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Black and red Fashion Retro Romantic Outfit for 1/3 dolls

Black & red romantic outfit inspired by famous works of Dior House, with close fitting top and sumptuous skirt of many layers.
The top is made of a high quality knitted stretchy fabric so it should fit both slim and more massive female bodies. Big neckline with a low shoulders allows the dress to fit different bodies.
The hat has a thin wire headband so it stays on the head and doesn’t fall.

Outfit includes the dress and the hat.

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So, I have no idea if we’ll be going canon anytime soon, or, if ever, but what are all your hopes and dreams for the canon kiss? Is it Carol initiated? Daryl initiated? Both?

I always wanted a Daryl initiated kiss, but my DREAM compromise scenario is if he goes for the kiss first, and Carol is so completely shocked and stunned that she sorta cant do anything for the minute cos she’s internally screaming “OMG WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ARE WE DOING THIS? HE’S KISSING ME? WUT?”, and Daryl quickly catches onto this, and, being the precious lil’ bean that he is, mistakes this for her rejecting him, immediately prompting him to pull back and start stuttering out an apology cos he thinks he’s completely ruined everything between them and yadda yadda yadda precious petal is precious.

Soon enough, Carol’s brain catches up to the moment and she’s like “OKAY DIS GOOD THO” so in a wonderfully “Caryl” fashion she whispers “Stop” (yeah but it’s like when Daryl always said it, right!!!), looks at him in  the most gentle way ever, and kisses him back.

So in that way, it’s sort of BOTH of them initiating the first kiss? 

AND THEN DA SMUSHY KISSY KISSY -NESS ENSUES with awkward nose bumps and giggling and aaaaal of that and then maybe thats it for their first kiss and it takes a while for them to talk things out, and skirt around each other awkwardly for a few days before the HAWT kissing starts.

What are all your headcanons? I wanna know! 


BJD outfit commission: I was asked to make a copy of Valentino’s cape, but in purple color, a pair of capris with star patches on the knees and a blouse with stars. It required a LOT of hand embroidery and applique applying.

The embroidery on the cape is done with a fluffy acrylic thread, and the black suede patches are applied. Even the names of the planets are embroidered.

Every star on the blouse is glued on, and the tails are embroidered with a golden thread. The pleats are secured with glue and thread in many places.

The stars on the capris are stabilized with a transparent glue, as the golden fabric frays extremely.

You may order clothing for your BJDs on my Etsy: