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If it's not too much trouble, could you do a top 10 outfit list for any of the Senshi? I know you did Michiru, and I really loved it. Thank you for bringing humor to my day!

Of course! Here’s Minako, because out of all the Senshi her style is the most completely inexplicable. 

10. The traditional costume for going out for a cry on the swingset. Sensible shoes to rock back and forth aimlessly. Tears blend right into the denim. 

9. Outfit was created on a dare to incorporate five completely different color palettes into one ensemble. 

8. Outfit was created specifically to showcase fake shark teeth necklace.

7. Outfit was stolen directly from Rei Hino’s closet and Minako doesn’t care who knows it. 

6. Inspired by a certain green dress of Ami’s the grants the wearer good fortune on lesbian dates. Fire extinguisher accessory is optional, but brings out the color of the bow. 

5. Tinkerbell, but if God forgot about her. 


3. Oversized monochrome zigzag sweater would be enough to earn this spot on its own, but the pink personalized apron with a heart for the ‘o’ brings out a new dimension of charmingly quirky of an already-charming already-quirky garment. 

2. Minako’s choice of dress for the idol competition. Of course, the fan t-shirt from the celebrity sponsoring the contest is a simple base, so it should be easy to construct an inoffensive outfit around it, correct? Minako takes this premise as a challenge. It’s time for a bright pink skirt and a blue cardigan with a white scalloped collar. This is the only time Minako is seen wearing this cardigan, so it is safe to assume that she only takes it out for special occasions. And no, that is not merely a printed pattern, oh no. Those are fabric rosettes stitched to the sweater. This is a hand-wash-only situation. 

1. This one


Explore the mists of Venus! (they will kill you)

The second in a series of pixel art travel posters celebrating our solar system! I am super DUPER happy with how this finally turned out (it’s been in-progress for a long time, but GUYS. FRIENDS. So worth it.)

More planet posters are on the way soon!

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The signs and fashion: how they dress

Aries: bring the color, bring the glitter and bring the fun!! Aries have a fun personality and like their clothes to reflect that.

Taurus: Classy, elegant knows how to work every color to suit them and dressed to the tens for every occassion. Huge fans of prints.

Gemini: effortless style, they are not the type to spend 3 hours picking an outfit. Comfort is key. their philosophy is: a collection of good quality and effortlessly chic clothes is the way to go.

Cancer: Not one to chase trends, likes to find what suits them and sticks to it. A style that transcends time.

Leo: Bold and their clothes say it. They don’t need crazy colors to make a statement, their favouritism of unique styles and cuts that make them stand out result in a style that is bold, powerful and makes a statement, without being overdone

Virgo: boho-chic meets model off duty style. not too fussed with brands, if they like it, they like it, that’s what matters!!!

Libra: fearlessly stylish, the #trendsetter of the fashion scene, their wardrobe is filled with everything you could dream of.

Scorpio: comfort, comfort, comfort over everything!!!!! simple effortless styling, not a fan of tons of accessories or overdoing anything.

Sagittarius: no crazy colors welcome here. Sag’s may have a colorful personality but their dressing comprises of neutral colors and they prefer to stick to casual classic styles.

Capricorn: dressed like they walked out of Tom Ford or dressed like they’re the CEO of a billion dollar company. they don’t know “casual”.

Aquarius: Style philosophy: an amazing outfit allows for a statement piece to shine. Pick one statement piece for the outfit and let it do the talking.

Pisces: feminine, epitome of a boho-esque style meets regal wear. a beautiful pastel aesthetic.

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Crystal Tokyo Gala Gowns | All Senshi

. Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury . Sailor Mars . Sailor Jupiter . Sailor Venus .

. Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus . Sailor Saturn . Sailor Pluto . Sailor Chibi Moon.


  • Venus in Aries: Excitable lover
  • Venus in Taurus: Old fashioned lover
  • Venus in Gemini: Free spirited lover
  • Venus in Cancer: Psychic lover
  • Venus in Leo: Lavish lover
  • Venus in Virgo: Thoughtful lover
  • Venus in Libra: Dream lover
  • Venus in Scorpio: Forbidden lover
  • Venus in Sagittarius: Optimistic lover
  • Venus in Capricorn: Inspiring lover
  • Venus in Aquarius: Mysterious lover
  • Venus in Pisces: Divine lover

Fashion in Astrology pt. 1

I didn’t finish this but I’ll try to add on to it in a part 2! I was being lazy, quite frankly…

I think Venus and Mars rule over our fashion sense. Having many aspects to both will define how you define your fashion style. Even if you have many aspects, the stronger the two planets are in one aspect will make them more prominent than the others.

Venus-Neptune: ethereal, glamorous, other-worldly fashion. Vintage fashion but more modernized. Lots of clothes made from silks and clothes that make the skin shine and look bright. Not really a trendsetter, but they take trends and make it grander than before. Finds a theme of dress and sticks to it. Very extravagant and flowing upscale dresses, likes expensive materials and brands. Wears all sorts of colors and still looks nice. They like avant-garde and haute-couture.

Venus-Saturn: typical classic beauty. Elegant and graceful, very “earth” like. Timeless fashion that never goes out of style, despite all the trends that may move past it. Wears colors that are often found in nature. The fashion sense continues to get more and more extravagant and lavishing with age. Doesn’t wear much silk but enjoys laces and solid materials and colors.

Venus-Moon: very serene and calming sense of fashion. Like something an angel would wear. Wears lot of flowing shirts and blouses, like to wear pants and jeans that accentuate their body. Can be a bit eccentric and over the top in their style at a young age (which makes them look a bit awkward and unsightly as it’s just not what fits them best) but as they get older they obtain a very elegant and timeless fashion sense that always works for them.

Venus-Jupiter: they don’t really have a defined sense of fashion. They like all sorts of fashion, though not all fashion styles will look fitting on them. They don’t really care though. They enjoy clothes from other cultures and may wear clothes styled after another culture’s traditional wear (which may or may not be cool lol). Their everyday wear is playful but simple.

Venus-Mars: very clean-cut fashion. They prefer looking like they are a million bucks at all times. They are up to date on style, very trendy and not very radical. They have a sense for what’s TRUE fashion and even though their style can lean towards the extremes at time, they are just not very radical like that. They like suedes and suits and ties. Many sleek and body-defining styles.

Venus-Uranus: not a conformist in fashion. They’re the trendsetters. Though they like very new and different styles, they are actually very good at designing new styles for all people. They are probably the ones who make the timeless clothing that Venus-Saturn people wear faithfully. Regardless, their own personal style is very true to their personality, whatever that may be. They are not afraid of mixing colors, patterns, designs, fabrics, etc…

fashion sense
  • rising/1st house: the reason behind what you're wearing
  • 2nd house: the amount you're willing to spend or where you’re willing to shop; what makes you physically comfortable
  • 10th house: how you'd like your style to be conveyed in public
  • venus: what we find beautiful; how our beauty is expressed
  • *aspects to these houses/to venus also have effect