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I HAVE! A LOT ACTUALLY! Harvey helping Mike picking up a suit for the wedding at Renes. And like he eould look at Mike trying one and just knows... like not realizing he loves him, but accepting, embracing it. He would just get lost in his thoughts for a moment and Mike would go like "Harvey? What do you think?" and... i'll leave to you to continue. Happy ending pleaseee

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It’s a long drive over to Rene’s.

Actually it’s not, not even close, but Harvey lost his sense of temporal recognition sometime during the brief drive from his condo to Mike and Rachel’s place; once Mike slides into the backseat beside him with a giddy little bounce, biting down on a perfectly innocent smile, the next fifteen minutes somehow both stretch out to three hours and condense to approximately zero seconds. Then Mike grins at Harvey and opens the car door again, and Harvey thinks he pauses for a second or two before he gets out (which would be confusing if true), but at this point it’s impossible to know for sure (so it doesn’t mean anything).

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DAY 2555

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  13/14,  2015                 Mon/Tue  12:27 am

And that above, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the email ID of where the addresses and other important Ef dates need to be sent. I do not know how many are compiling them, but whoever is or are, let it be known that your services are greatly acknowledged, and welcomed. So now … 


Ok .. right then ..

That seems to have been sorted out. Never again should there be anger and complaint from this band of brother-sister hood, on the missing greeting or wishes for the important day in the life of our lives …

The wedding reception and its celebration, of my niece in Delhi was .. well … full and filled with .. people and selfies .. to put it mildly .. 

The record for posterity of modern India, is in a billion and a quarter, safe hands. There is not even an iota of doubt that this is not true. No need for those high end satellites that walk about the space of the universe, in ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ fashion, rolling in extreme slow motion to the strains of the Blue Danube, labouring to catch those rare and secret images that go by the obtuse description of ‘espionage’ .. no … that will not be necessary , thank you very much .. our own home grown ‘cottage industry’ is more than efficiently capable of taking care of it … pout not withstanding  !!!

But really .. among all the chaos of the invited and not so invited crowds, the delight in meeting up with over 60 years of absence, shall never be forgotten ..

There is a massive record of the evening-night-morn ceremony that transpired, and there is immense desire to put out those pictures here on this private yet public platform. But ethical protocol puts a prevention before me. It may not be prudent to display and then go into vivid descriptions of the visuals that appear, primarily because, other than being a record of sorts for me, it would really, be of little use to the Ef … though I do feel that the stories I have in mind, to go along with the pictures would be of great interest .. but …

So ..

I have discovered the extreme worth of that short afternoon nap ..!! That cryptic moment soon after the meal, when the blood in the system and all else that begins to get activated in the stomach, after this traditional human regimen, begins to concentrate its energies to the digestive moment, softening the brain in the absence of its vital flows .. resulting in the need for slumber !!

The slumber is fine .. its the after afternoon slumber, that causes mental bodily lethargy of immense proportions. At work, the ongoing scene in the middle of a shoot .. the second episode and its preparations during KBC recordings .. urges one to get up and get going .. but when the only work of the day is how the hours at home shall pass, then the 15 minuter is troublesome ! 

Troublesome manè .. the bother of pulling the 6′2″ out of the bed, trolley, vanity .. whatever and whichever, to get rolling ..

But may I just correct myself too … when the ‘hurly burly’s done’, when the water washed face is wiped down .. its a new world about ! Those business meetings have an extra zip and brain competence .. the story ideas at a narration get the desired amount of attention and inputs, unknown and undiscovered by those that sit in suited conference, or jeaned casual …

More .. 

the thoughts that emanate here .. are well .. of a somewhat greater complexity, mixed with adequate dictionary competence and a philosophy, that would shame an Epicurus a Plato or an Aristotle !!

And then soon after to slip away from these mundane utterings of assorted executive honchos, to the ecstasy of easy and giving company, is the ultimate delight of the mind .. and matter !!

The daughter writes a column each Sunday for the DNA newspaper and I have to say, it has been quite extraordinary writing. I should really be putting it up for all to endorse .. hahah .. endorse ! … hmm , bit of bullying creeping in here … but what the hell, its just me .. !!

I possess a rather large writing table or an office desk here in my room .. the ones that require a trolled chair to move from one end of the drawer to the other .. but I am a rather confused individual when it comes to organised .. no not crime - though it could well be termed that - and neat placings and lookings of my work environment ..

The results are this .. I have now just about enough width and breadth to fit in my laptop, from the space that remains, after all my worldly possessions have usurped this ornate table … worldly possessions ?? yes … letters, pens, writing material, papers of the past years, any and everything that comes across to me as gift or prayers, books .. and yes, did I mention pens .. ah yes I did .. sorry that needed to be done twice, for they are the ones that occupy the most !!

Everything and all around me within easy reach .. engulfed in my own desires ; the need to consume common knowledge, to be in not too distant a mode, from that reference needed, or that response awaited .. 

All about me .. littered and in disgraceful outlook .. but recognisable only by yours truly …

A shift of even that hastily pasted ‘Post It’ on a far off edge .. means …’ HEADS SHALL ROLL’ !!!

I live within these extreme boundaries ; my medications, my lucky charms gifted by varied Ef loves, my sound box, my reading glasses, cleaners, inks, clocks and time pieces to get me at events on time, dvd’s and cd’s, scripts, and …

My Father’s works ..

Never can be too far from them ..

Nor can I from my Ef .. so .. its time to depart … till tomorrow then ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Fall is upon us!

I know it’s still in the 80’s in most places, but it was 40 degrees on Friday in Denver. The weather definitely got me in the mood for knits, boots, and lots of textures. I recently purchased many items online and put this rack together. Cropped sweaters and oversized everything is in this season. From boyfriend jeans to an oversized pea coat, the more comfy the better. Look out for a lot of pastels this season. It’s not just for summer anymore, but you know I always have to toss a bit of those Burberry hues. I hope this post helps you find the do’s for this year’s A/W season. Until next time! Xoxo

Details (left to right):

Bottoms- American Eagle Outfitters, American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, Pacsun

Tops- Nasty Gal, H&M, Nasty Gal, Minkpink, H&M, H&M.

Coats- H&M, Donna Karen New York

Shoes- H&M, Vans, SixtySeven, American Apparel

Bag- H&M


After days of preparation, it’s a wrap! We shot episode 1 and 2 of my mini webseries on the business of fashion… 

Full video will be available March 6th 2013! In the meantime, enjoy the behind the scenes footage!