fashion show at lunch!!

how to annoy ur 1d otp

ziall: small talk
narry: child lock
zouis: only 1 xbox controller
lirry: forget the blender
lilo: the quiet game
niam: forget to dvr victoria’s secret fashion show
ziam: sit in between them
zarry: switch their lunches
nouis: miss their phone call
larry: question their cereal inventory

A Breakout Hit?

Marinette’s room had been taken over.

There was fabric carefully draped everywhere in the pink room. Drawings taking over every bit of wall space she had. She had been hard at work for the past week. Her designs for the first part of the contest already sent off.

She just hoped her pre-work on the outfits wouldn’t go to waste.

What was this contest?

A chance for her to make her debut as a designer. It was being talked about in her class over the past week, only snatches of the conversation passing Marinette’s focus. No, she was too busy making her designs as flawless as she could.

Contestants were to create a collection of five outfits. The first round of judging would decide who’s collections would be shown at a fashion show in just two months.

The winner of the fashion show portion would gain a small studio in town to lunch their fashion design profession. Any help from a celebrity and it was an instant disqualification.

To say Marinette was obsessed with it would be an understatement. As such, her attention towards Adrien had taken a noise dive as she pushed forward into the contest.