Have you seen my #MeetTheModel video from the #Modcloth campaign I modeled for? I touch on how fun & rewarding pushing the boundaries in fashion can be! :D 

and there’s not anything wrong with the old jeans/button up shirt combo, just that if i’m following a fashion blog i’d prefer it to show me things that i won’t see literally a hundred times a day if i go to my local mall. imagine a music blog that just posted people singing along with pop songs in their cars. that’s the equivalent.

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Can you post Ariana's quotes about fashion or something like beauty tips?

“The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best ‘cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.”

 “ Sometimes, people can be extraordinarily judgemental and closed-minded to anyone different or special, which is why it’s so hard for young people in this day and age to be comfortable enough in their own skin to not listen to the people picking on them.”

“I like very girly, retro inspired, feminine, floral things. I’m not very edgy.”

““I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I’m very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely.”

“I think it’s so important for girls to love themselves and to treat their bodies respectfully.”

“I just love to shop. If I could, I would shop every single day in every single store and spend all of my money which, you know, I do anyway.”

“My personal style is a mixture of, like, girly, throwback, like retro '50s pin-ups, floral, like hippies, like anything feminine, and like flirty.”

“My performance outfits are very Marie Antoinette, sparkly corsets… and full skirts. And then we do another look that’s '50s-inspired. Poofy skirts, big bows. Very fun, girlie and young, but otherwise, when I’m not in costume, I dress really normal.”

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+ Jesse Woodson James

“Me? Und an American? Fat chance.”

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        Now wait a minute here.. there’s potential! Jesse James is a rough-and-tough highwayman with everything to gain and nothing to fear.. On the other hand, he is also a criminal who takes what he wants when he wants. ..He could take you if he fancied it.”

“Nein. No chance.”

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          A criminal.. that like to work his way around and under the law. And for years has gotten away with it.

“….Go on.”

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             Okay.. so the Major is a warmonger and yet at the time set, you are a young officer. Now meeting and befriending this criminal could mean  that he could take down enemies, granted not in the most discreet fashion possible but he’d get the job done. That being said, a number of your political rivals could… “go missing”? And since it’s made canon by me that you had taken one or two meat-and-two-veg to get where you are now….shipping you wish Jesse makes it all the more tantalizing and ever so much more interesting.

“…I…suppose…But.. how exactly..vould it vork?”

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         We’ll have to wait and see while things.. unfold.