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Hey @space-grunge and @shopspacetrash ! My name is Brooke, and I was literally born to do pastel and space grunge things. My attire certainly reflects that. I go to an art school, which furthers my dressing capabilities and my creativity is through the roof. I hope I contend in this contest, bc space grunge is totally rad and I love being fashionable. Thanks, loves! ♡☆

An Unconventional Carwash!

Project Runway: Junior
Season 1, Episode 2
An Unconventional Carwash!

The Challenge: In this “unconventional challenge,” the designers must create garments using materials found at a car wash.


Tondy: Yay!!! It’s an Unconventional Challenge, and our Junior Designers must use any materials found at the Magic Car Wash. It’s pretty much a free-for-all, but they are having a lot of fun too! This will be interesting!!!

Bolo: After season 14 of Project Runway, I thought I’d never want to see another unconventional challenge again, but I was pretty excited about this one. I think younger people are maybe a bit more imaginative when it comes to using unconventional materials, so I’m excited to see what they come up with.

The Runway


Tondy: I really loved this one! It was different, but really cute and wearable. I thought the skirt was adorable and I can’t believe the black panel and the top of the skirt were made out of doormats! 
Nice job!! Score: 4.5

Bolo: I thought this was really cute and had a cool futuristic flair. The use of the doormats was super clever, and that could have gone wrong in even the most skilled designer’s hands, so it’s amazing that he pulled it off. I like the mosaic effect on the top, and I love the cut of the back. It fits like a glove! Score: 4.0


Tondy: This one was cute too! I didn’t think it had the Wow Factor that Zachary’s did, but I liked it a lot, and I loved the waist detail!! Score: 4.0

Bolo: The thing that impresses me about this one, is from afar, you wouldn’t necessarily know that it was made from unconventional materials. It almost looks like a combination of knits or something. It’s really cool and unusual. Score: 4.25


Tondy: Not one of my favorites from the front, but I loved the back! I think if the blue tubes weren’t gapping in the front I would have rated this a little higher. As it is, I am upping it ½* because of the back. It’s a shame that the model’s hair obscured the back detail! Score: 3.5

Bolo: This was nicely done, but I agree, the belt detail in back is what really makes it. If only we could see it better! Score: 3.25


Tondy: This was pretty bad in my opinion! Kelly is channeling Zac Posen’s frowns. She doesn’t like this one. Score: 2.0

Bolo: It’s probably not the worst unconventional challenge look I’ve seen, but it’s much more on par with what you’d expect from a young budding designer. That might be okay under normal circumstances, but since these kids are so talented, it just isn’t enough. Score: 2.50


Tondy: I didn’t like this one either. I could see where she was heading with it, but she took the wrong turn at the fork in the road on this one. Just awful. It didn’t fit well, and was just ugly! Score: 1.0

Bolo: I think of the two, this one used the plastic a bit better. I like what she tried to do with the mosaic top, but the skirt just doesn’t quite work. Score: 2.0


Tondy: I thought this was cute, and I thought the use of the pinwheels on the skirt was really well done. Score: 3.0

Bolo: This was a cool look, and I think the simplicity of the top goes a long way in making the whole thing work. I loved the back of the top as well. Score: 3.0


Tondy: The top wasn’t dreadful, but it was pretty bad. The skirt? Well, the model couldn’t walk in it, but it didn’t look too bad from the front. The back of the skirt was awful, just horribly awful but the back of the top was kind of cute. Well, now I am even confused by this look. Except for my rating… Score: 1.5

Bolo: Poor Matt. This was a cool and ambitious idea, but it just didn’t work. I don’t know that there was any way he could have gotten the tubes to hold together, and even if he had, the movement was still an issue. Plus, the top just didn’t quite make sense. I kind of wish he’d stuck with the black and white dots and left out the red bit. Score: 1.5


Tondy: His look actually turned out pretty cute! It wasn’t at the top of my likes, but it was better that some of the others! Score: 2.5

Bolo: I thought this was pretty cute, and if I remember correctly, the bottom was shorts, which I think was really bold and cool. I really love the bottoms, actually. I don’t like the top quite as much. The longer strips on the bodice are kind of odd to me. Really love the shorts, though. Score: 3.0


Tondy: I liked the skirt, the top was just so-so. I think that the top would have looked better from the front if he had left that necklace off. It was too long and interfered with the cut of the top. Score: 2.5

Bolo: I love the concept of this outfit if not the execution. I think the skirt turned out great, but the top was a miss. If you look closely, you can see that the top of the bodice doesn’t cup the model where it should, which causes the neckline to sit too high. Plus, you’re right Tondy–the necklace was not a good styling choice here. Come to think of it, I don’t like the purse or the hair, either. This would have looked cool with a shorter statement piece necklace, a black clutch, and sleek hair–maybe a bun or something. Score: 2.75


Tondy: Oh dear!!!  I don’t even know what to say about this look.  Maybe the ugliest dress on any Project Runway ever! And that is a shame, because I think that she is one of the more talented designers. I see where she was going with it, but it certainly doesn’t look like anyone would try it on and say, “Wow, I look great!!!”. Nope, just nope!!! Score: 0.5

Bolo: This makes me think of a serial killer who made a suit out of his victims, who happened to be Muppets. Sorry Grover, Oscar, and Zoe! Yipes! The sad thing is, as weird a choice as the fabric was, I think this could have worked if it was better executed. This needed to be perfectly cut and fit like a glove, and it is neither of those things. Score: 1.0


Tondy: I liked this one sort of. I thought the little hook thingies on the sleeve were really cute and fun. I did like the back!! Score: 2.5

Bolo: This is actually my favorite look of the challenge, and probably one of my favorite unconventional looks yet. First, I think it was a really clever and fun use of the materials. The key clip sleeves were such a great idea and really well executed. I also thought the bodice was amazing. The paneling in front is fantastic and the cut of the neckline in back is gorgeous. The proportions of everything are perfect and it fits her nice and snug. Love it! Score: 5.0

The Results

The Judges’ Top Four: Zachary, Jesse, Samantha, Peytie
Our Top Four: Zachary, Peytie, Jesse, Victoria

The Judges’ Bottom Two: Ysabel and Matt
Our Bottom Two: Bridget, Matt (tied), and Samantha

The Judges’ Top Pick: Zachary 
Our Top Pick: Zachary

The Judge’s Bottom Pick: Ysabel
Our Bottom Pick: Samantha

I was going to call this a mediocre, but we were so far off the mark with Samantha, and Ysabel wasn’t even in our bottom four. We did pick the winner, though, we got three out of the top four. The Samantha thing, though. For her to be in 3rd or 4th place when we had her at 11th… yeouch!


Tondy: I am OK with all of the judges decisions. I am sometimes not so sure about their level of taste, however. Really, that car wash glove dress????

Bolo: I know, I know, I know. I really feel like maybe it’s the judges who should get the “failtacular” this week. Seriously: Muppet serial killer dress.

Until next week!

Tondy & Bolo



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I have been meaning to share one of my best fashion finds of ALL TIME. 

Well, at least in my opinion!

I wore this dress to a wedding last weekend. I couldn’t love it more. Fits to perfection in all the right places. Gorgeous material. Super comfortable.

Believe it or not, I discovered this hidden gem at H&M. 

Never having had much luck there in the past with their items fitting right, I was just sort of rummaging through the racks with no real mission. Finding this was a magical moment for me. 

The price tag, an obvious win. 

My new favorite dress!

Til the next one.

(There’s one more I have yet to wear. Stay tuned.)

Teamwork is Hard

Project Runway: Junior
Season 1, Episode 3
Teamwork is Hard

The challenge: two teams must create a five look collection inspired by vintage Simplicity Patterns.


Tondy: I am very curious to see if the teenagers get along better in a Team Challenge than the grownups usually do…. I am also excited that each of them gets to do their own look! 

Bolo: I have a love/hate relationship with team challenges, I think because they can go really well or horribly horribly wrong. I’m really hoping this will be one of the good ones!

The Runway

Peytie - 1960s

Tondy: I thought this was OK, but, I was actually surprised that it wasn’t a little more exciting. It was a sort of a run-of-the-mill 60s sack dress, and didn’t have much to yank it screaming and kicking into 2015…  Score: 2.0

Bolo: Oddly enough, the print reads more modern than 60s, but you’re right, it doesn’t update the look at all. It just doesn’t work for me for some reason. The cut of the dress is cute, though. Score: 3.0

Jesse - 1960s

Tondy: I liked this one but didn’t think it was put together as well as it could have been. If he had had more time I think it could have been really cute! I liked the color choices for the color blocking effect! Score: 2.5

Bolo: This reads more 60s to me, and I think the front, especially, is very cute. There’s some puckering in the back that kind of spoils things, but overall I thought this was a nice look. Score: 3.25

Matt - 1960s

Tondy: Matt chose Cold War Russia as his inspiration, apparently. Really?  A babushka? And Jackie O. would NEVER have worn a scarf like that, NEVER. That said, the look wasn’t too awful. I didn’t care for the white back on the black top, but I thought the skirt looked well-made and sort of interesting. Score: 2.5

Bolo: Matt seems like a talented guy, but this fell flat for me. And yes–she is definitely rocking the Cold War vibe for some reason. The babushka doesn’t help at all, but I think the drab gray/brown skirt and black top don’t help. I actually like the white better with the skirt color–at least in this particular ensemble–but I’m just generally not a fan of the top. Score: 2.0

Maya - 1960s

Tondy: I loved Maya’s design. The dress was a very 60s trapeze, one of the most awful silhouettes in fashion history, but Maya pulled it off. The fabric was gorgeous and it flowed in a way that no trapeze dress ever flowed in the 60s, and the change-up that she made to the collar was genius!!! Score: 4.0

Bolo: I couldn’t agree more! Maya did everything right here. The color and type of fabric were perfect, the cut of the dress is lovely, the neckline in back is beautiful, and the collar in front is really clever and fun. This strikes me as the perfect example of a “vintage” dress that has been brought into 2015. Score: 4.25

Samantha - 1960s

Tondy: The Church Lady wouldn’t have been caught dead in this one. I know she had her heart set on this look, and kudos to her for sticking to her guns. However, she didn’t even pull it into the late 60s! Also, even forgetting the awful white dress, the jacket or coat was poorly made. The pocket flaps would have made my 6th grade sewing teacher cringe! Truly awful! Score: 1.5

Bolo: Hoo, boy. This was not Samantha’s week at all. The design is lackluster, the fabric choices are bleh, and the construction issues are plentiful. Score: 1.25

Victoria - 1940s

Tondy: I thought this one was really cute!  It was young, fun, and flirty, and I could see the 40s influence. Nice job bringing into 2015, and I loved the color pops of the blue! The back was super cute, too! Score: 4.0

Bolo: I wasn’t as sure about the 40s influence, but this was definitely one of the cuter, better made looks to come down the runway this episode. I liked the cut of the top and the pops of blue a lot. Score: 3.75

Zachary - 1940s

Tondy: His look turned out really well! I could sort of see the 40s in it, and he did a good job of bringing it into present day chic. I would have liked it better with a black silk turtleneck under it, but I still thought he did a great job and beautiful tailoring! Score: 4.0

Bolo: Ooo, yes! I also think it would look great with a black turtlneck. It’s funny because my gut instinct is to not like this look, but when I look at it more closely I love it. It kind of reminds me of what a 1940s designer might think people of the future would wear, if that makes any sense? Anyway, it’s very cool and well made. Great job, Zachary! Score: 4.0

Jaxson - 1940s

Tondy: The top didn’t fit at all well, in my opinion, but I thought the skirt was really cute. I didn’t quite get a 40s vibe, but I graded him up a little for the cute skirt! Score: 2.5

Bolo: I *almost* get 1940s from this, I think because the striping is reminiscent of a baseball jersey from that era. I’m not sure that was intentional, but almost works. It’s not my favorite look of the day but it’s cute. Score: 3.25

Zach - 1940s

Tondy: OK, this one was wonderful. Very 40s, but very modern too! It was made beautifully, fit beautifully, and I think it was fabulous! Score: 4.5

Bolo: I loved this look. It has kind of a Peggy Carter vibe, doesn’t it? I thought it was well made, and I’m picky about black and dark blue together, but it looks good here. Score: 4.25

Bridget - 1940s

Tondy: I could definitely see the 40s in this one. I could actually picture Katherine Hepburn, the epitome of the 40s woman wearing it. Unfortunately, she would have worn it over her pajamas, not to a gala anything. I loved it as a robe, I hated it as a dress. Scoring is going to be difficult, but I have to go for the dress score. Score: 2.0

Bolo: This definitely looks like something Katharine Hepburn would have worn while relaxing at home. It’s very glamorous, but yeah–something about it just reads “pajamas.” Still, very pretty and nicely made. Score: 3.0

The Results

The Judges’ Winning Team: Team 1940s
Our Winning Team: Team 1940s

The Judges’ Bottom Two: Samantha and Matt
Our Bottom Two: Samantha and Matt 

The Judges’ Top Pick: Bridget 
Our Top Pick: Zach

The Judge’s Bottom Pick: Matt (no elimination)
Our Bottom Pick: Samantha 

Well, we were spot on with our winning team and bottom two, but we disagreed with the judges on who was at the very bottom, and their pick for winner actually tied for 8th place in our ranking. Yikes!


Tondy: Well, earlier I wondered if the Juniors would do better at a Team Challenge than the grownups usually do. I thought they would, and for the most part I was right! However, and this is a big one, I was sorry to see that Samantha’s ego took over. She insisted on picking the fabrics for Team 1 although they are were not what the members had asked for. She based what she apparently wanted the Collection to look like on the most butt-ugly hat I have ever seen. No, I mean REALLY the most butt-ugliest hat that ever existed. Even the colors were awful! The fabrics she picked were just as awful as the hat. Samantha looked irritated when people didn’t like her turning into the “I know best” person. This may have been the worst choice of fabrics in any Project Runway ever. Jesse’s fabric was impossible to work with, other designers had no idea what to do with the fabric they were given as the color and type had nothing to do with what they envisioned, or, more importantly, what they asked for. Team 1 had to start over, not once, but twice. The first time, Samantha was still trying to run the show. I certainly got the impression that she felt that they would have won if the other team members had just done what she wanted them to do. Still, I stick by my prediction that the “Juniors” did better at the Team Challenge than the adults usually do. Although clearly disappointed with Samantha and Peytie’s fabric choices, the other team members tried to make the best of things. Kudos to them all.

Bolo: It was really fun watching the younger designers tackle a team challenge. Overall they did seem to work better together than older designers normally do. There was a lot less cattiness and drama, that’s for sure. Also, I don’t think I could have picked 1940s or 1960s clothes out of a lineup when I was that age, so I’m really impressed that they knew enough about style in those eras to pull off anything even close. Great episode!

One last thing: we’re behind a week but we caught up tonight, so episode four should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Stay tuned!

Tondy & Bolo

Airport Fashion FTW

OMG Luhan and his cute outfits/accessories. I can’t even. I don’t know if he buys his own clothes/hats/backpacks/etc. or if it’s coordi noona or if they are gifts from fans or what, but whoever is responsible for this amazing fashion/cuteness/perfection, THANK YOU! Of course, it doesn’t hurt to look like Luhan… I guess I should thank his parents for that one, and the hairstylist/makeup artist/etc.

Pic credits as tagged on the photos! Thank you for sharing =)

Finale, Part I (January 28th)

Project Runway: Junior
Season 1, Episode 9
Finale, Part I  

The challenge:  The final designers head home to create a six look collection for New York fashion week. One look must incorporate a pair of Visionworks eyeglasses or sunglasses.


Tondy: I love this part of Project Runway as it is so much fun to see where the designers live, work, and meet their families. I must say that I am most curious about Samantha and I am interested to see if she has taken the recent advice of the judges to be more versatile! AND, also to work on her construction. I truly believe that she is capable of branching out and doing something other than the padded jackets that make me think of Seinfeld’s George Costanza and his puffy jacket… 

Bolo: Ahahaha! That is perfect. It’s so true. Everything she makes lately is so thick and boxy. I just want to see something different for a change! I know I was disappointed last week, but I’m still holding out for a “WOW” moment from her. I want to look at her collection and understand why she made it to Fashion Week. I’m not holding my breath, though. 

Even though there’s no winner/loser this week, we’re scoring the looks just to see how it all lays out. :)


Peytie (World Traveler)

Tondy: Peytie decided to show her two least favorite looks. I liked the first one with the hand-painted top. The skirt was fun and flirty and the top was adorable. This wasn’t my favorite Peytie look, but I give her kudos for the versatility of the two pieces. Score: 4.0

Bolo: I’m super intrigued by Peytie’s inspiration, but I can see why these were her least favorite looks. I like her first outfit, especially the top with her sister’s hand painted designs. I’m just not sure I get the color combination of the top and skirt. Score: 3.75

Tondy: The orange sort of overdress is probably my least favorite of her looks ever.  I couldn’t tell what the dress looked like underneath, but my major issue was with the racer back which looked like a bad afterthought. Score: 3.0

Bolo: Yeah, this look is a bit weird for me. Although, I do think it might look a lot cooler if the overdress was the same length as the gold dress. Somehow that just seems like it might work a bit better. I do like the beaded collar-thing, though. Score: 3.0

Maya (Springtime Warrior)

Tondy: I really like this one, although I thought the top had some fitting problems. Still, I could see it on the Red Carpet on a starlet or a rock star. Score: 4.5

Bolo: If I hadn’t seen Maya sewing in the workroom and didn’t know she was capable of this, you couldn’t have convinced me this was made by a 14 year old. It’s really well made! Plus, it’s cool and elegant, too. Score: 4.5

Tondy: I thought the floral print dress was adorable, but I am not quite sure about the white cape. I think I like it, but my jury is still out on this one. However, I didn’t mark her down much for it as the dress was awesome! Score: 4.0

Bolo: Yeah, I have slightly mixed feelings about this one, too. I think maybe the black overpowers the print a bit. I wish the trim on this one had been charcoal or even bronze. I don’t think the cowl works as well on this cape as the one from last week. Still a great look, though. Score: 4.0

Samantha (Militant Woman)

Tondy: Samantha’s first look was more of the same as usual. A quilted boxy top and poorly made baggy shorts. Samantha said that she stands out the more than the other designers because because she has hardcore but feminine designs. I agree that she stands out from the other designers, but only because she can’t seem to design more than 3 looks!!!! I am marking her down for the obviously poorly made shorts that appeared to be unfinished. Oh, and the dreaded butt zipper gets another half point taken off.  Score: 2.0

Bolo: I was really really trying to be open-minded here, but outside of her color palette, I couldn’t find anything I liked in either outfit. These shorts are unflattering, puffy in front, wedgie-tight in back. The zipper completely does me in. It’s like a neon sign that says LOOK AT MY ASS CRACK! And no one–literally no one–wants a zipper pulling into their crack when they take a seat. The top is also unflattering and it looks uncomfortable. Who would wear this and why? Score: 2.0

Tondy: Her second look was ugly, and even finishing the raw edges, the construction problems, the bulgy back of the coat won’t save it in my opinion. Score: 1.0

Bolo: I’m so confused about why anyone would find this attractive. It’s all overly simple and boring. The shorts are an awkward length. What’s going on with the collar of the coat and the left pocket? Her arms/shoulders appear to be resting at the same height, yet the whole left side of the coat is a good two inches lower than the right side. Score: 1.0

Zachary (Duality and Contrast)

Tondy: Zachary’s first look was the “Chanel Straw” fabric overdress with the handkerchief hem and black pencil pants. I loved the top, but I thought the pants looked kind of odd. They were very wrinkly as though they were fuller through the leg, but then tight at the bottom. Still, the dress part was gorgeous! Score: 4.0

Bolo: I’ve been back and forth on this look. I liked it at first sight, then when I saw how thick the fabric was, I didn’t like it as much. Weirdly, when he said it was Chanel fabric, I was back to liking it again. It’s innovative and elegant, and although it’s thick and bulky, it’s done in a flattering way. Score: 4.0

Tondy: His ballgown had some fit issues on the top, and I think there might have been some problems with the skirt’s hem in the back. Still, if he can fix a few things, this could be just breath-taking! Score: 4.0

Bolo: I liked this one better on the mannequin, I think. The fit issues in the bodice definitely need to be addressed, and the hem’s a bit uneven and lumpy. But yes–if he can get those issues worked out, this could still be a lovely piece. Score: 3.75

The Results

Tondy: If there had been a winner, it probably would have been Maya. The judges loved her looks for the most part, especially the sheerness factor and the look of illusion. They also liked the sheer cape with the black piping. Christian thought the yellow print on the dress was too mature and wanted to see a brighter yellow. Aya wants to see some daytime looks.  

Bolo: It’s hard to say who came out on the bottom, if anyone, but Samantha did seem to have the roughest critique. She got a lot of general compliments like, “these girls are so cool,” and “I love the color palette,” but the judges seemed a little underwhelmed. They thought her finishing needed to be better, and Aya pointed out that the “tom boy” vibe has to be about more than boxy tops, cargo pockets, and Bermuda shorts. They also want to see an evening look from her.

Tondy: The judges thought Zachary’s first look needed to be a little more youthful. Christian thought the flowers on Zachary’s second look would be really cool if the were on the inside bottom of the back of the bubble skirt, and I am blown away by that idea! Christian also suggested pockets!  Awesome, or dare I say, “Fierce”? They also felt that the two designs looked a little disconnected for a show.

Bolo: They seemed to really like Peytie’s looks. They continue to be impressed with her use of patterns and textures, and they were impressed by some of the details. They did think the skirt of her first look looked better asymmetrical, and Christian hopes she’ll play with asymmetry throughout her collection. Hannah seemed to like the beaded collar/racer back, but was concerned the beading detail would be lost on the runway. She suggested doing something flashier to make sure it was still a statement piece.


Tondy: So, Bolo, did your wish from PR episode 8 come true? Did you finally see where Samantha was coming from? If you did, could you please share it with me? Throughout this whole new Season 1, I have noticed that everyone, from the first designer on to these last 4, has listened to the advice from Tim and the Judges to improve their designs, except for Samantha. ‘Nuff said for me.

Bolo: Samantha definitely failed to impress me, and it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. I have one last shred of hope in that maybe this will be the time she takes the judges’ advice into account, but we’ll see. Again, I’m not holding my breath.

Until next week!

Tondy & Bolo

Got back from registration!!!!

If I look pale, exhausted and deranged, it’s because I am.

On the brightside, i got into a single room dorm, i got my school card, registered for my first semester, and i don’t have to take any math or science courses if i get into the honors program.

oh- plus my appearence was compared to both wednesday adams and a woodland elf. fashion WIN.