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13. He Was a Model ( 20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne)

Before Eddie was winning Academy Awards and proving his acting talent, he was using those unique looks of his to make him some money. He was a model before booking any acting and he was maybe not the best.

His spread included him in a hideous sweater with a terrible hair cut. Not the best look for the Eddie we all know and love now but hey, it made him money and let him eventually get to the silver screen. It gave him the gateway to bigger and better things so we can’t really complain much about it.

But since Eddie has had huge modeling campaigns with Burberry and has continued to show is skill in it with his promotional photographs. He is one of the best out there and the newest spread for Vogue for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them proves that.

He may not have made it as a model only but he surely isn’t as bad as he makes out to be. If the magazines and spreads he is in now have anything to say about it, they’d say that he is actually quite good at being a model. Hopefully he’ll get a new campaign soon and we can have even more Eddie Redmayne pictures in our lives!