Posing in Vintage

Get to know girl who loves mixing modern and vintage

With a fascination in personal style, Vancouver-based blogger, Jasmine, started Posing in Vintage as a way to express herself and document her journey in the world of fashion. Heavily influenced by vintage clothing, she loves thrifting and combining her finds with modern pieces. Currently balancing her life as a stylist and blogger, her blog provides helpful styling tips as well as beauty. To learn more about Jasmine’s lifestyle, read our interview below. 

1. What inspired you to start your own blog?

My boyfriend started to document some of my outfits with his new camera. I was enamored with how the photos turned out, so I started to capture them on a more regular basis.  

2. Who or what influences your style?

Everyday life and my surroundings influence my style. I draw inspiration from buildings, to plants, to people

3. What’s your daily blogging routine? 

I formulate the outfit in my mind, capture the outfit and frame words around it.

4. What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever been given?

If you want to take blogging seriously, set a schedule.

5. What are your go-to brands?

I wouldn’t say I have any really. I am more into tailoring and cuts. But I am drawn to vintage Chanel, but then again, who isn’t?

6. What three things are on your wish list this season?

Albo Booties

Asilio Over the Love Coat

Lounge and Clear Jacket

7. What trend would you never try?


8. Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I will be launching a collaboration with my revived vintage jewelry line, Mirror Mirror Bijoux. 

9. What are your long-term goals for your blog?

I would like for it to grow into reference guide, showing how to pair vintage items with modern items, where to get them and how to find them.

10. Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers?

Do what you love and be consistent.

For more about Jasmine, check out her blog Posing in Vintage and make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Unprecedented

Meet the stylish artist creating inspiring prints and outfits

Fashion and art go hand in hand, an no one shows this better than the elegantly creative artist and style blogger Randa Salloum. When she’s not sharing her daily looks on her style blog The Unprecedented, this globetrotting Vancouverite creates beautiful works of art for her own shop, I See Noise Prints. Her love for fashion and art are not mutually exclusive, as made evident by her prints inspired by Chanel and Christian Louboutin, so it’s no wonder her thousands of friends and followers always have something fun and visually stimulating to look forward to from her posts.

Meet Randa and get inspired by her art and sense of style.

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Cara and Nat Wolff for BuzzFeed

1. Most Likely to Be Found at Craft Services

Nat: John Green.
Cara: Me! Why John?
Nat: Because John was at craft services for the entire movie.

Cara: I was eating it out of the bowl. Don’t you remember?

2. Most Likely to Pull a Prank on Set

Nat: Cara.
Cara: Me.

3. Most Likely to Forget Their Lines

Cara: Nat! I’m kidding.

Nat: Wow, thanks Cara! Suuuure, I’ll take that one.

Cara: Only because he had the most lines because he was in every scene, so probably that was why. 

Nat: Why do you get all the nice ones and I get this?

Cara: Because I’m so great.

4. Most Likely to Nail a Scene in the First Take

Cara: Nat!
Nat: Yeah right! Cara.

5. Most Likely to Be Caught Napping In-between Scenes

Cara: Me!
Nat: Cara!
Cara: Yeah…

6. Most Likely to Be Texting on Their Phone

Nat: Cara.

Cara: Me.

7. Most Likely to Start Randomly Singing on Set

Cara: Us!

Nat: Yeah, the two of us.

8. Most Likely to Get Caught Taking a Selfie

Nat: Austin Abrams.

Cara: John! John!

Nat: Definitely Austin.

Cara: OK fine! Austin.

9. Most Likely to Post Inspirational Quotes on Instagram

Nat: Austin Abrams, I would say. 

Cara: Surely. 

10. Most Likely to Break Character During a Scene

Cara: Me.

Nat: Not really.

Cara: No, it was Halston. “Keep going, Halston!”

11. Most Likely to Win a Scavenger Hunt

Cara: Halston!

Nat: Halston, yes!

12. Most Likely to Get Back at Their Ex

Nat: Halston.

Cara: Yeah!

13. Most Like Their Character in Real Life

Cara: Halston.

Nat: Halston!

14. Who Would Be THAT Person to Get Lost on a Road Trip

Nat: Me! Cara and me, because we both can’t drive or do directions or anything. 

Cara: But no one gets lost, I run away. I don’t get lost!

Nat: But the ads for the movie say, “Get lost. Get found.”

Cara: Ohhhh.



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Photography by Quentin De Briey

Stylism by Sara Fernández Castro

Film by Gil Amorin

Come As You Are, Daria Werbowy

There are many things that make Daria iconic. She has sailed the Atlantic and lived to tell the tale. She was the last person to be photographed by Helmut Newton before he died. She snowboards as well as she catwalks. And apparently holds the record for opening and closing the most shows in a season, but she doesn’t know if that’s true and doesn’t much care either. She is unbelievably cool, unachievably tall and unassumingly nice.

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