key will be participating in the eighth round of sm entertainment’s lecture / culture talk series, the moment, in august. this will be the second time that he has been in participation with the series, the first time having focused on a lecture between him and designer ko tae yong from beyond closet on fashion in november of last year. with this particular series, he will be sharing the lecture with japanese illustrator, bridge ship house, who has a collaboration set up with shinee / sm for their upcoming shinee world v concerts. they will be discussing the designs being made for the concerts during the lecture and more. (including the art poster for the tour and member characters that are said to capture the unique featuers of the members.) this implies that key had once again participated in the fashion / styling concept for shinee’s tour. ticketing for the lecture will take place on august 1st at 8pm kst via yes24 while the lecture itself will be held on august 26th at the smtown coex theatre. (sou>rce)

fall/winter 2016 concept: diamante chokers, point toe shoes, faux fur coats, champagne silk, high-waist black jeans, white satin bomber jackets, velvet, wet-look hair, glossy lids, glitter nails, polo neck crop tops, gold rings, pearls, big sunglasses, burberry skirts, slip dresses, camel coats, vintage beaded clutch bags, fringe sleeves, marabou heels, perspex boots, lipgloss, tassel earrings, luxe sportswear, pompom keychains, sheer everything, bardot necklines, sequins


Time for FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today’s topic is a bit more conceptual than the Facts I’ve done in the past, but I think it is very important to recognize the over-arching factors that influence fashion in order to fully understand how fashion has developed. This is a bit difficult to explain in such a small space, so bear with me, and remember that this is all much more complex than I lay it out to be.

Throughout history, the biggest influence on fashion has clearly been technology. The next biggest influence, though, has been war. War causes huge divisions between people. It drains resources. It pits agenda versus agenda, ideology versus ideology. It has the ability to effect every aspect of life. It can change the world, so it should come as no surprise that it changes fashion.

In several of my past posts, I have mentioned specific wars being an influence on fashion- most commonly the French Revolution, World War I, and World War II. While most wars have an impact on fashion, these three have had a significantly bigger impact that the rest. The reason for the World War’s having such a large impact is obvious- it’s right there in the name. These wars spanned the globe, and wider geography means wider impact.

The French Revolution, however, theoretically seems as though it would effect only France. Yet the effect of war is rarely contained only to the country in which the war takes place. In terms of fashion, during the era of the French Revolution, France was the epicenter of fashion. There are still many people who would debate that France is still the fashion capitol of the world, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was no debate. France reigned supreme on the style front. If the French wore a style, the rest of the western world quickly followed suit.

So why do wars have such a strong impact on fashion? Well, every war is different, so it varies from war to war. Overall, though, is due to two factors. One is because war tends to be a huge strain on resources, with vast amounts of funds and materials donated to the military effort. Secondly, war pits (at least) two groups against each other, groups with different values and goals. A person’s value system, lifestyle, etc. is often reflected in their clothing. The values of the prevailing side often seeps into the fashion of the people. Between these two factors, war often means a dramatic lifestyle change not only for the soldiers off fighting, but for those they leave at home. A change in lifestyle results in a change of dress. This is why changes in fashion that may take decades or more during peaceful times can occur over the course of just a few years during wartime.

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that fashion does not change overnight, just like the wars that influence it do not happen overnight. As the world starts to shift, conflict rises, and war is imminent, fashion reflects the changing world. People often think that women went straight from wearing elaborate rococo gowns, complete with wide panniers, to simple cylindrical muslin dresses. Or they seem to ignore the era between structured Edwardian dresses and the untailored flapper look (though to be fair, Downton Abby has had a huge impact in changing that.) The reality is that aspects of the new styles are evident in fashion in the years leading up to the wars.

Of course, there are countless factors which have contributed to the development of fashion throughout the centuries (and don’t worry, I will cover as many as possible in upcoming Facts! Plus I’ll be sure to go into more detail about the wars I talked about in this post.) Just remember, the next time you’re looking at historical fashion and see a dramatic shift, take a look at what was happening in the world at that time!

Want to learn more about war and fashion? Check out these books:

Costume and Fashion: A Concise History, by Laver, de la Haye, and Tucker

History of World Costume and Fashion, by Daniel Delis Hill

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Simple Malik  reactions in several outfits for a Malik rp roleplay blog @oregashujinkaku  runs.

These are my  rough Sketches  so far.  I have 6 left  to post hopefully tmr.

 I did these reactions sorta  dating sim style ? ahah.

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