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(Part2) Adele's daddy didn't buy her way into a record company to get her first album recorded the way Scott did at Big Machine. She literally wouldn't be where she is today if she wasn't a rich girl to begin with cause she is NOT naturally talented enough to stand up against people like Adele or Beyoncé. Adele did it the old fashioned way- through raw talent and hard work without a daddy who bought a share of a record company. TS is lucky because she has a momager and a financial exec daddy.



Long awaited and long overdue, UNDERSONG proudly presents our first big number, NEVER LET YOU GO!

Despite plenty of hiccups during the production, we are happy to deliver this number in proper fashion, with phenomenal singing talent and a 120+ panel fully-detailed and coloured animatic video!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the final preview track of UNDERSONG before the full show begins!


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all the time my head buzzed with the impossibility of girls: girls who found exactly the right shade of rose shirt to wear with my skirt, who were impossibly talented in fashion; girls who braided my hair and kissed my cheeks while talking about their favorite mountains; girls who gently guided me through going to the gym and who would get ice cream with me in the sweaty aftermath; girls who looked dangerous but were always ready to watch a show and drink wine with me, who scratched the faces of boys who dared demand too much of me; girls who were quiet and gave me their highlighted notes in fonts i couldn’t dream of, who stood up to other girls when they stepped out of line. girls who protected me, girls i protected, girls who came to me for advice on being woman if the body feels wrong and who gave me advice on how not to quit life despite the fact i felt like a constantly ringing last song. 

all the time they were perfect, impeccably so, from the round laughing cheeks to the photogenic queens to the sundae messes to the freckles to the core of them. girls flooded every nerve ending with the ability to somehow exist so wondrously that you were sure you were in a dream.