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“I wanted to be a model, so when I was in 10th grade I made a school club specialized in modeling with seven other friends of mine. Now it’s a club of about 20 people including a make-up artist and fashion stylist. We are just having fun, preparing our own fashion show for the school festival and sharing clothes with one another, but people from school have gotten us wrong for so many times. People thought our club was for students who are only tall and stylish. Anyone can join us though if they like fashion… One girl told me she really wanted to join my club and came wearing a t-shirt with a heart that she drew in the middle and said, ‘this is my heart, I’d like to show you boys’.”

<Humans of Seoul at Seoul Fashion Week>

“모델이 되고 싶어서 고등학교 1학년 때 친구 7명이서 모델 동아리를 만들었어요. 뷰티, 코디 하는 애들까지 껴서 이젠 20명 규모의 패션 동아리가 됐어요. 우리끼리 축제 때 패션 쇼도 준비하고 옷도 공유해서 재미있는데, 학교에선 오해도 많이 받았어요. 키 크고 옷 잘 입는 애들끼리만 하는 거라고. 그냥 좋아하면 들어올 수 있는데… 어떤 여자애는 티셔츠 가운데에 하트를 그려 놓고 ‘오빠들에게 보여주고 싶은 제 마음입니다’ 이러면서 꼭 들어오고 싶다고 하더라고요.”