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What do you think of shea coulee?

do you mean: the winner of rupaul’s drag race season 9? ok this is gonna sound extra as hell but i think shea is like…..The Perfect Drag Queen? she’s hilarious, witty, skilled at acting, skilled at sewing, skilled at dancing, skilled at lip synching, skilled at MAKE-UP, she’s got an eye for fashion, she’s brilliant as hell, she’s woke as hell, she’s charming as hell…..she’s still fucking humble? SHE’S GOT SERIOUS NERVE jsjsksks like shea is the entire package and then some! when alaska wrote that song about “slaytina” i’m pretty sure it was based off of shea. literally SHEAtina! like, she’s so perfect she doesn’t even seem real? but….she is real and i’m so glad to be alive at the same time as her, wow….

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Can you do Dean and Seamus cannons?❤❤❤

this is for the @hprarepairnet trope challenge! this is for the “grand romantic gesture” trope from this list

  • dean was mad at seamus, and seamus didn’t know why.
  • until ron set him straight.
  • “you went on a date with padma patil, seamus. that’s why he is bloody pissed,” he told him, “i can’t believe you haven’t figured it out yet.”
  • seamus paced around the common room and waved his hands around in an exasperated fashion, “why the hell would he be upset about that?”
  • “because he obviously likes you, seamus. are you that daft?”
  • seamus stopped in his tracks and blushed.
  • he rubbed the back of his neck.
  • “he-you think he likes me?”
  • “and you like him, right?”
  • seamus gulped and muttered, “maybe.”
  • “then why did you go on a date with padma?”
  • “because he dated your sister for all those months! how was i supposed to know?”
  • “oh, i don’t know, by paying attention?”
  • “shut up, weasley.”
  • ron smirked.
  • “just do something to make up for it,” ron told him.
  • “like what?”
  • “i don’t know! something romantic. something big.”
  • “dean is a shy guy.”
  • “yeah, but everyone loves romantic gestures.”
  • seamus nodded in agreement.
  • “okay, fine.”
  • “good, i’m going down for dinner,” ron said as he rolled off his bed, “do you want to come down with me?”
  • “i’ll be down in a bit,” seamus told him, “i have to think of something.”
  • ron grinned as he walked out of the room leaving seamus alone.
  • after awhile, he knew what to do.
  • seamus gave himself a pep talk in the mirror before going down to the common room and straightened out his shirt.
  • he took a deep breath as he entered the great hall and yelled, “may i have everyone’s attention?”
  • all the students turned around to face him, and the professors at the end of the hall glanced up from their plates.
  • “i just want everyone to know that i’m in love with dean thomas!”
  • it was so quiet that seamus heard someone drop a fork, and he saw that that person was dean.
  • seamus gave ron a frantic look and saw that ron was shaking with silent laughter and gave him a thumbs up, and suddenly, padma patil started clapping.
  • and then the whole great hall started clapping, including professor mcgonagall.
  • seamus took a deep breath and walked toward a blushing dean, and he bent down and kissed him.
  • dean kissed him back.
  • as soon as they pulled away and applause died down, dean whispered in his ear, “did you really have to announce it across the great hall at dinner time? not that i mind, but that was a little dramatic.
  • “i am a dramatic person, dean. and you love it.”
  • dean smirked, “you’re right, i do.”
  • and before seamus could reply, dean’s lips were pressed against his once again.