Khadija Mouh is the founder of Moroccan Caftan NY.  Upon seeing her designs at this year’s Africa Fashion Week (New York), I was immediately taken back to the time I traveled in North Africa.

Mrs. Mouh is a designer, bridal stylist, event planner, caterer, and chief. A native of Sale, Morocco, Khadija immigrated to the United States in 1985 with a fashion degree from Lalla Aicha in Touarga, Rabat. She worked her way to establishing a company that highlights the exquisite style, exotic tastes, and traditional beauty of the Moroccan culture. 

Khadija’s garments have sensual style and refined hand embroidery. The styling suits all body types and are generally loose, comfortable, appealing to the eye, and elegant. The caftans are usually long dresses that may have hoods and pants. However, one of the company’s goals is to design a line of unique and formal clothing reminiscent of the flowing gowns seen and worn in the luscious city of Marrakech, but with a modern twist. 

You can find information on Khadija and her company on

Bio provided by Adirée, producer of Africa Fashion Week.