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Miss Fame closing the show for Mark Fast during London Fashion Week.
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Meteor Shower

For Twin Stars Week, Day 1: Stargazing / Blood / Blankets / Childhood

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“Hurry up, Deku!”

“A-ah, wait up, Kacchan!” Izuku called out.

The grass rustled beneath the small stomps of his small feet as he worked his way up the small hill, lugging a thick, fuzzy All Might blanket behind him. He panted, having crested the hill, only to find there was another, larger hill for him to climb up.

Izuku sighed, partially out of exhaustion, partially of frustration, and mostly of awe. “Kacchan really can do anything, huh?” he mumbled to himself, watching the silhouette of his childhood friend stand atop the next hill, standing triumphantly. He could see it now: Kacchan grinning as he gazed up at the brightest stars already glimmering in the darkening sky; a challenge only Kacchan and his brilliant confidence could do.

“Hey, what’re you standing around for? C’mon, Deku!”

Izuku blinked out of his thoughts. “Oh, oh right! I’m coming, Kacchan!” With newfound energy, he sprinted down the smaller hill he was standing atop of, nearly tripping over his feet, and then found himself running back uphill once more.

He wheezed, forcing his tiny legs up, step by step. Each and every inch closer to the top was an arduous task, no doubt harder with the thick blanket behind his back.

“You’re so slow,” Kacchan said flatly.

Izuku flinched and nearly let out a scream of surprise from his friend’s sudden presence beside him. “Ka-Kacchan?! What’re you–”

“Gimme that,” Kacchan tugged on Izuku’s blanket, pulling it off of his shoulders. “Now c’mon, we don’t got all night!” He began running up the hill, Izuku’s blanket in tow.

Izuku was stunned for a second, then smiled. “Right,” he said, wiping the sweat away from his face before he, too, began running after. He felt lighter, freer, thanks to the heavy weight lifted from off his shoulders, relishing in the feeling of increased speed as he made it up the hill. Izuku made it just in time to see Kacchan spreading out their blankets neatly atop the grass.

“’Bout time,” Kacchan said with a grin, plopping himself on his own blanket.

Izuku laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck as he sat down. “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be,” Kacchan tossed Izuku a juice box. “We didn’t miss anything.” He stabbed his own juice box with the plastic straw, sipping on the apple juice.

Izuku followed suit, the cool sugary drink a welcome guest to his parched tongue. He gazed upwards as they sat in mutual silence, watching the crescent moon rise slowly upwards to catch up with its twinkling sisters. In some, unusual way, it reminded Izuku of himself and the recent events.

His lips perked up into a small smile. “Kacchan,” he said, setting the juice down, “doesn’t the sky look so pretty?”

“Hmm?” Kacchan glanced over. Sparkling ruby eyes met with shining emerald eyes, if only briefly. He looked back up at the sky. “Yea, but just wait ‘til the meteor shower starts. That’s when it gets really cool!”

Izuku laid down, staring up at the sky. “When’s that supposed to happen again?”

“Soon,” Kacchan said. “Any moment now… oh!”

A streak of light flashed across the evening sky, so fast that Izuku would’ve missed it if he had just blinked.

But he hadn’t.

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what kind of look does paprika go for?

This is Paprika. She is more fabulous than you could ever hope to be. 

(art by @schmidtyho

They do look a little bit bored, but they look SO good. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?! I don’t know who’s more beautiful, Zayn or Gigi? 81199. And I looove how Northern he is. *does an amazingly aaaawful impression of Zayn’s accent that brings me to tears* I love that he’s not changed. Cause like he couldn’t be more famous, he’s in Paris at a fashion week, he’s in LA, but he didn’t suffer from that weird thing that happens. I really like it. Good on you, Zayn.
—  Grimmy after seeing the video of Zayn and Gigi thanking the fans for Zayn’s iHeartRadio award

Oh Wassup?

[ New York, My Office ]

Hey my babies, I came to show my face because I don’t post as much as I use to… These were some random pics that my assistant took for me lmao. That day my hair was all fucked up from the rain.. been working late night and soooo freaking tired when I get off! so therefor i’m just showing my face before I go! Btw @lilcutestephieboo can’t wait for your bday party boo! Sigh, for now.. to babes house..

- Ro here… btw wife reminded me its fashion week.. I hope to see y’all slay! P.s weird but true I been bumping Aaliyah- Are you that somebody

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I have a question for you since you're a "fashion freak" (meant in a good way😉) How do you like the outfits Cait's always wearing at fashion shows? While I don't hate all of them, I still think some of her choices could be better. But I don't know if she can like pick or has to wear what the designer gives her? Some outfits are just weird and don't flatter her much. But then again, whenever I watch a fashion show I'm like: Who the hell wears something like this?😂

Fashion freak, I’ll take that! Thank you for the fab question. Be warned, this could get a little waffly because I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. 

I love that Caitriona take risks but she always keeps it classy. You never know what you’re going to get and she always keeps us on our toes. Her choices are never dull, but they’re never ridiculous just for ridiculous sake. That being said, since the Golden Globes Chanel dress, I’ve been wondering what she might wear if she had a different stylist. It’s just my opinion, but I think there’s been a lot more misses than hits lately. 

In terms of what you get to wear when you’re attending a show, it probably depends. Some could offer a selection of five outfits Caitriona gets to pick from, others may just send her a full ensemble and she has little choice but to wear it if she wants to attend the show. It may sound rude but designers invite a lot of people and they only have so many outfits to send out to those sitting on the front row. And Fashion Week is quite often an excuse to say to others, “Look how fashion forward I am.” You’re dressing for the people in the fashion world, rather than yourself. Which is a shame. The look Caitriona wore to the Roland Mouret show was so classy and effortless because she paired it with her own shoes, bag, coat, sunglasses, everything was hers apart from the top and culottes. It felt real. Whereas the outfit she wore to the Delpozo show (which will be posted soon) it was just too contrived and going back to my earlier point, it was a look for the sake of Fashion Week. I love weird fashion and dramatic choices, but when you know someone wouldn’t wear that in reality, they’re only wearing it because they ‘have’ to, that’s when I’m not a fan. 

So to sum up my less than eloquent word dump, I completely agree. I don’t hate her choices lately, but I’ve not loved many (if any) of them either. But that’s just my take. The notes section of our posts are always full of divided opinions so it goes to show what some people love, others hate and visa versa. There’s no right or wrong with fashion and that’s what I love about it. 

If anyone has any further thoughts or musings on this topic. feel free to add it here :)

Fashion week in New York is so weird everyone is dressed up and looking at everyone else very intensely like you never know who is out here as someone with a camera for an important spot and you in your head to toe fendi look are gonna get discovered or noticed or bothered. who are these people ? What shows are they going to ? I am jealous maybe but also what a hassle especially when the trains are so screwy.

WTNV Theories and Ramblings - Episode 69: Fashion Week

Fashion’s weird, isn’t it? I don’t necessarily mean the ever-more outrageous outfits and accessories. I mean just the whole system of fashion. In order to do this, I think I should let one of the Great Masters do the talking. You see, I can’t help but think about Charles Dickens’ Bleak House when I think about fashion. Bleak House is one of my favorite novels, and it has this gem about the nature of fashion in it:

It is but a glimpse of the world of fashion that we want on this same miry afternoon. It is not so unlike the Court of Chancery…. Both the world of fashion and the Court of Chancery are things of precedent and usage: oversleeping Rip Van Winkles who have played at strange games through a deal of thundery weather; sleeping beauties whom the knight will wake one day…! But the evil of [the world of fashion] is that it is a world wrapped up in too much jeweler's cotton and fine wool, and cannot hear the rushing of the larger worlds, and cannot see them as they circle round the sun. It is a deadened world, and its growth is sometimes unhealthy for want of air.

In essence:

  • The world of fashion is one of judgment (as in a Court). We can reasonably understand this. Fashion requires a separation of classes (particularly, what is “in” and what is “out,” but certainly economic classes become involved when it comes to cost, designer labels, and status symbols).
  • Dickens has a negative opinion of this world, twice referring to those contained within as sleepers (Rip Van Winkle and Sleeping Beauty). In addition, such a world is far too insulated, far too concerned with itself that it loses sight of the worlds around it. Being closed off causes it to stagnate.

In terms of just this episode, Dickens’ descriptions of fashion are represented in the headlines news about Fashion Week and the malevolent Sphere that polices the event. The Sphere, ever-judging, is the sole arbiter of what is “hip” and what is not. The consequences are elevated to some very high stakes, as the unhip are destroyed.

And what better example of an “oversleeping Rip Van Winkle” or a “sleeping beauty” is there than Michelle Nguyen, who is so wrapped up in her estimation of what is current and cool, that her “headphones…are plugged into nothing at all.” Her eyes, too, appear to be blinded by neon signs that she’s affixed to her face.

In terms of this entire story arc, however, the connection between Dickens’ fashion world and Night Vale are alarming. I have spoken previously about Night Vale rotting away in its time-locked existence. We know from A Carnival Comes to Town and The University of What It Is that the citizens of Night Vale are horrifically judgmental, and that they opposed to opening up to new worlds.

That Cecil is disinterested in Fashion Week (to the point of risking his life) is a testament to how he has come to feel about Night Vale. Disinterested. Weary. Done. As he says at the end of the episode:

I’ve missed Carlos greatly, and I’ve also grown weary of a mayor that can’t protect herself, of a town that fears outsiders. Of a Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in my home and publicly wants to do me harm. And I think of a Desert Otherworld where it’s always sunny, and mountains are real. There is a helpful masked army that can build anything, and your cell phone battery never dies, even if reception is 4G at best.

There is the question: is Night Vale worth it? Is Night Vale good? Is it a good town?

These are questions and feelings that we have been grappling with for a long time. Night Vale, like the world of fashion is capricious. Is it worth it to be a part of this world at all when it is so difficult to keep up with its seemingly random whims? In short, as Cecil asked in Parade Day (which aired around the same time as this episode, actually):

Are we living a life that is safe from harm?

Of course not. We never are. But that’s not the right question. The question is are we living a life that is worth the harm?

The importance of these questions was also highlighted in the Community Calendar. The narrative in this segment trivializes the war with StrexCorp by using an analogous invasion (of alien warriors) and merely suggesting the same solution that was used to repel StrexCorp. What was once a central conflict has been relegated to a Community Calendar joke. 


Because there are many more problems than simple invasion in Night Vale. They’ve figured out how to deal with foreign invaders. They haven’t figured out how to live with themselves. 

They haven’t figured out how to live.

Miscellaneous (or God DAMNIT, Chad!)

I know that the big ticket item in this episode is Cecil’s announcement that June 15th’s episode will be his last. This is of great and obvious concern. I am not entirely convinced that he will actually go. The Faceless Old Woman has threatened the opening of the Opera House in the next episode, and I feel that something will compel Cecil to stay…whether it be his own civic pride, or an unseen handing pulling his strings to defend the Mayor.

But…what about these Shambling Orphan disappearances? Cecil devoted only a few lines to the story, promising further developments. But we never received any. The libsyn feed highlights the investigations of these disappearances as “ongoing,” but I really can’t think of the last time the Shambling Orphan was mentioned.

Oh, wait…

It was Antiques, wasn’t it? Yes, let’s paste that quote right here:

Chad Bowinger, who lives in the Shambling Orphan housing development down by the Haunted Baseball Diamond, said “It is a sadness, what we do to each other. It is a weeping, and a gnashing of teeth.”

Ok, so twelve people have mysteriously disappeared in the same building that a man named Chad lives in.

Saints preserve us, I think that’s the Chad! The Faceless Old Woman’s Chad! The Chad that has summoned something unspeakably terrible in the Shambling Orphan.

I really hope that’s not grand spectacle the Faceless Old Woman has planned for June 15th.