fashion show after party

a fashion designer and her favorite model 🐱❤. maybe at an after party for a fashion show or something?

i have more adrienette sketches on my Instagram (@sallteas). make sure you follow me on there for wips, sketchbook pages, and processes! i’m finishing commissioning work right now, but once i finish i’ll be able to indulge you guys with a little bit more MLB. ❤


Lau & Nicki, fashion show after party

Angel (Calum smut)

Requested? “You and Cal are kinda ‘talking’ and he comes to your VS fashion show after party and you get photographed sitting on his lap and being cute?”

Summary: ^^^ I changed a few details and added in smut (bc I’m a hoe bag) but I think it’s what you asked for!

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: modelling, grinding, general smut

A/N: I haven’t really proof read this but I hope it’s alright :-))

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Being chosen to walk the runway at this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show was no easy task. On the one hand you were flattered you’d been invited- after all, this was most models dream. But on the other you’ve never felt so terrified. 

It’s not the prospect of walking down the catwalk in the skimpiest lingerie you could imagine that’s scaring you, no, you’ve done that plenty times before. It’s more the prospect of who’s attending that has your heart beating faster than normal.

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