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In respond to your forehead Binu reblog, can you just take a moment to notice everything that's going on?? Like not just forehead Binu, SUIT Binu, Lollypop Binu, gamer!Binu, cocky winner Eunwoo, sore loser Moonbin, and FREAKING EYEBROW BINU OH NY GOD

jesus christ anon u made me rethink my life i did not notice freaking eyebrow binu

So here’s what happened

Eunwoo is a well respected fashion blogger+does a lot of cosmetic commercials and Moonbin is his popular youtuber best friend who posts song covers on his channel. Eunwoo gets invited to a fashion show and invites moonbin along with him. Since they are basically the same size Eunwoo dresses Moonbin in his own black blazer and dress pants and styles their hair and stuff.

After the fashion show they go to the after party. An agent is there and strikes up conversation and it turns out they also work for this graphic design company and wants Eunwoo to star in their commercial for their next game and the agent sees moonbin with him and thinks that moonbin is also a model and hands him the company’s card too. He gives them a copy of the game before leaving hoping it’ll convince them to accept the offer.

The rest they decide is too stuffy and boring and they return home (at like 2 am) to their shared apartment and even though both of them should go straight to bed their both still wide awake and so Moonbin suggests the game they were given before they sleep.

Neither of them cares to change. Ofc Eunwoo’s seat has books piled on it that he just kicks to the floor, while the space next to Moonbin’s chair has 3 bags of different flavored, opened but unfinished chips.

It’s a 2 out of 3 kind of game and moonbin’s won the first round bc you know he’s just that talented. And of course he’s bragging about how good he is at the game. He wants to make a bet (because he’s pretty positive he’ll win) so they make a bet. Loser treats the winner to lunch tomorrow - since there’s no way either of them is waking up in time for breakfast.

Eunwoo wins the next two rounds and moonbin is both stunned and sulky. Eunwoo brags about how he let Moonbin win the first round and Moonbin is a sore loser and wants a rematch.  Eunwoo agrees to one more round which turns into sixteen more rounds.

There’s really nothing better than eating junkfood while being dressed to impress, your favorite person in the world smiling and  laughing next to you at 3 am. They fall asleep on the floor of the living room, a faint light still coming from the forgotten screen, Eunwoo using his pile of books as a pillow, and Moonbin using Eunwoo as a pillow. They’ll worry about cleaning everything up later.

Burberry Official Weibo Account Update 160110 

Kris Wu @Mr_凡先生 is wearing @Burberry black leather biker jacket matching with a navy blue striped shirt as he appeared in the Beijing International Airport to head towards London for January’s Burberry 2016 Menswear Show. Stay tuned for Burberry’s live broadcasting by Kris Wu for the fashion show next Monday! #London Fashion Week#

Walk walk, passion baby

Rilan was the first child of King Alaric and his wife, Queen Celeste. He had only one sibling, and he would be king of Dephoria. Not Rilan. 

Alaric and he had never really been close. It was the same with his mother. And after Aylwin was born, the rift between the three of them just sort of…expanded. But that was fine, because he had Aylwin.

He’d always been close to his brother. His uncle and Aunt didn’t seem to mind him, though he know his uncle didn’t like his attitude. But Taran was old fashioned, so that didn’t much matter.

He often left his brother to travel. It was one of the few things he enjoyed that no one really objected to. He would call him or text him, email, send him pictures… He did his best to keep his brother updated on everything that was happening.

He’d ended up going to see a fashion show he’d been invited to, casually sitting beside one of the designers, talking with her while they waited for the show to start, his hair carefully slicked back, long legs cross.

Because sometimes everything you’ve worked for is balancing an arm full Alexander Wang bags and a tray of iPhone charges and New York Fashion Week fashion show invites.