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Winter sugar baby style guide. Layers are your best option. Boots allow you to wear thick socks, large bags are great for keeping gloves, hats, and scarves in. Sweaters under long coats are cute, and will keep you warm. 🌹

superskrull191  asked:

Hi I'm a demiboy that is just starting to dress in feminine clothes. Is it okay if I ask you for some shopping advice? Also if you have any make up tips that would be very much appreciated.

If you have any specific questions, that would of course be a lot easier to answer, but here is some basic advice:

So, starting out, try to look to others for stuff you like, ea. what kind of style you could imagine you using. It helps a lot that they are somewhat the same body type as you as that will mean that similar clothes will look pretty similar to you. Now when you have a base point to work out from, you know what kind of clothes you should be on the lookout for when you are out shopping.

Always try on clothes if you have the chance! There is a very big difference on clothes that you want to look good on you, and clothes that do look good on you. This is a harsh learned truth that will cost if you keep buying stuff from the first category. Bodies are different, and depending on how you go about your style, there are certain types of clothes that will fit you better than other. What kind of neck should you choose? Sleeves or no sleeves? Pencil skirt or pleated skirt? ect ect ect. Try the clothes on, look yourself in the mirror and try to imagine that you are not looking at yourself, but someone else. Do you like what they are wearing? Does it suit them? This is of course something you’ll get an eye for the more you do it, so keep at it! :)

Ordering online? Sure, but it is a gamble. The more clothes you have tried on, the better your guess will be at judging whether something will fit you from product pictures only.

Now back to what I said to try to copy someone else style that you like. You are not going to be able to do that exactly, and that is exactly the point! Along the way you’ll find your own solutions and your own combinations that you like. Outfits that fits you and that you think look good, even better than the ones you initially looked at. Congratulations, you are on your way to building your own style! :D

Cheers, good luck!

10 Cocktail-Length Wedding Dresses

Short is the new long

Your day, your dress. If you decide you want to go short for your big day, don’t fret. There are tons of options out there for beautiful wedding dresses that hit at the knee or above the knee. A great dress choice for a destination wedding or even a second dress for your reception, shorter dresses are less heavy, show off your shoes, and give you more freedom to dance all night long!

Here are 10 cocktail-length wedding dresses to add to your Pinterest wedding boards.

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