fashion show at lunch!!

#TBT to being 8 months pregnant and finding the last bit of “me time” before Odette arrived! 💘 x

Hey, asshole, I think you’re a little confused as to what “me time” is. Having a girls night, workout dates with your friend, photoshoots at a bookstore, mediating, going to the lake, hitting up fashion shows, having lunch with your mother, doing photoshoots in random places in  ATX, having coffee dates with your photographer friend and getting your eyelashes done constitutes as “me time”. 

Also, I think I speak for many when I say please don’t ever smile like that again. That’s really really creepy.

G Dragon- At a Glance

It all started with curious glances. You had heard the name whispered throughout the halls of YG. You had seen the music videos playing in the lobby and the posters that line the walls. There was even the occasional ringtone that pierced the air accented with his distinct voice. On the days he was recording the faint sound of rapping would float from the recording studio.

However, none of that caused your curious glances. It was what you didn’t see or hear that caused your eyes to linger on his form. Those moments when the camera and makeup were off, when his smiles were genuine or the lines of fatigue would mar his face, that is what you were interested in. Those moments when G Dragon ceased to be and all that was left was Ji Yong.

“You stare at Ji Yong Hyung an awful lot you know…” Seungri’s voice is thoughtful as he speaks, “Do you like him or something?”

You aren’t startled or embarrassed, you simply blink and slowly turn your head toward Seungri, a look of boredom gracing your features.

“He’s interesting,” you shrug nonchalantly while tilting your head as you glance back over at him, just as thoughtfully as before.

“That’s all you’re going to say?”

“What would you like me to say?”

“Yah! You’re hopeless! You aren’t even embarrassed!”

A light smirk crosses your features, “Walk away maknae… you won’t win a game with no opponent.”

“Doesn’t that mean I’ve already won?” Seungri laughs as he backs away from you.


He pouts as he turns and walks back over to the group of guys who are laughing about something or other.

You turn your attention to the notepad lying on the table. You gaze down at the sketch, really no more than a doodle, before ripping it out of the book and crumpling it into a ball and tossing it in the trash on your way out of the room.

Over time the glances evolve from curious to secret. Ji Yong is young, handsome, rich and highly sought after by the women about town. The rumors that he has his eyes on the new stylist AKA you are circling around YG and that isn’t helping you at all.

That didn’t keep your eyes from sliding to his form though. You studied him like a painting in a museum. Thinking that perhaps if you turn this way or that, if only you can get the perfect angle all of his secrets would write themselves along the curve of his jawline and continue all the way down to his toes.

“Hi, I’m Ji Yong, you must be the new stylist, I’ve seen your work on the runway. You are quite talented.”

You notice how he bites his lip seductively as he smile that signature debonair smile, the smile that make the ladies swoon.

‘So this is G Dragon,’ you muse to yourself.

You smile and exchange pleasantries  with him, all the while vaguely wondering when you are going to meet Ji Yong.

Your glances are no longer secret as you study him with a frown.

“It doesn’t look right.”

“Yah! What’s wrong this time!”

“Don’t get mad at me because you can’t dress yourself.”

He glares at you through the mirror and you just smile before taking the hat from his head and replacing it with a different one. Instantly distracted by his appearance in the mirror at the introduction of the new accessory.

“I like the other one better.”

“You just don’t like being wrong,” you sigh.

You turn and walk away missing the curious glance he throws your way. It had all started with whispers in the halls of YG. He began noticing your name placed beside magazine spreads and your signature style gracing the runway accompanied by your name announced over the speaker.

However, that wasn’t what made his eyes linger on your form as you sort through the countless clothing racks. It was those moments you thought nobody was looking, when you faded into the background, and you were seeing a world only you could see. A world more beautiful than the one everyone else lived in. When you would bob your head to a song that only you could hear when there was no music playing.

“You know you stare at her an awful lot… Do you like her or something?” Ji Yong glances over at Youngbae not embarrassed in the least about being caught staring at her.

“She’s interesting…”

“You sure that’s all?” he asks with a knowing look and a teasing smile.

“Yeah… That’s all…” Ji Yong turns and looks over at Youngbae with a slightly confused face before he turns back to inspect his appearance one last time.

You don’t even look up as someone walks into your office and plops down on the chair across from you. When said person crosses their arms on your desk and lays their head on them, you promptly ignore them. The person sits patiently and waits for you to finish your sketch, their eyes watching your every movement intently, admiring you as you work. When you are finished you look up and into the eyes of Ji Yong.

“Finally finished?” he questions.

You just nod and get up, before turning to grab your purse.

“Don’t worry about that, lunch is on me today.”

Normally you would protest, but you are still lost in your own little world. So you don’t really think about it as you just nod and follow him out of your office. He waits as you turn and lock the door before you both head off down the hallway. You can’t quite recall if this is a business lunch or just a normal one. Over the past few months you and Ji Yong had become good friends and went out to lunch when time would allow.

“Are we discussing the plans for your comeback in a few months?” you question while looking down at your phone.

“Nope… Just thought it would be nice to catch up…”


He’s used to the adjustment period that you need and doesn’t really talk until he is sure you have completely cleared your head.

“Yah! Where is my bag?!” you exclaim as you look around Ji Yong’s car for your purse.

“You left it back at the office,” he replies simply, a mischievous smirk sliding across his lips.

“And why would I do a stupid thing like that?!” you exclaim with a scowl, “Yah! Now how am I supposed to eat!”

“I told you I was paying for your lunch.”

You look over at him with his smugly amused smile.

“I see…” you say as you narrow your eyes.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with it when we were leaving…” he says innocently.

“You know I was still thinking about my sketches! With all of the debuts and comebacks I have a lot to plan for! And you aren’t helping! I was intending to work through lunch today!”

“That’s not good for you.”

“You’re one to talk,” you say with a glare in his direction.

He just replies with one of his smiles that seem to melt the rest of the female population…

…but not you!

“You’ve been working very hard and I wanted to do something nice for your… Is that so wrong? Your friend wants to do something nice for you.”

You just turn your head so that you are gazing out the window, but you aren’t seeing the buildings that line the streets of Seoul, you are secretly watching his reflection in the window. You notice the way he keeps glancing over at you.

“Yah! You aren’t mad are you?!” he exclaims in annoyance.

You don’t say anything and just continue to look out the window as if you are ignoring him. You school your features in case he can see your reflection in the window, and act as if you aren’t looking at him.

He heaves a sigh and grumbles out a ‘fine,’ and just continues to your destination. When he turns away from your you let out a secret smile before you turn back to facing the front and grab his iPod.

“Got any new songs lately?” you ask without even glancing up.

He smirks as he glances back over at you, “A few things you might like.”

“We better be going some place good… I’m starving!”

“I think you’ll like it…” he says as reaches over and grabs your knees where he knows your ticklish.

“Yah! Stop it!” you squeal.

He laughs with you before he turns his full attention back toward the road.  

You march down the dark hallway and everyone dives to get out of your way. The sound of the crowd cheering is literally making the walls vibrate with the intensity of the sound. The fans are impatiently waiting for Big Bang. You hardly notice the way the back up dancers are looking at you as you rush by them. You barge into the waiting room and the guys look up at you slightly startled by your abrupt entry. You thrust their concert attire at them and barely look at them before you turn your back on them all.

“Change Now.”

Too stunned by your cold demeanor to argue they do as you say and begin to change into their stage clothes with the help of your assistants. You don’t notice the worried looks they are all sending you as you continue to grumble to yourself about one thing or another. When they are all changed and the stylist are making the adjustments and adding the sound mics, they all continue to send you wary glances. All except for one of them. Ji Yong has a feeling he knows what is bothering you and with a look at the guys, they all nod and head out the door. The silence in the room grows heavier as you make it a point of ignoring Ji Yong.

“What is this?!” You yell as you slam the magazine down on the table.

He picks up the magazine and skims the article.

“What about it?” he questions before he lays it down.

“Did you have anything to do with it?”

“Of course not! Why would you think that?!”

“Why do you think I came here?! I had my own studio in Tokyo! I showed at London Fashion Week! And just because we went to lunch once I am now dubbed as G-Dragon’s latest fling! They don’t even know who I am!”

“You aren’t making any sense. I don’t understand why you are so angry about this.”

You sit down heavily on a chair.

“I came here to get away from all that. I said this time would be different…”

“What happened in Japan?” he asks gently as he sits down across for you.

“Rumors were started about me and one of the actors I designed for, it turned out that he was starting the rumors in order to help his name. When I found out about it I confronted him and he told me that I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help, so I better just accept it. Well I refused to accept it. And to prove everyone wrong who merely thought of me as his girlfriend I decided to take the job at YG. I left everything I had in Japan to start over to prove to everyone that I don’t need anyone. And perhaps… I needed to convince myself that I could do it as well. That’s why I don’t want to be known as G-Dragon’s girlfriend… It has nothing to do with you, and I shouldn’t have jumped to such a conclusion, I’m sorry…” you say as you look away.

Ji Yong sits and stares at you for a moment.

“So since it’s not about me… just my name… you’ll agree to date me in private?”

“What?” you look up in confusion.

He smirks at you, “I don’t just take anyone to lunch you know…”

“Ahhh… but….”

He doesn’t wait for you to respond he just walks over and presses you against the table. He gazes down at you as he inches closer to your face.

“Is that the ‘smoulder?’” you question innocently.

He leans his head back and laughs before he looks down at you with a genuine smile and a shake of his head.

You smile up at him, “You know I would much rather kiss Ji Yong than G-Dragon.”

“Oh really? Why is that? Most girls would much rather kiss G-Dragon.”

“Well that’s because they don’t know Ji Yong like I do.. And because I’m not dating G-Dragon, I’m dating Ji Yong…”

With that he leans down and captures your lips in a sweet yet passionate kiss.

Hello all! I hoped you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! Actually, no I hope you enjoyed reading a lot more than I enjoyed writing it! I had a lot of trouble with GD’s character… Anyway feel free to message me and tell me what you think! Or if you want drop a request in my box! 

how to annoy ur 1d otp

ziall: small talk
narry: child lock
zouis: only 1 xbox controller
lirry: forget the blender
lilo: the quiet game
niam: forget to dvr victoria’s secret fashion show
ziam: sit in between them
zarry: switch their lunches
nouis: miss their phone call
larry: question their cereal inventory

A Breakout Hit?

Marinette’s room had been taken over.

There was fabric carefully draped everywhere in the pink room. Drawings taking over every bit of wall space she had. She had been hard at work for the past week. Her designs for the first part of the contest already sent off.

She just hoped her pre-work on the outfits wouldn’t go to waste.

What was this contest?

A chance for her to make her debut as a designer. It was being talked about in her class over the past week, only snatches of the conversation passing Marinette’s focus. No, she was too busy making her designs as flawless as she could.

Contestants were to create a collection of five outfits. The first round of judging would decide who’s collections would be shown at a fashion show in just two months.

The winner of the fashion show portion would gain a small studio in town to lunch their fashion design profession. Any help from a celebrity and it was an instant disqualification.

To say Marinette was obsessed with it would be an understatement. As such, her attention towards Adrien had taken a noise dive as she pushed forward into the contest.