It was weird starting a fashion drawing diary since I’ve always been convinced that I’m terrible at it. I’ve sure made some terrible choices in my past. Here’s a selection of some terrible and some ok ones, as well as I remember them any way. 

I wish I’d had a more consistent style sometimes, but then what’s the point if you can’t try out a bit of everything.

Thanks to all the bad bitches that showed up to my art show on Friday <3  And if you weren’t able to come - don’t worry, we’re still tight.  You just owe me like a banh mi, or a cookie or something ;-)

Costume For The Day:

- Felted wool, wide-brim grey hat with a grey & black ribbon detail (antique shop)

- Black spanx nylons (real talk) (Walgreens)

- Skinny black cut-off shorts (UO)

- Black/Blue heather thigh-high socks (UO)

- Cream/Black striped short-sleeve shirt with zipper closure and peplum (Banana Republic)

- Dark brown faux-moto ankle boots (Target)

- Onyx stud earrings (from my friend Tina)

- “Feminist” pin that belongs to my husband

- Vintage Neiman Marcus navy blazer with plum-colored lining


Kendrick Lamar teams up with Reebok in what seems to be a campaign to end gang rivalry and promote unity. The Compton rapper as we know in his recent album To Pimp a Butterfly where he lyrically spews the depths of growing up in the streets and being a witness of gang violence highlights it

If you haven’t been informed the focus is on the Bloods and Crips hence the blue and red. The first time that I had heard about these two gang rivals was seeing the contrasting feud between Pac and Biggie which over time also evolved into a West Coast versus East Coast feud. A very huge event in hip hop.

Lamar recently dropped the video of Alright highlighting on violence that cops have on black Americans. We know that our own King Kunta is not one to shy away from cultural politics.

It’s exciting to see some positivity being flown into the fashion and hip hop relationship. Will any of our viewers be copping these sneakers?

Let us know!

Black is Beautiful!