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i want to see harry and louis holding hands ): cuddling on the bus ): Harry sitting on louis' lap ): (harry is taller but i know he does it anyway) louis watching harry while he cooks ): harry and louis kissing ): harry kissing louis' forehead ): louis calling harry 'baby' ): harry and louis being disgustingly cute around the boys ): I'M SO UPSET, the people that get to see these things are really lucky.

things I need to see

  • louis lazily petting the springy bits at the sides of harry’s head, and I know we have seen this but I mean now 
  • harry leaning up from where he is lounged in louis’ lap and kissing his neck 
  • louis putting his arms around harry from behind and tucking his nose in between his shoulder blades, eyes closed
  • harry putting the headband into louis’ head
  • louis tying a headscarf into harry’s hair 
  • I don’t want to get to greedy but grinding in a club would be okay
  • 24 page fashion spred in magazine 
  • them casually holding hands on a street corner smiling at each other
  • holding hands across a table while reading a menu
  • walking out of the same restaurant still holding hands and looking overjoyed to be papped for once
  • harry and louis walking a red carpet in suits and ties 
  • introducing themselves as ‘the Tomlinsons’ in the interviews