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 Keva J - Spring 2017 Collection Bikini Runway Show @ MIAMI SWIM Fashion Week 


M E N  O F  S T Y L E - Tom Farrelly. Model, Sydney.

Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, it’s like you’ve known them for years, that is actually what happened when we met Tom. We met through a mutual friend who suggested we meet Tom and feature him for Men of Style. We had heard about Tom, the busy model (Tom is signed to London Mgt Group), who just recently walked the runway for the  David Jones Spring Summer 14 Fashion Launch, who just got back from Miami on duty as an official  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim ambassador and the guy who seems to be popping up in every magazine and website. Little did we know that this dude started his career in PR (making him somewhat of a model underdog). Tom has a really great sense of humour (we laughed our way through the whole shoot) and doesn’t take himself too seriously. On the flip-side Tom is a very creative and deep individual with a really humble attitude. After spending a day with him we came to realise that basically he is a super nice guy who is definitely a very interesting and complex character. We’re happy to now call him a mate! 

First off, some background on where you started, where you are and where you see yourself going.

I started off working in PR and talent management. Right now I’m modelling full time, which I’m really enjoying. Eventually I would like to end up working in television. 

How would you describe your look/style?

My day to day style is quite simple and paired back. 

What would you say are your biggest influencers in terms of your style, whether it be a person, a place, a movement etc?

The weather is probably my biggest influence when I get dressed in the morning. But in terms of an aesthetic, I have always admired the classic styling of early Calvin Klein.

What are you go-to clothing stores, favourite places to shop? 

Collector store and Nique on Crown Street and I can’t go past a good department store so David Jones FTW.

Brands that you love?

Dr Denim or Cheap Monday for jeans. 

Bassike or American Vintage for a white tshirt  

J Brand for a leather or denim jacket

WillBe and Nowhereland are new Australian labels that have some great prints for summer. 

What are the ‘key’ fashion pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

J Brand denim jacket / J Brand leather jacket.  I literally have one of them with me at all times. 

Who do you see as a ‘stylish’ dude, what is the appeal?

For me style is about confidence and how you carry yourself.

You can follow Tom on Instagram @tomfarrlleytalks

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Reposted: Free! x BGC Fashion Week Parody

I posted this joke/parody a long time ago but…it never gets old.

(Side Note: There was an episode on Bad Girls Club Season 7 where 3 of the girls participated in a fashion show sooo…I couldn’t resist)

So this is “Fashion Week” ….

The Results:


Beijobaby: Babin’ Crochet Swimwear to Rock at the Beach this Summer 

By Rana Good

There’s something about crochet swimwear that screams summer and sex appeal. The tough yet whimsical material can be moulded into almost any shape and looks equally ravishing in pale hues as it does in eye-catching neons. 

It’s no surprise then that one of my favorite labels during International Swim Fashion Week at Curaçao’s Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort was Beijobaby, a swimwear label that exclusively uses this material. 

Designer Keila Soares Girvin taught herself how to crochet as a young girl in Brazil sowing the seeds for her own label. “We couldnt afford the ‘cool’ clothes, so I made my own,” Girvin told us. Today the designer is based in San Francisco, and her creations are still driven largely by impulsive inspirations and the desire to make something one of a kind. “I dont use patterns, and I design in my head as I handmake each new piece; every item is original,” she says. 

Girvin starting working on Beijobaby full-time two years ago, after her friends insisted she launch her own label. Although she now devotes her time exclusively to working on her brand, each piece is still treated as an individual item that’s not mass-produced. “I see my pieces as wearable art, and I have learned that people respect the time and attention to details I put into each item,” Girvin says. After all, as much as crochet looks effortlessly beautiful a lot of work goes into making it look that way. “Crochet needs to be very precise in order to fit right, and I take great pride in the way I have learned to see a womans figure and make her the most beautiful and unique, as well as the best fitting bikini she owns.”

Although her suits are gaining more and more fans each day, don’t expect to find Beijobaby at your local mall anytime soon. “Right now I have chosen to remain small and continue to strive to create some of the highest quality and sexy unique bikinis you can find anywhere,” Girvin elaborated when we asked where we would be able to find her bikinis and one-pieces. 

Something beautiful that you can’t find everywhere — we just fell in love with Beijobaby even more.