fashion week invite

Elle est aussi intéressante que le carton d'invitation d'un défilé qui a eu lieu hier.
—  Loïc Prigent (J’adore la mode, mais c’est tout ce que je déteste)

“When we say crap about Katie Cassidy, we don’t tag her” MY ASS

You guys are seriously pathetic, bullshit liars. You guys may not tag her (as often), but majority of the Twitter fanbase does and y'all let it happen.

Unlike our fandom, we actually call out the people that are disrespectful to real life people, tagged or not. Y'all state that we are giving y'all “death threats” and are misogyny’s (i’m a male feminist off record), but these are the same people that say this shit to Katie Cassidy themselves.

Y'all are pathetic people that have nothing better to do than shit on a supposed failed actress who:
- got promoted to regular for all DCTV shows
- has a successful fashion business blog called “TomboyKC” which got her invited to New York Fashion Week
- has been invited to the Oscars before
- An ambassador for Cybersmile
- An spokesperson for HELP Malawi
- Has a net worth of 3 million which is probably bigger than most of the DCTV actors.

Anyway, the real Black Canary will always be Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

I love ruining people’s opinion on how Sara is the real black canary with real facts :)

News flash: Dinah Laurel Lance was offered the option to join the league, but she said she would rather die than join in the comics, if Sara was the real black canary, she would have chosen death over the league. (Although I still love Sara & her actions were understandable)

News flash: Dinah originally had dark hair and wore a wig. Then, she dyed it blonde & took off the wig. Laurel did that, Sara had the wig forever & the blonde hair originally.

News flash: Dinah’s ideology was never killing & she was very protective over Sin from vigilante stuff. If Sara was the real Black Canary, she would have put Sin in a safe haven outside of Starling city.

News flash: Laurel stood by Justice & giving a voice to the voiceless since she was a little girl, same with Dinah. You can’t say the same with Sara, could you?

News flash: Laurel and Dinah were trained by Wildcat, was Sara? NO.

But those are just a few things, I love Sara Lance don’t get more wrong, but she is no Black Canary.

Regardless, I’ll say it again and again, the Olishitty fandom is disgusting and terrible.

You tag Katie Cassidy on your hate and say false things about her. The worst one was “besides sucking dick”, that’s just disgusting.

Y'all have no lives and will continue to be loners for the rest of your lives, #staypressed.

Olishitty Fandom = Terrible people that call Cassandra “Voldy and 🕷and antagonize Katie Cassidy
Olicity Fandom = Nice good hearted people that give the fandom a good name

I’m not even gonna anti tag this, y'all need to see how god awful y'all can be.

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[+230, -5] He has no right to do this.. wow… Tao, you’re nothing without EXO ㅋ Look at what happened to Wu Yifan

lets look at what happened to Wu Yifan

1. He joined the cast of “Somewhere Only We Know” which grossed US$37.81 million in its first six days and debuted at No. 1 at the box office.

2. He Won the Asian Fashion Icon Award at 2014′s Sohu Fashion Awards.

3. His first solo song “Time Boils The Rain” broke records, exceeding 1 million plays within 3 hours and 25 minutes on its first day of release.

4. He is confirmed to be playing a supporting lead for the movie “Fading Wave” which is considered as one of China’s most anticipated film releases for 2015.

5. His single for his movie’s OST titled “There Is A Place” that was co-written and produced by him exceeded 1 million plays in 50 minutes and broke his previous record.

6. He became the youngest celebrity to have his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

7. He Won the Outstanding Youth Award at Sina 15th Anniversary.

8. He was on the cover of “Vogue China” with Kendall Jenner and he was the first male celebrity in 10 years to appear on the Vogue China cover since their publication.

9. He was invited to the Givenchy show for Paris fashion week.

10. He was invited to attend the 2015 Met Gala and he was the 4th most tweeted about celebrity at the event. 

11. He Won the best actor award at the 3rd China International Film Festival London.

12. He will be playing in a new movie (L.O.R.D) alongside Fan BingBing. 

13. He was appointed as a spokesperson for several brands, such as Tencent Yingyongbao, Mengniu DiLanShengXue Ice Cream, Mengniu Naite Milk, Tong Yi Iced Tea and Adidas’s ZX Flux series.

14. He is confirmed to be the lead/supporting lead/have a cameo in at least 4 more movies other than the ones mentioned before.

15. Esquire China named him as ‘Rookie of The Year’ in their Man At His Best 2014 issue.

16. He will make a cameo appearance in Stephen Chow’s upcoming movie, Mermaid. a role that was written specially for him.

17. He made his catwalk debut at Burberry’s Fall 2016 Men’s Show in London.

18. He was part of the 2016 NBA All-Star Game as a member of Team Canada, which was headed by Drake.

19. He will be acting in his first Hollywood movie “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”, alongside world stars such as Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Deepika Padukone, Nina Dobrev and Ruby Rose. 

it’s true that if not for EXO he would’ve not been where he is today, but we all know that he probably would’ve never been able to accomplish all of this if he was still a member of EXO.

Mizuhara Kiko Gets "Posh", Grazia China, May 28th 2014

Written by Celine Wang. Translated by Mika/fuku-shuu, thank you so much!

She is the one foreign star GRAZIA has covered diligently, and we have crossed borders again and again for the opportunity to photograph her.

Because she really is “major” - even with no headlines or significant ambitions, her popularity never wanes, while both fashion and entertainment industries continue to adore her. If this isn’t the definition of noteworthy, then we’ll really have to modify its meaning in the dictionary. Yes, Mizuhara Kiko is officially posh.

First of all, GRAZIA must face the truth - that is, other than “silly” rumors, Mizuhara Kiko has not had much public exposure or discussion for the past six months. The closest she has been to her Chinese fans was when she attended the new Miu Miu store opening in Hong Kong earlier this year. Other than that, everyone has become dependent on her daily selfies on instagram to fulfill their curiosities. So, it’s a good thing that as soon as you meet her in person, the conversation topics surface automatically.

As usual, we meet up with Kiko herself at her agency. She dons a white sports jacket, American Apparel’s black jeans, and Saint Laurent’s mini motorcycle bag. Between a pair of casually-tied braids, she’s bareface and still as playful as ever, but with some additional degrees of elegance. After hair, makeup, and discussion on the day’s plans, Kiko quickly enters professional mode. The photographer asks, “Please run to a point 100 meters away.” - and she takes off without a single word; the editor requests, “Circle around twice with the bicycle.” - and Kiko rides along without shifting her expression towards the camera. No extra communications necessary, and no instances of her being flighty or playing coy. The whole photoshoot ends efficiently, professionally — what is going on? This seems to be quite a 180 from the vivacious, quirky young woman we saw the past two times!

“Maybe she really is too tired, especially after these past six months.” Her management team tells us. The topic of this shoot is “vacation,” but Kiko has not had a single night’s rest for a whole year. After filming “Trick the Movie: Last Stage” in 2013, she immediately went to work on the drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier.” Less than a month after that project wrapped, she already ventured into a new production. And this doesn’t even take into account her usual photoshoots and fashion endeavors. During February’s Milan Fashion Week, she was invited to walk for the brand Moschino. “It wasn’t really too complicated. One day we suddenly received the request from the designer’s staff via phone, and it’s a brand I love very much, so we agreed pretty quickly.” Kiko says. According to insiders, when it comes to accepting jobs in fashion, Kiko never overthinks - in her mind, it’s usually a “favor for a friend.” And in regards to the endless amount of complimentary, beautiful garb, she doesn’t attempt to hide anything, “I have quite a few friends who are designers or work in the business, so they just give me a lot of clothes.”

What deserves a mention is that in the primetime series “Shitsuren Chocolatier,” the young woman Kiko portrays happens to be a lively, straightforward model - Erena. Even though this series didn’t get an official braodcast in China, Kiko’s own appeal, on top of the immense popularity of Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi, cause it to swiftly became one of the hottest shows abroad. Erena’s relationship view of “Sex is separate from love, while confessions should be courageous” also inspired heated chatter among fans. The craziest ones even made a database of all her spoken lines and the individual pieces she wore throughout the show. “I really admire girls like Erena, and that was what attracted me to the series in the first place. In real life, I probably wouldn’t be so direct. My feelings are more slowburn, and I need ample time to understand or like someone. The most important quality I look for is a person who can give me comfort and happiness when we’re together. And if said person has good fashion sense, then it’s even better.” Says Kiko. As for all the love scenes with Matsumoto Jun, she admits she was quite nervous: “I felt quite shy, so I always asked Jun for advice. But he always told me, ‘Even if embarrassed, we have no choice, right?’ Ah! It was a revelation, and I realized that I had to be more professional.”

Despite her breakout role as Midori in “Norwegian Wood,” Kiko’s film and TV projects, or even her amount of screentime in each, aren’t actually too numerous. But each character is a new challenge: “Because I’m still a novice in terms of acting, I always want to try a lot of different roles. I’m never the main character, anyhow, so right now there wouldn’t be a case where a film’s box office tanked because of me alone. Even if that does happen eventually, I can’t really help the fact - I can only focus on how to portray my characters well.”

The latest news is that Kiko is going to have the starring role in an action film. “It really is a huge challenge, but I’ve wanted to be part of one for so long, and now I finally get the opportunity.” Right now, she has to undergo three to four hours of wire work and fight training on a daily basis. In addition, she also has to complete muscle-building routines at the gym. Even though the concealer hid much of it, during the photoshoot, we still saw hints of the bruises on her legs. “I don’t know if I’ve grown up - that’s probably better for others to judge. The director for every project is different, so every time I enter a production I start from a blank slate. What I can be certain is that I’m totally confident in memorizing lines now!”

Insiders of the Japanese entertainment industry tell GRAZIA that Kiko is already at the very top in terms of female entertainers in Japan. Even though she’s not a “Queen” yet, she definitely has the momentum of a successor. 1.2 million Instagram fans, appearances at all the major fashion events, designing for brands like Diesel, Reebok, and Opening Ceremony on the side, and those endless magazine covers month after month. With such a gigantic following propelling her, what does the 23-year-old Mizuhara Kiko have to worry about? Perhaps, doing what she wishes is the best choice for now, because anything is possible. Just as she says, “My job has a model helped me accumulate a lot of experience, but I can’t do it for my entire life. I must use whatever I’ve learned in other places. I don’t know what those are yet, but right now acting is making me very happy, so I’ll do this for now.”

Not a Model (Calum)

So I wrote this because I really want to be a makeup artist and 5sos seem to like models so… it’s kind of my ultimate fantasy 

Thank the lord fashion week was over. It had been hard work day in and day out. I was a makeup artist so fashion week was the biggest and most stressful week of my life. After a week of pure a hell,  couple of the models from my show asked me out to go party with them. The only problem was the fact that I didn’t drink so I was immediately made the designated driver.

I sat at the bar for the whole night sipping on ice water and munching on beer nuts. Basically my job was just to make sure none of the girls went home with an axe murderer or throw up on the dance floor. I watched as my model friends grinded on strangers and had guys to body shots off them. All the sudden, a boy with curly raven hair sat down next to me. I looked over at him when his arm brushed against mine to find that his stare was already focused on me.

“Can I get you a drink?” He asked above the music. His bright smile seemed to take up his entire face. He smiled to big, it made his chocolate brown eyes crinkle.

“No, thanks,” I said. “I don’t drink.” He tilted his head in confusion and pointed to the drink in front of me. “It’s just water. I’m pretty boring.”

“You don’t look boring.” I looked over to see him picking at the paper label wrapped around his Corona. “So, you come to a bar on a Saturday night and you don’t drink?”

“I’m just here to make sure my friends don’t get murdered or completely humiliate themselves.” I pointed to the tall gorgeous gaggle of girls that were grinding with some more tall gorgeous people.

“Those are your friends?”

“Yea, models.”

“Huh. They’re kind of grinding on my band mates.” I almost drop to the floor in embarrassment. I never thought my model friends - who were practically perfect in every way- could embarrass me in front of a guy.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized while hiding my face in my hand.

“No, I’m sorry. My band mates are definitely less hot than your friends and worse dancers.” We sat staring at our friends being completely ridiculous and getting sloppy drunk. “I’m Y/N by the way.” I put my hand out towards the boy. He gave it an awkward shake.

“I’m Calum. I’m in a band. I’m kind of a rockstar. Just a little bit of a big deal.” I couldn’t help but laugh at his false sense of modesty. He took a sip of his beer and leaned in close to me. “So, what’s it like being a model?” I started to choke on my own spit when he asked the question. There was no way this guy actually thought I was a model. He saw my friends, how in the world could he think I compared to them?

“I’m definitely not a model. I’m actually the makeup artist for the designer they model for. We’re actually here to celebrate the end of fashion week. They just invited me along. I’m no where close being a high end fashion model.”

“Why do you say that?” I tried not to focus to much on his mouth when he talked. The traces of alcohol on his tongue made me shiver. I couldn’t stop thinking about what his plump lips would feel like on my neck. He nudge me to get my attention. Once I snapped back into reality, I realized he had asked me a question.

“Well, I’m not 6′2, 120 pounds, and drop dead gorgeous.” Somehow he found a way to lean in even closer to me. I could feel his hot breath on my face and his hand inched dangerously close to mine as they both rested on the counter top of the bar.

“Could have fooled me.” He took his bottom lip between his teeth and concentrate his gaze to my lips. “Do you wanna get out of here?” I knew this guy way too good to be true. All he wanted was some one night stand and was gonna say whatever he could to make it happen. I opened my mouth to speak and he immediately held up his hands in defense. “No funny business, I was just thinking we could go grab a bite to eat while our friends paw at each other’s nasty bits.” I couldn’t help but laugh at his word use. He set down his drink and dialed someone up. “Hey! Yea, can you just pull up to the front? Thank you!” He hung up and stretched his hand out towards me. I looked at him with a confused gaze. “Just take my hand, I don’t wanna lose you in the crowd.” I intertwined my fingers with his. He tapped the shoulder of one of the tall boys that had been grinding with my friend Tiffany all night. “Make sure the girls stay safe, I’m taking their designated driver for a bit.” The boy nodded and Calum lead me out of the club. It was a straight shot from the door to the town car.

As soon as we opened the doors, cameras flashed from every angle. People shouted random questions at me that I couldn’t understand. Calum pulled me into the town car with him and stopped to examine me quickly. “Are you hurt? Did anyone touch you?” he asked with his eyebrows knitted together. The amount of concern he was showing for my well-being was actually very endearing.

“I’m fine,” I told him while pushing his hands away from me. “But you didn’t tell me you were that famous.” He just shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. “Great, now every tabloid in Hollywood is gonna have some kind of headline saying I’m your new girlfriend.”

“Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” Calum’s sly smile creeped onto his face while his hand found its way to my inner thigh.

Let me know if you guys liked it or if you want any more!


MILAN FASHION WEEK via INSTAGRAM - September 18th to 21st

You all know how much I love to reminisce. MFW was FUN! Jeremy Scott’s Barbie inspired collection won me over, as well as the gorgeous prints at Cavalli. Oh, and Versace gets the award for coolest fashion week invitations. Take me back to Milano please…

  1. Guess who made it to Milan Fashion Week!? At the discotastic if backstage of #dsquared2 to say hello to my Canadian boys.
  2. Decided to tone it down with this subtle and understated number for Moschino. #CocoPops
  3. It’s Barbies world, we all just live in it. Thanks #Moschino and Jeremy Scott for putting the fun back in fashion.
  4. My look the first half of the day at Milan Fashion Week - head to toe DSquared! 
  5. What’s as good as gold? Two front row tickets to Versace!
  6. And my MaxFactor glamour transformation with PatMcGrath is complete - featuring New Creme Puff Blush, Colour Intensifying Balm and Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara.
  7. Cavalli’s Angels before the show.
  8. So honored to be an Event Chair at the Amfar event. Thank you to Bulgari and Versace for my look - feeling very “Dynasty” in the best way. 
  9. Last night in Versace, goodbye Milan! 

Because sometimes everything you’ve worked for is balancing an arm full Alexander Wang bags and a tray of iPhone charges and New York Fashion Week fashion show invites.