘]
[Oh my what are these picture faces?]
- texting 101
- poor boy needs help
- uses emojis but a little less than Flavio

2P! Canada:
- [stop bugging me u piece of shit or else ill deliver the underwear u left at my house to ur gf]
- no punctuation
- types as short as possible
- texts in one paragraph

2P! France:
- [wtf do u want oliver]
[idc if allen isnt talking to u]
[google it]
- very short replies
- no punctuation and capitalization

2P! Russia:
- [If you keep sending me the same mail every single day, I will personally file a restraining order. I don’t understand why is it such a need for you to send me these unsightly frog pictures and printed out texts that make no sense at all.]
- proper punctuation istg he’s like writing an essay
- texts in one paragraph

2P! China:
- [(≧∇≦)/ babe you left ur books in the house want me to bring it to you]
[ill call u whatever I want sweetheart ( ˘ ³˘)❤]
[what do you mean you have it with you its clear you left it here]
[okay you got me (҂⌣̀_⌣́)]
- uses kaomojis to people he likes talking to
- no punctuation

2P! South Korea:
- [ey what up my dude]
[whats shakin]
[uuuhhh no i did not break the table watchu talking bout]
[its just a coincidence my shoe is there]
[fuc k]
- im not even sure how to explain this tbh
- he texts like that


Kate Moss Hologram for Alexander McQueen’s “The Widows of Culloden”


Fallout fashion show time! I FINALLY found a Red Rocket truck stop jumpsuit the other day in my game, & I was HELLA excited, since my Sole’s name is Red & my main base is the Red Rocket Truck Stop. She looks like a huge nerd in it, & it’s perfect.

As for Hancock, there was a post by @taylor-the-generic-opera requesting someone draw him in that shirt, so I was happy to oblige. :) The shirtless one is just a bonus for all my fellow ghoul fuckers. ;D


@bellahadid in ##alexandervauthier Finale Fashion Show Fall Winter Haute Couture Collection Paris 2017-2018 #pfw #parisfashionweek #fashionweek #fallwinter #stunningcollection #embroidery #streetstyle #streetfashion #ootd #likealways #blog #dresses #fashion #fashiongram #style #beautiful #currentlywearing #looklook #whatiworetoday #ootdshare #clothes #mylook #likeforlike #todayimwearing (at Paris, France)

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