yoongi when you’re sick

- telling you to go to sleep all the time even when you aren’t even tired “go to sleep” “i just woke up two minutes ago” “sleep” 

- making you stay with him in the studio because he needs to ‘keep an eye on you’ even when he’s working (plus he has a couch and 37 blankets in his studio for his own naps that he’s sacrificing for you)

- always checking your temperature and making sure you’re taking your medication at the appropriate times and watching you take it because he doesn’t trust you to take it yourself “did you take your medicine” “yOONGI YOU SAW ME” “oh yes okay”

- distracting himself from his composing to check on you “fame fashion flash– i should check on the fever” “yoongi keep working” “are u ok” and him coming to check up on you like every 3 minutes 

- calling 엄마 jin over to make you something to eat and when jin arrives he sees yoongi snuggling you on the couch and the both of you asleep “of course they’re asleep” 


Zoey Grossman Flashes Elsa Hosk In ‘Command Attention’ For Vogue Taiwan January 2018!
Styled by Melina Chen
Makeup by Mark Edio
Hair by Sylvia Wheeler

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It Kinda Runs In The Family (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’m on my last two weeks of summer :( Here’s another imagine for you guys, I hope you enjoy! Please leave suggestions, prompts, and requests in my inbox! Love you guys! Hollanders for the win
- Xoxo K


(We’re going to pretend that Peter doesn’t like Liz in this one because that would just make things SUPER complicated in this scenario. Ned just does what he does because Peter’s secret is just unbearably awesome, instead of Ned trying to set Liz and Peter up.)

Just a normal day in PE. You and your friend Alex were paired up for sit ups as usual, and decided to take the spot next to your boyfriend, Peter and his friend, Ned. You and Peter had been dating since the second semester of Freshman year, so you knew he was Spider-Man. In fact, you knew from the moment he discovered his powers. You two told each other practically everything, which meant that when Ned found out about Peter’s secret, you knew about it. While you were doing your sit ups, you heard Peter and Ned talking in hushed tones. You knew exactly what they were talking about. You finished your set of sit ups and got up off the mat you were on. You and Alex walked over to the bleachers where Liz and a couple of your other friends sat. Liz had been like an older sister to you all your life, she was there to show you the ropes since you were in Kindergarten. Liz waved at you as you approached. “Hey Y/N.” Liz said with a smile. “You wanna play?” You nodded. You already knew what they were playing, FMK. “I would…” Your friend Sarah started. “Marry Iron Man… F Thor…” You cringed a little at the mention of your dad, Iron Man. Liz noticed this cringe. “Oh… sorry Y/N. Forgot for a second.” Liz giggled. “What about Spider-Man?” Alex asked Sarah. “Ewww.” Sarah exclaimed. “What do you think, Liz?” Alex asked. Liz brought her hand up half way, palm up, before dropping it back into her lap. “I don’t know… maybe?” Liz was blushing slightly with a small smile. “Ewww he could be like, 30.” Sarah said. Liz shot her a look. “It wouldn’t matter. I would still love him for who he is on the inside.” They all giggled at this. You shifted awkwardly since they were unknowingly talking about your boyfriend. You turned your attention to Peter to distract yourself from the uncomfortable conversation your friends were having. Just as you did, Ned jumped up and yelled. “Peter knows Spider-Man.” Peter whipped his head around and your eyes met for a split second before you face palmed at Ned’s exclamation. You watched as Peter ran over to Ned and whisper yelled at him and tried to cover up. “U-Uh. I-I mean I met him… once or twice.” Peter announced awkwardly. “No, he’s just being humble. He hangs out with him. They’re friends.” Ned said. Liz and your friends gave them all a look. “Oh.” Liz said, shocked. That’s when Flash decided to chime in. “He’s lying, he doesn’t know Spider-Man.” Peter started to get annoyed. “Yeah I do. Mr. Stark introduced me to him. It’s a part of the Stark internship.” Flash laughed at this. “Please, you’ve never even been in the same room as Tony Stark.” Flash mocked. You stepped in to defend your boyfriend. “Hey Flash, you might wanna check yourself on that.” Everyone turned to look at you, including Peter. “Oh yeah? What do you mean by that, Y/N?” Flash challenged. “Well, how about you put the pieces together, Flash?” Flash narrowed his eyes, threateningly as you spoke. “Peter is my boyfriend,” You lifted your left arm half way up representing a weighted scale. “And my dad is Tony Stark.” You finished, lifting your right arm up in a similar fashion to your left. Flash glared at you and whipped around quickly, embarrassed by your attack. A couple people ‘oohed’ but most everyone was already back to their own thing. You climbed down the bleachers and walked over to Peter, planting a quick kiss on his now smirking lips. “That was pretty badass.” Peter said. “I didn’t know you had THAT much sass, Y/N. Dang.” You giggled at Peter’s comment. “I’m related to Tony Stark,” Peter smiled at you. “It kinda runs in the family.”