We all want the same thing.“
"Fashion advice?

The Flash, Season 2, episode 9

Ok but I’d legit watch an episode of Len, James Jesse, and Mark going clothes shopping.

Or like, they’ve formed the Rogues and they get a new member and take them out on the town to find their signature Look. 1990s Dress Up Montage with lots of shenanigans ensues. You know you want that.

saathi1013 replied to your post “Ok as much as I love Killer Frost”

And like, I’m sorry, but it’s not like her regular wardrobe is all that prudish, either. I mean, her heels alone sometimes… like, girl, do you see what cisco is wearing? three people on earth see you at work on the regular, you can wear flats more often. It’s cool. They’re better for running from genetically-modified gorillas anyway.

It’s more an attitude thing with Caitlin than strictly a fashion thing. Though Killer Frost goes “why hide the girls? Have you seen our body?” and wears some kinda corset/croptop thing, she at least wears a jacket too. 

Caitlin as herself is not very sexualized in the narrative. Through season 1 she’s rather withdrawn, the grieving widow, yes she dresses well but she’s an attractive person, not much they could do to obscure that. And she’s pretty much always dressed office appropriate. Her shoes are questionable but like, that’s about it. She comments on people’s attractiveness a few times, but it’s pretty casual. She gets fall-down drunk once and it doesn’t make her hit on anyone, it makes her relax a bit. She’s called “uptight” by the Snarts and even admits to being that. When Ronnie is back they’re not like, slamming each other into walls now that they’re finally back together, I think they kiss a few times and it’s pretty restrained all things considered. We never see them in bed, or banging in the lab, or saying that they need to go be alone for a while wink wink nudge nudge. Even when Jay fucking kidnaps her and chains her to a bed, she isn’t sexualized by the narrative or the camera like, at all. (For which I am eternally grateful.)

Compare that to her as Killer Frost. She moves differently. She kisses random men to murder them. She exclaims loudly that she’s getting aroused by a fight with the Flash. She and evil Ronnie can’t keep their hands off each other. When she meets Caitlin, she zeroes in on how Caitlin dresses much more reserved than her and asks why she’s hiding their cleavage.

So like it’s a combo of the fashion thing and an attitude thing. 


I think in the back of my mind I knew that Melissa McCarthy had a fashion line, but somehow it didn’t cross my mind that it could be startorial - this is one of the many times I am thrilled to be wrong!

These celestial prints remind me of illustrated star catalogs from the 17th and 18 centuries like Flamsteed’s Atlas Coelestis and the Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius (which is why I’m also tagging this post #FBF). The print is available as several pieces in either “egret” or “patriot blue”.

Blue jumpsuit (modeled by my favorite Ghostbuster!)

Egret jumper, Blue maxi dress

Blue pintuck top
Egret skirt
Egret tie blouse, Egret top
Blue cropped pants

via Kimberly Kifer Fretz on our Facebook page


That’s it Devin, just keep fumbling with the wine bottle. Just keep yammering about your bond portfolio and how you saw ahead of the market or whatever it was you were blathering on about during our date. I saw you making fish eyes at Linda! Well, it’s time you got a little reminder about who your real girlfriend is. The kind of reminder I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of.

M by Musa
The (Ine) Kelimutu - the moist of the mountain- is ’M’ new collection. I have to tell that this is one of the best ready to wear collection. If you could see the detail of tenun ikat and how Musa combine the material and fabrics, it was so fascinating. Love the whole Idea and concept. The shift dress, piled skirts, fringe detail and headbands are my favorite items.
All photos by Silver N and edited by me.

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“Whaddya think Herb?”
“Are you kidding? We’ve got Karpet Kastle breathing down our profit line and this is what you spent two weeks of R&D on?”
“Well, yeah, I thought, you know. The whole Mod thing is pretty hot right now.“
“And I thought we’d agreed no more crazy experiments. I thought you’d learned that lesson after last years’ debacle with those go-go dancers you dressed up in orange shag carpet. Whaddya call this anyway?”
“Uh, matching ceiling and shirt?“