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Truly surprised by the outcome in tonight’s Project Goodwill show. My very first award and it’s first place ♡ huge shout out to my beautiful model @honeytoastie for making this a reality

Our challenge was to create a look using only items from goodwill, and we were urged to include nontriditional items. Using a pair of trousers, a curtain, scarf, lampshade and a few wreths I made my first award winning look

  1. Do some research as to which stores are located in your area.
    If you’re in America you can look up national chain locations such as Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, or regional chain locations such as Hancock Fabrics in the Southeast.
    If you’re in Canada you can look up national chain locations of Fabricland or Fabricville (depending on the Frenchiness of your location).
    In both America and Canada, Michael’s craft stores carry a wide variety of sewing supplies but only a small selection of actual fabric. Walmart and Target (RIP Canadian Target) also carry sewing machines and occasionally carry fabric and sewing supplies in their craft section (but it can vary greatly between stores/regions).
    If you live in a big city see if there is a fashion, textile or fabric district and look on various sites such as Yelp for reviews on various locations.
  2. Look through your local flyers and check online to see if any of the stores in your area have coupons or if they are having any sales. Also see if any of your stores offer discounts for paid memberships. I had a Fabricville membership that cost $20 CAN/year and got me a ton of savings with or without sales. I would say I saved about $300 on fabric last year alone.
  3. Print out or bring references of the outfit that you are making.
    Also bring the pattern package or take a picture of the back for the pattern(s) you will be using. I liked to circle my sizes in pencil on the back of my pattern envelopes then take a picture to save in my phone so I could remember how much of each type of fabric I would need and what types of fabric and interfacing the pattern suggested. Having references and pattern information also can really help if you’re trying to find a specific type of fabric and need to ask an employee to assist you. If you’re embarrassed to say you’re making a costume for a “nerd convention” I would sometimes just say I was a fashion or theatre student working on a project to avoid having to constantly explain myself to nosey employees. Also you’d be surprised how many cosplayers work at chain fabric stores. If you got to any chain fabric store in Canada or the US I can almost guarantee you’ll find at least 1 cosplayer, theatrical costumer, or die-hard renaissance faire-goer working there who would be more than stoked on discussing wacky costumes projects.
  4. Bring a friend with you.
    Shopping for fabric in a large chain store can be overwhelming. Shopping for fabric in a fashion district with 3 dozen stores with fabric piled 8 feet high can be extremely overwhelming. Bring a friend. Not only can they act as a second opinion when it comes to choosing colors/textures/patterns, but you can also divide and conquer bigger stores if you have time constraints. Plus they can also help boost your confidence if you’re a naturally shy or introverted person but need help from the store employees. Oh and they can also be a pack mule but don’t abuse the pack mule clause or they might not want to help much after a couple trips haha.



b.arc Product Design_CUBE Light / Hanger

a small team of young architect students are preparing for a fund raising event.

the money will be for a total design exhibition (fashion, graphic deisgn, art, crafts, architecture) next year.

this product design is a cube capable of being a hanger and light that sticks to any wall.

Hidekane au where Hide is a fashion design student attending FIT in New York. His clothes are a kaleidoscopic mix of neons and pastels; styles are often androgynous, with eccentric features like unnecessarily large hoods or an inordinate amount of color-gradated layers. The boy’s designs are meant to be seen and he makes sure of it. Finals are coming up and Hide has a big fashion show to prepare for. It’s his last year attending, before he hits the real world, and he wants to make it special. The usual pool of student models he chooses from is decent, but he’s looking someone a little more subdued, with poise to help his clothes stand out even more.

He’s on his way to the consignment boutique where he works part-time when he spots Shironeki from the corner of his eye. Lithe body wrapped in tight dress pants and a dark blazer; the shock of white hair matched by a small white rose brooch on his shoulder. Hide’s body flushes as adrenaline pumps through it; he’s found the one! He watches Kaneki walk gracefully into a tiny, tiny bookstore. It takes Hide a moment to make it across the street, and then he’s dashing into the bookstore in a crash of noise. The attendant looks at him confused, but he just rushes through the store, checking aisle by aisle.

Kaneki is of course all the way in the back, fingering the pages of a book he’s pulled from the shelves, lips pursed distractedly. Hide practically runs up to him and shouts “Y-You’re perfect!” Kaneki gives him a confused look and takes a step back. Hide realizes he was standing about three inches away from him and blushes. “Uhh, what I mean is that I want you to work for me.” Kaneki tilts his head and is like excuse me? “Noo, noo, god wow sorry. I’m not a creep, I’m a fashion student. I’m working on a runway show and I want you to be in it.” Kaneki crosses his arms in front of him and mumbles something about not being much of a model. He’s flustered from Hide’s energy so he’s blushing something fierce.

Hide just laughs. “That’s exactly the face I want you to make. You’re a natural.” He promises to teach him what he needs to know. Kaneki is hesistant; this boy is ridiculously cute, but cute enough to take a crash course in modeling? He wavers, until Hide checks his watch and realizes he’s late for work. He hands Kaneki his card: the front is neon abstract sunflowers and his name, on the back it says: - ‘Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty’ (lbr he would love zoolander)

Three days later Kaneki calls him up and says he’ll do it, but only if he gets a date first. Hide instantly agrees.