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H and L networking for each other/together in the business like the dream team they are. I mean, I already knew that but wow pick someone supportive.

honestly, like, the phrase work the room was created in advance just so they could come along later and define it. 

enter a party; harry’s to your left, charming men with children harry’s age and doing that thing he does where he captivates everyone in a five mile radius. he leaves the group with multiple business cards tucked in his pocket: one from the lead editor of a magazine who desperately wants to do a piece on harry and louis, one from the director of a highly anticipated arthouse film, two from record execs who want the dream team to come write for their artists, one from a modeling headhunter who’s heard that if you want louis tomlinson to give you a moment of his time, you have to impress his boyfriend. 

and then look to your right, where louis is the loudest voice in a group of fashionable twenty-somethings, the up-and-comers of the entertainment world. there’s a singer-songwriter who worked with harry in the studio last week and who is slightly dumbstruck when she meets louis, as though she finally understands what harry meant when he was writing about love and forever. there’s an EDM artist steve connected louis with, they’re talking potential mutual promo if louis comes to see his show next month. there’s the guy who designed harry’s suit he’s wearing tonight; they’ll take a picture later to promo the designer’s work, but for now he and louis are discussing the fall line and what harry should try next fashion-wise. they don’t do business cards, but twitter follows, and by the end of the night louis’ fans have added thousands to their following counts too. 

and then after the party harry and louis go home and snuggle, as though they didn’t just own the entire room and everyone in it. 

Next Gen Headcanon

So this thought popped into my head a few days ago and I can’t get it out:

Teddy, Victoire, and Molly are all runaways.

Teddy leaves first, sneaking out of his grandmother’s house in the middle of the night a few months after graduating from Hogwarts.
There is no animosity in his disappearance, he simply longed for a different kind of life. The only thing he took with him was his mom’s Wicked Sisters shirt and a still picture of his parents. He didn’t even take his wand.

He finds his way to a muggle concert venue/nightclub and charms the manager into giving him a job. Within the same night, he meets two friends that “recognize a nomad when we see one” and offer him a couch to stay on. They all become close friends and end up renting a bigger loft together within a few months.

Victoire is the next to leave, and her departure isn’t as discreet as Teddy’s.
Her and her parents have a falling out years in the making. Being born on the anniversary of so many deaths has been a dark cloud over Victoire’s life for as long as she can remember. Though she was beautiful, intelligent, and greatly loved by her family, she had severe self-esteem issues because of the duality of her birthday. She always felt like a horrific reminder of pain and suffering (especially to people like Teddy and George) instead of a symbol of victory. She never wanted a birthday celebration because she felt that it was a dishonour to those who would have no more birthdays.

Her parents never understood this, and never really understood her. On her 16th birthday, after the family returns from a memorial ceremony, Fluer has had enough of her eldest daughter’s attitude. When things get heated, Bill sends Dom and Lucas upstairs with mother and daughter yell at each other. In the end, with a storm raging on the horizon, Victoire storms out of the cottage with nothing but the clothes on her back and wand in hand. Her parents go after her while her brother and sister watch from the upstairs window. As her parents follow her down the beach, Victoire whips out her wand and conjures control of the crashing waves. With a flick of her wrist, she sends a small tidal wave hurling between her and her parents. By the time the water and sand settle, Victoire is no where to be seen.

It is only a few months later that Molly, a year younger than Victoire but very close to her cousin, nonetheless, follows in her older cousin’s footsteps. 
It is at a Weasly/Potter family gathering that she leaves. Conversation is still centered around Victoire and concern for her. Concern, however, soon turns to crude judgement and snarky comments by a few adults (Molly’s father, included). Molly knew better than anyone the hell that Victoire suffered through on a daily basis, haunted by a past that she had no part in.

Normally demure and reserved, Molly spoke up in defense of her cousin. Things quickly got heated between her and her father (and a few other family members here and there) and Molly eventually denounced her family name, snapped her wand in half, and sprinted out the door. A few adults chased after her, but all of the kids knew they’d never catch her. Years of stockpiling classes on opposite ends of the castle had turned Molly into quiet the runner.



She found herself homeless in muggle Sidmouth, huddling under an awing to avoid the rainstorm. In the distance, there is a loud crack. Muggles would think it was lightning from the storm, but she knew better. 
They found her.

She stood up and started walking, but stopped in her tracks at the sound of someone calling her name.

That voice…

Turning around, she saw a blue-haired Teddy smiling at her from across the road. She ran to him and jumped into his leather-clad arms.

He brought her back to his loft in Birmingham. Dripping wet, they walked through the door.

To Molly’s Type-A-personality delight, the place was fairly neat. A few people were hanging around, mostly boys. On the couch, however, was Victoire. Smiling, laughing Victoire playing some card game with a long-haired boy in a beanie. 

Teddy cleared his throat, and all eyes were on them. As soon as she set sights on Molly, Victoire smiled brighter than Molly had ever seen. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with Teddy and Victoire’s friends.




In the years to come, the Weasly/Potter clan eventually moved on. No one forgot the children that had run, but they couldn’t realistically let three kids keep them from raising the other 10.

But Draco didn’t have 10 kids to worry about, he had one.
Yes, that’s right, Draco Malfoy.

Scorpius never had any siblings, so he was very close to what family he did have, 2nd cousin Teddy included.
Another thing about Scorpius: he had a great love for the muggle world that his grandfather despised. Draco never had a problem with this, and even encouraged his son to explore all aspects of who he is. Scorpius started spending his holidays exploring muggle England, gaining close muggle friends, even taking a muggle class every now and then.

Eventually, through a few overheard conversations and accidentally discovered muggle items, Draco came to the knowledge that Scorpius knew more than he was letting on. One dinner, Draco nonchalantly asked him how Teddy was doing.

Instantly, Scorpius knew he was busted. He agreed to some clean, on the single condition that it stayed within the immediate family. The people in question didn’t want to be found. That was their choice and Scorpius respected it, and he expected his father to do the same.

Draco agreed, and so Scorpius came clean.

Teddy was in a band, and a very popular one. They had a few big music awards, and had even been nominated for a Grammy and a Brit Award (Two things, Scorpius promised his father, that were huge deals.) The band was touring the United States at the moment.

Victoire went into fashion and has been featured in many up-and-comers runway shows in the past year. With the help of mentors like Vera Wang, Domencio Dolce, and Paul Smith, it wasn’t long before her fledgling line is projected by fashion insiders to be huge among the young adult market. Though he didn’t know her that well when she was with her family, Scorpius swore that he had never seen Victoire more comfort or filled with absolute pride than when she was showcasing her creations.

Molly was a Best-Selling young adult author. Her debut book released when she was pushing 17 and was inspired by Victoire’s struggles with self-esteem and depression. Apparently, many people can identify with that particular struggle, as the book sold 1 million international copies within a year of being published. For any author that was incredible. For a young unknown? It was astounding. Molly turned the book into a series, with the sequel being focused on a character inspired by Teddy’s life, having been orphaned nearly at birth, and struggle to find himself. In the third book, due to be published in the next few months, the main characters from the first two books find their way together.

The three runaways were successful and happy in their muggle lives. Between the three of them, there was one wand, Victoire’s, kept in a lock box in Victoire’s box spring. The wand seemed perfectly compatible with the three of them, probably sensing the closer-than-close bond that they shared. It was hardly ever used, as they were all content living as muggles and, honestly, a little frightened of being discovered. 

Scorpius had happened upon Teddy when his muggle friends surprised him with a birthday trip to a small concert venue in Birmingham. The same venue where Teddy found work, formed a band, and got his start. The band often performed there, as a thank you to the owners and to the wonderful people that helped them along their way. As soon as he saw the metamorphmagus, Scorpius knew exactly who he was. When the show was over, Teddy and Scorpius had a long talk backstage and Teddy invited Scorpius and his friends back to the loft. While his friends hung out with the band, Scorpius caught up with the runaways.

Throughout it all, there was one thing that amazed Scorpius the most.

They had stuck together.

How had Victoire and Teddy come together after Victoire ran?

How had Teddy known that Molly ran away and where to find her?

How, after their lives took them in different directions, had they managed to stay a trio?

Scorpius lived in a world of magic, but nothing had seemed more enchanting to him than the idea that you can be so strongly connected to someone that you always find your way back together.

He never bothered asking how that happened.

Somethings were better left a mystery.