fashion odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey: Peach’s Journey and Reclamation

After Mario and Cappy’s quest is complete and they save Peach and Tiara from a forced marriage to Bowser (and Peach rejects advances from both Bowser AND Mario) they do something really cool.  Instead of just heading back to the Mushroom Kingdom to sit/stand around, they go on a badass vacation through all of the kingdoms that they didn’t get to experience fully whilst kidnapped… and with SO MUCH STYLE.

Cap Kingdom: Bonneton

Cascade Kingdom: Fossil Falls

Sand Kingdom: Inverted Pyramid

Wooded Kingdom: Steam Gardens

Lake Kingdom: Lake Lamode

Cloud Kingdom: Nimbus Arena

Lost Kingdom: Forgotten Isle

Metro Kingdom: New Donk City (the name still makes me lol)

Seaside Kingdom: Bubblaine

Snow Kingdom: Shiveria

Luncheon Kingdom: Peronza Plaza

Ruined Kingdom: Crumbleden (I love the contrast in this one)

Bowser’s Kingdom: Souvenir Shop (Peach even wears a badass fireflower yukata here as if to give Bowser the finger)

Moon Kingdom: Honeylune Wedding Hall (I like that she wears her black coat here in contrast to the white veil she was forced to wear for the wedding)

Mushroom Kingdom: Peach’s Castle

After her world tour, Peach returns to her castle and opens the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom to the world, stating:

My travels with Tiara were wonderful - so many memories! And I realized something… How important it is to see different things and talk with different people, that no matter what kingdom you’re in, people smile with the same little sparkle! We have to do what we can with our time to put smiles on as many faces as possible! So I’ve decided to invite people from all around the world to the castle!“

This game really made me appreciate Princess Peach