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you can’t be spoiled if they’re all the mastermind!


I really love this wave of 70s fashion that’s trending lately. I wish I could wear this stuff, but this style pretty much screams, “Skinny girls only!” to me. Someday…

besides the obv sexism the biggest reason i hate those “fashion trends men hate but women love” articles is because where do cishet men get off thinking they know things about fashion? like oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that wearing an obey snapback and cum stained jeans your mom bought you from jc penny back in 2008 made you a style expert tell me more about your criticisms of the latest trends

Hey Ya’ll!

“Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak”

Everyone single person has a different sense in fashion. Whether you think double denim is the way to go in every single situation or whether you wear flower crowns on a daily basis- it doesn’t matter. Fashion is all about individuality. Here are some trends I love and hope will be around for as long as time goes.

1. Girly Prep
Whenever I see stars like Camila Cabello or Ariana Grande sporting their signature ‘girly prep’ style, I instantly feel inspired. I love wearing collared shirts and hair bows and I love seeing other people wear it aswell. It looks so good!

2. Pastel Perfection
I love the pastel colour trend. Seriously, a pastel blue two piece dress with lace fringing? Perfection.

3. Baseball Beauty.
If you ever see pictures of Zendaya in magazines, you’ll see her awesome tomboy like, hip hoppy style. I think an outfit of light denim boyfriend jeans, a baggy baseball shirt, white converse sneakers and a chunky watch is super on trend and such a cool look

Happiness is… Having your own style!
Until Next Wednesday… Have Happy Thoughts xx

curlykytta  asked:

Hey babe, what's your current fave jam? What book did you read last? What's a fashion trend you wish you'll die in the fiery pits of hell?

Fave jam…..condiment: grape. Dance song: I gotta feeling.

Last book I read: once and for all by Sarah dessen which i’m still working on

I’m confused by the last question O.o but fashion trend I love is tunic tops and long vests….very 90s hippie

lessthansix  asked:

I'd love to hear about a historical fashion trend you really enjoy.

Similar to the previous question but I think I can open this up to like, accessories and shoes and stuff, right? 

So, one thing I LOVE is men’s high heels??? Specifically the kind of shoes one saw in the 17th century. I think like, the high heels of the 18th century are nice but they a) got less high and b) men stated to favour square-toed shoes which I loathe. Pointed high heels on foppish 17th century courtiers really is the dream. I think they look so elegant, so poised.