yoongi when you’re sick

- telling you to go to sleep all the time even when you aren’t even tired “go to sleep” “i just woke up two minutes ago” “sleep” 

- making you stay with him in the studio because he needs to ‘keep an eye on you’ even when he’s working (plus he has a couch and 37 blankets in his studio for his own naps that he’s sacrificing for you)

- always checking your temperature and making sure you’re taking your medication at the appropriate times and watching you take it because he doesn’t trust you to take it yourself “did you take your medicine” “yOONGI YOU SAW ME” “oh yes okay”

- distracting himself from his composing to check on you “fame fashion flash– i should check on the fever” “yoongi keep working” “are u ok” and him coming to check up on you like every 3 minutes 

- calling 엄마 jin over to make you something to eat and when jin arrives he sees yoongi snuggling you on the couch and the both of you asleep “of course they’re asleep” 

anonymous asked:

please write a scenario abt what bad boy! terushima or iwaizumi would do if his usually quiet and soft spoken girlfriend is being bothered/flirted with by someone else and she's too polite or shy to tell them to gtfo! thank you so much! i love you guyyss!!

Terushima’s jaw clenched in a familiar fashion, annoyance flashing in his eyes as he narrowed his eyes into thin slits. You were only a few feet away, halted in your path to the gym by a fellow student who couldn’t seem to take a hint. The volleyball player recognised him as one of the baseball players who had a reputation for one night stands with the other students. He could only assume that you were next on his list.

A blush spread across your cheeks as yet another flirtatious line was aimed in your direction. You had attempted to sway the male’s interest several times, but apparently ‘no’ was not apart of his vocabulary.

“That’s very nice of you to offer, but I–” You squeaked as a tall figure swept pass you, grabbing the front of the baseball player’s shirt and hefting him up.

“She’s taken pal, but it seems like you don’t understand that.” Terushima smirked, a sight that sent shivers down your spine. It was obvious to anyone that knew him that he was angry. “I better not catch you chatting my girl up, or we’re going to have a real problem, buddy.” The casual nickname was laced with venom, the promise of a threat behind his words.

As soon as he was released, the male made a hasty exit, knowing better than to pick a fight with Johzenji’s resident delinquent. Terushima turned towards you, the hardened expression softening as he met your gaze.

“Thank you, Yuuji. If it weren’t for you, he probably wouldn’t have left.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around his waist.

He smiled down at you, pulling you in close. “Don’t worry, babe. If he’s smart, he won’t be messing with you anymore.” The captain paused before a playful expression morphed onto his features. “But we really need to work on that attitude of yours, being polite isn’t going to get you very far.”

“I can’t help it, that’s just who I am!” You huffed, playfully pinching his hand and walking a few steps in front of him. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few tips from Terushima.