Witch fancy dress, 1887 England, Fancy Dresses Described by Ardern Holt

(See Hubbard, Mother; Macbeth, and Coloured Illustration, Plate XV.) Short quilted skirt of red satin, with cats and lizards in black velvet; gold satin panier tunic; black velvet bodice laced over an old-gold crêpe bodice; small cat on right shoulder, a broom in the hand, with owl; tall pointed velvet cap; shoes with buckles.


Fashion plates (1819-1824) by John Bell (England, 1745 - 1831). Hand-coloured engravings on paper.

Parisian Evening Dress (1821), Parisian Evening Dress (1821), Ball Dress (1822), Walking Dress (1824), Parisian Opera Costume (1819), Public Promenade Dress (1819), English Summer Recess Walking Dress (1819), English Evening Dress (1820), Parisian Ball Dress (1820), Full Dress for the Opera, Theatre &c (1815)).

Images and text courtesy LACMA. Costume and Textiles