fashion thighs


Chub rub in the summer is excruciating, inevitable and totally normal. Let’s talk about it.

  • In Miss Eaves’ song “Thunder Thighs,” which launched with a viral music video back in June, Eaves croons: “Chub rub, the day is just heating up / So what, these boy shorts are inching up.”
  • For those uninitiated to chub rub or thigh chafing, they might have thought, “Huh?” But to those of us familiar with that sensation, you probably thought, “Yes, girl. Yes.” You see, when someone whose thighs often rub together decides to walk, run or dance with bare legs for an extended period of time, a sensation begins to express itself in between their thighs that feels like two pieces of sandpaper gave birth to hell.
  • Though many people can relate, chafing is, unfortunately, one of those experiences during the summer that people have altogether decided to rarely discuss openly.
  • But according to a number of dermatologists, chafing is nothing to be ashamed of, as it’s just one of those naturally occurring events that occur when you have a human body. (Imagine that!) Read more. (7/14/17, 2:17 PM)

Just a casual little photo shoot by my best friend. Still learning to love my body and not be ashamed of my bumps and lumps, that means cellulite and stretch marks. Seeing these let’s me see how beautiful I am at my size. I don’t need to be thin to be beautiful. Beauty is so much more.

Outfit details:
Aka: basic ass bitch 😝
Shorts: Meijer (!!) size 2x
Top: Lane Bryant 22/24
Gross flip flops: old navy lol

Still cute thoooo