Getting Salty About Weathering

Hey there True Believers, today we’re going to talk about how to create your own convincing weathered metallics using a really simple technique. This whole project is done using Warcolours and an airbrush, but you can use these techniques just as effectively with any acrylic craft paints and a brush. 


Coarse Salt

Hair Spray

Hot Water


First off, we’re going to need the the prepped model surface we’re going to be working on, in my case, it’s a spaceship corridor that I sculpted for a diorama out of cardstock and some other stuff. In your case, this can be for old pipes, rusted out cars, Land Raiders, junked planes, really, anywhere where enameled metals have been left to the elements. 

We begin by priming it black, in the standard fashion. Ensuring even coverage and allowing it to dry for several hours, prior to applying the next layers. Once we’ve got that established, we begin to build up the basis for our rust layers. We’re going to start with a neutral, high saturation brown, and warm it up with each step into a terracotta.

Below you can see the browns applied with an airbrush, Make an attempt to focus the warming in specific spots, but avoid allowing the redder browns to achieve 100% opacity. We’re developing “filter” layers at this stage, and will be altering the texture in the next steps.

You can see how I’ve focused the filter towards the bottom of the wall. This will be the area with the heaviest weathering, representing where it has interacted most with moisture and wear and tear. If you were doing this on a Land Raider (for instance) this focal area might be around the treads, instead. It’s important to have an idea of which areas will be most heavily influenced by the rusting out, and begin to develop them.

Next up, we’re going to be moving up into proper oranges. In my case, Warcolours Orange 4 and One Coat Orange. Were going to be applying these differently than we did the brown, as we’re going to use these to develop an erratic, rusting texture on top of the browns. We’ll need a bit of blister foam or sponge for this next step. The idea is to daub a bit on a sponge, and then stipple a paper towel or piece of carboard until you get a nice erratic pattern. It’s similar to the amount of paint you’d want on your brush, if you were drybrushing. 

Above, you can see the texture developed, post stippling. Note the areas where I’ve concentrated it, that will become important shortly. When you’re satisfied with this, it’s time to seal the project using the matte varnish of your choice. In this instance, I’m using Warcolours matte varnish.

Apply a couple of coats of varnish, and allow to dry 100% before moving on from this step. You need the layers under this to be well protected, as we’re going to be applying salt and scrubbing the model after this. If you’ve not thoroughly sealed this layer, you will work your way down to the primer/plastic, ruining the effect and all the work you’ve done so far. Learn this lesson from me, as opposed to the hard way… Trust me.

Next up, the real meat and potatoes of this technique, coarse salt and hairspray.

We’re going to be using the hairspray as a temporary glue, to hold the salt crystals in place. To that end, decant a little into a dixie cup by turning the hairspray upside down and spraying it into the container. This will smell like the 80’s, so it’s best to do it in a well ventilated area. After you’ve got enough liquid hairspray in the cup for your needs, take an old brush and start to apply it to the model, sprinkling the coarse salt over the top, and knocking away any excess. Focus these sticky salt piles on top of the regions of heaviest wear, where you developed the texture with the oranges. 

When you’ve developed enough sticky salt piles to satisfy, allow it to dry and then apply the paint/wall/enamel color. In my case, I’ll be using a mixture of Warcolours One Coat Yellow Green with a little One Coat Green mixed in.

Now it’s magic time! 

Dip an old toothbrush in hot water, and allow it to saturated the salt crystals. When they begin to loosen, scrub them away. You’ll immediately begin to see the rust pattern develop. In addition to the salt texture, you can scratch or rub any amount of weathering into the paint. Since the lower layers are well sealed, and this layer is sitting on top of a water soluable hairspray base, it is very easy to manipulate. You want to make sure that you’ve removed all the salt from the peice, even going so far as to rinse it in cold water. Any residue left over will dry a chalky white and damage the paint over time. 

After that, it’s a simple issue of sealing it with another layer of Matte Varnish. And you’re ready to move onto the rest of your project. This method is not only simple, but provides a higher degree of verisimilitude than painting the rust effect over the green. Not only is it actually beneath the paint (like rust would be), but it ends up with a randomness that is near impossible to replicate with the brush, and is far closer to the actual effect for it.

That’s it for today, true believers. I hope you find this useful. Keep your bristles damp!



Happy 125 Birthday Vogue!

This days Vogue is celebrating 125th Birthday. 1892. during the Belle Epoque, the first issue of legendary Vogue magazine was published by Arthur Turnure. Under his direction a new publication was created  that celebrated the “ceremonial side of life”; one that “attracts the sage as well as debutante, men of affairs as well as the beautiful ladies.The magazine targeted the new New York aristocracy, establishing social norms in a country that did not value class and ceremony as much as England or France. The magazine at this time was primarily concerned with fashion, with coverage of sports and social affairs, carefuly made for its male readership. Who would say that from only couple hundred of first issues it will become most prestigious fashion magazine in the world today, followed and adored by millions of women and men together.

For this occasion Vogue made beautiful cover with two icons: Jeniffer Lawrence and Statue of Liberty….What a great choice!

Congratulations ! Happy 125 th. Birthday Vogue!  

On August 8, 2005 John H. Johnson, America’s leading black publisher passed leaving behind a legacy of contribution to the black experience and a great fortune.

John H. Johnson was born January 19, 1918 in rural Arkansas City, Arkansas, the grandson of slaves His father Leroy Johnson was killed in an accident when Johnson was eight years old. His mother Gertrude Jenkins Johnson worked tirelessly saving her earnings as a cook and washerwoman until she could afford to move her family to Chicago.

In Chicago Johnson attended DuSable High, a prominent all black high-school that featured students from various backgrounds. Nat King Cole and Redd Foxx were two of his classmates. At DuSable, Johnson brushed shoulders with middle-class blacks for the first time and was initially teased for his poor clothing and accent. He quickly earned the respect of his peers due to his leadership, integrity, and academic achievements, becoming student council president and editor of the school newspaper and class yearbook.

Upon graduation in 1936 Johnson was offered a tuition scholarship to the University of Chicago though he found himself unable to afford additional expenses. After a speech given at the Urban League he was given a job by Harry Pace, a prominent black businessman, owner of Supreme Life Insurance. As Pace’s assistant one of Johnson’s jobs was to collect newspaper articles relevant to the black community into a monthly collection so the busy Pace could remain in the know and better appeal to his customers.

Johnson saw an opportunity and using his mother’s furniture as collateral for a loan, founded Johnson Publishing Company. It’s first publication, ‘Negro Digest’ released its first issue in 1942. The collection of reprinted articles concerning African American interests proved popular and within six months circulation had reached 50,000.

Recognizing the need for a magazine that provided original content centered around the Black experience, Johnson launched in 1945. Modeled after 'Life’ Ebony featured Photo essays and articles about current events, race relations, black militancy, civil rights legislation, activism and other aspects of segregation and discrimination as well as successful African Americans. Professional historians were recruited for the magazine’s staff so that the contributions of African Americans to the history of the United States could be adequately documented. African-American models were used in the magazine’s advertisements and a conscious effort was made to portray positive aspects of African-American life and culture.
The monthly magazine was a spectacular success allowing Johnson to launch the weekly 'Jet’ magazine. This smaller project featured up to date political coverage, fashion and beauty tips, entertainment news, dating advice, and health tips. Also extremely popular, Redd Foxx referred to it as “The Negro Bible”.

In 1961 Johnson sought to fulfill interest for a magazine devoted to the growing Black consciousness movement and revived the defunct Negro Digest in 1961 (changed to 'Black World’ in 1970).

He hired notable black intellectual Hoyt Fuller as editor in chief. Under Fuller’s guidance, the magazine became a leading voice in African-American art and culture reporting on controversial issues such as Black Power and featuring poetry, artwork, and photography including work by Amiri Baraka, Haki Madhubuti, andCarolyn Rodgers. Political essays were common and contributors included Frantz Fanon and Martin Luther King Jr.

As the country’s premier black publisher Johnson was often at the forefront of the country’s civil rights struggle. In 1955 after three men brutally beat and murdered black teenager Emmet Till. Seeking to expose racism’s ugly reality his mother demanded an open casket funeral and approached various publications asking that they publish photos of her son’s body. Only two took up her challenge, Chicago and Jet magazine. Johnson’s his decision to release photographs of Emmett Till’s brutal murder at the request of his mother is seen by many as journalism’s finest moment.

Under Johnson’s skillful leadership JPC grew to include book publishing, television, and the cosmetics company 'Fashion Fair’. The company earned Johnson millions, making him the first person who the list of Forbe’s 400 richest Americans list. After his death, Johnson left the company in the hands of his family.

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I always forget to answer replies as I get them, so here’s some replies from a while back… Also- people who write in the tags, reblog and reply, I see you and I love you. You’re not going unnoticed, I just gotta get my shit together.

@star—dust Thanks for rec-ing these apps! I’m honestly having a fit about the name thing, I sat and squealed for a full 5 minutes. ‘Yasmine’s’ are like a dying species, I swear…

*This was referring to the Vampire prompts* (I think the user changed their URL) Of course darling! I’ll put it on my to-do list :)

@ashmenrir DOLL- I’m crying. I’m literally so humbled by this and don’t deserve all this respect *ugly crying*. If you’re ever publishing your work, please send me a signed copy. I’m honestly all of you guys’ biggest fan, no doubt about it.

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anonymous asked:

Back when you made this blog, was there any style blog for Taylor already or were you the first?

Celebrity style blogs (dedicated to one person, at least) weren’t really a thing back when TSS started. That’s the biggest reason why I created TSS — I felt there was a gap that I would have loved to have seen filled. I never once imagined or thought that I would be able to pull it off or have my life changed as much as it has by starting TSS almost six years ago. 

There were style blogs that would post about all celebrity red carpet fashions, but there really was no such thing as all these “closet” blogs you see now. A blog that not only covered red carpets, but candids and fan photos and every single outing. Full, true fashion coverage.

It feels weird to say it, because I don’t want to be bragadocious but I think I have the right to be really proud in saying that TSS was really the first of its kind.

beyoncesleaveout  asked:

you guys should make a big deal about taking a break from posting fashion and post the black people who have been murdered by law enforcement

Um no. I will continue to post both “fashion” images and coverage of whats’s going on #INTHENEWS & in #BALTIMORE. If you don’t want to see any “fashion” posts, you can head straight to either of those tags.

I would like to believe some of the images posted inspire conversations on what’s actually going on. 

photos of who we are and not who the media make us out to be :

remember who we doing this for:

This Taylor Swift Infographic Shows All Her BFFs: Which One Will She Take To The Grammys?

The country pop princess holds court with a who’s-who of young Hollywood… and Meredith the cat.

It’s Grammys week, and that means go-time for music’s biggest stars as they decide what to wear, test out red-carpet poses in the mirror and, in Taylor Swift’s case, practice that surprise face.

Swift is up for four awards at this year’s ceremony, and we can’t imagine that the country pop phenom (and seven-time Grammy winner) will walk away empty-handed. But with no rumored beau to arrive on her arm, which of Swift’s best buddies will she celebrate with?

The 24-year-old once told Ryan Seacrest that she has “15 best friends,” but we here at MTV News think the tally might be even higher these days.

On the Golden Globes red carpet, Swift boldly declared Jack Antonoff her “best friend” and Lena Dunham her “other best friend.” Shortly thereafter, Swift found herself photo and interview bombed by Jennifer Lawrence, where the two exchanged stories of lengthy text message conversations and mutual admiration. Is J.Law T.Swift’s future bestie?!

But we digress. Swift has already flaunted her BFF status with the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Emma Stone and even Meredith the cat. To help break it down for you, we’ve created this nifty infographic of the singer’s best pals past, present and future. From her childhood friends Abigail Anderson and Britany Maack to that time she became BFF’s with a crew of Victoria’s Secret models, behold: Taylor’s Besties Club.

And membership does have its perks. While Swift’s exes will sometimes get a musical nasty-gram in the form of a breakup song, her pals inspire fun jams like “22.”

We fully expect to see audience shots of Swift rocking out to the night’s performers with fellow nominee Sheeran and maybe even Perry by her side. Antonoff may not be directly nominated, but he does share a co-writing credit with Sara Bareilles on “Brave,” which is up for Best Pop Solo Performance. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him at least hitting the party circuit over the weekend.

Stick with us for up-to-the-minute info on the Grammys from our Grammys Red Carpet live stream, full fashion coverage, performance highlights and the complete Grammy winners list. [X]

The Met Gala

The Met Gala, the biggest fashion red carpet of the year, is tonight! The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Charles James: Beyond Fashion." 

Be sure to check back to for all the red carpet and show coverage!

GIF: Fashion by Mayhem recreates iconic red carpet looks from previous Met Gala’s. 

Wantering Pin Ambassador of the Week

There’s a lot of London love coming from Pin Ambassador Yuka this week! It might be because of all the London fashion coverage she’s been doing on her blog lately. Check out these lovely fashion pins from her:

1. Cara Delevingne in Burberry
2. Burberry Green Stone Coat - get the Burberry Double Angora and Wool Shell Coat  here
3. Anya Hindmarch Tony the Tiger Bag - discover more Anya Hindmarch creations here

Ambassador Yuka's Pinterest page is filled with fashion and design inspiration, so make sure you visit it! Follow the Wantering Pin Ambassadors group board for an ever-changing fashion curation from our stylish ambassadors!

Ladies, can’t get enough of Burberry’s uber cool British styling? Have fun discovering women’s Burberry fashion pieces you’ll love on Wantering!

Just so you all know, I’m gonna take a hard stance on normalizing the Trumps

They’re unlikely to show up at any major fashion events, but in the event a Trump shows up, I refuse to acknowledge them in my fashion coverage. 

Fashion does not undo the very real harm being done to marginalized groups in the Trump name, and I am not going to be a part of making their bigotry and hatred even marginally normal or acceptable.

I encourage my followers to please call out any other publication or blog that makes the Trump family cute or normal or anything else that makes their hatred and the real hatred caused by them acceptable.

It may seem mundane, but “I don’t like his views, but I like what his wife is wearing!” is how hatred hides itself and perpetuates itself.