Finn Wolfhard, the Young Star of ‘Stranger Things,’ Shops for Vinyl
The 14-year-old actor, who also stars in Stephen King’s “It,” plays in a garage rock band and has a growing record collection.
By Dan Hyman

Glad you bought the vinyl Finn 😏 (via The New York Times).

The kind of story that you’re told as children, of love and hope and faith, you and I have shades of that story. But you and I are made up of monsters as much as we are of heroes. So our kisses contain desperation, our words comes out as oaths instead of promises and there’s something mythic in the way our names drip from each other’s lips.

And my bloodstained hands wraps around yours like it’s the one grounding point, like it’s my anchor in this swirling storm. Because you have saved in a million ways just by having your voice echo in my mind. So I trust you even as you hold a weapon pointed at my heart, my heart that long ago carved itself out of my chest and dripping blood gave itself to you, so perhaps you’re pointing a weapon at the broken soul that is me without you

I want to pluck the stars from the heavens and fashion you a crown of starlight because you were with me when I was, when I had nothing.  And that rage that hums in my bones, feral and wild, the monster that gets leashed at the sight of your grin, it comes out when you leave. And I’d burn my crown, I’d burn myself at the altar of the universe to have you come home to me. But I’d let the world collapse before I let a hair on your head get torched. And the smell of smoke, the sight of ash, it follows me. And the ghosts haunt me, reminding me of the darkness that’s entered my soul. But it all fades away as soon as am back in your arms because you are worth everything.

And you are mine as I am yours and the constellations want us separated because they know that if we were given time we’d force them to rewrite themselves. And our happy ending isn’t guaranteed, with our dirty hands, our bloody hearts, our burdened souls, but I think our devotion has managed to convince the ancient pantheon, those stars that spin the strings, to fight for us. And even if they didn’t, we both know that we’d still love hard enough to create a new big bang.

—  I guess you could call this an apocalyptic fairytale by Abby S
Character/Outfit Design Analysis (Rohan Kishibe) Part 2

Continuing from part 1, we have here the magnificent specimen known as Rohan Kishibe and more of his many outfits to discuss and analyze. Let’s just dive right into it then!

The first outfit on the agenda is the outfit Rohan wears during the fight with Ken Oyanagi during the Janken Boy is Coming arc and is also the first image in this post. This seems to have become one his most iconic and most recognizable outfits in general as it’s the default costume he is wearing in both JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven

It’s a simple outfit with a crop-top undershirt/jacket combo and slacks with shoes. The jackets and underwear both have his signature pen symbol on them, showing his dedication to his craft once more. This outfit is his signature for a reason. It’s not as flashy as some of the others, but it makes up for that by being a true testament to the kind of person he is and the fashion sense he enjoys (midriffs <3) 

Next up we have the outfit he wears during his “fight” with the Stand, Cheap Trick. It’s not really much of a fight, but it’s stressful and suspenseful leaving you guessing the entire time you watch it. Whoops, got a bit side tracked, let’s proceed.

He wears a shirt similar to the one in I Am An Alien minus the midriff (which is what helped that outfit even WORK imo…I’m biased towards midriffs if you haven’t noticed) with some very nice pants and some tall boots. He’s also rocking a pen tip necklace in the style of Flava Flav. In the image here, we can see him regretting that mistake as the rest of the outfit is actually amazing without it. 

The Highway Star arc brings another fantastic outfit our way, with this interesting one button jacket with a long shirt underneath that looks suspiciously like a dress with a collar. He wears rather slim fitting pants with some boots that give him the feel of a stylish biker (fitting since he has a bike in this arc…wait, if he has a bike…why the hell was he on the bus?)

The outfit he wears here also gives him an air of a detective in a crime novel. This, along with the general mood of the introduction with him going into the tunnel to investigate the door and window he sees there while on the bus, it feels like we’re watching some crazy insane Sherlock Holmes story.

And here we are, the final outfit and boy, what an outfit it is! During what is quite possibly one of the best story arcs in not only part 4 of JoJo’s, but in JoJo’s as a whole, the Bites The Dust arc where the group finally begins to put the pieces together to defeat the serial killer plaguing Morioh Town, Rohan drives into town to locate a lead on the whereabouts of the killer (srsly…wtf was Rohan doing on a bus? This man has a motorcycle AND A CAR!!!)

What can be considered one of his most popular outfits overall, this get-up sees Rohan with another of his not-jacket jackets that he loves wearing (they may as well just be called capes), a midriff(<3) shirt with two pen tip symbols and pants that seems like they’re connected to his tall zipper boots. A pair of rider gloves complete the ensemble and give off the impression of somebody who’s ready for business.

This outfit is a perfect one to end the series on, as it has all the makings of a super flashy last battle outfit. Sadly, Rohan doesn’t end up doing much in this arc due to the focus on Josuke finding and fighting the villain, but it still gives off the impression of a final battle everyone wants to watch. 

That about wraps it up for this post. I’ll be doing a post at a much later point about Rohan’s outfits in the side stories but I need to actually ready all of them first!! Till next time, Ciao~!!