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Slow motion test with Elisabeth. #slowmotion #studentsofboots #fernandoberlin #boots #gloves #studio #videography #videographer #gloves #leather #fashion #model #videoshoot #photoshooting #sonya7s

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We at Rated Raw wanna talk about upcoming art and artists, and the quality of your vision. It will always be our goal to bring you guys to the light at ZERO cost to you. Our purpose is to give you guys the limelight and to give you a place where your art and hard work can be appreciated and noticed by many people and platforms! Right now our blog isnt very big but we have a goal to be one of the top online providers of art and new media. If you see this and you want someone else pushing for your success please send us a message and let us get to know you so we can so the world how great you are!!

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Misha Meghna - Women of Streetwear by