I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?

Basically the weird hair/loner friends. Alix is gonna model for Nathanael cuz this is the most supportive class of middle schoolers ever.

Alyanette, Adrienino, Chlobrina, Kimax, Julerose, Myvan

BonusLila, Feligette, Gabalie, RollingStone, Tombine

Carta Dwarf Skyhold Outfit (Female Only)

A lore-friendly retexture of the Skyhold pajamas, loosely based on the Carta Coat and other concept art. May show under certain armors. Beige areas change to cloth mats in crafting. (Texture files available for custom modders.)  To install: use DAI Mod Manager (v0.47 or later).