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Dorcas Meadowes showing off her braids for a photo, as Remus really wanted to capture her flawless braids in a picture and she really loved to wear her hair like that.

- taken by Remus Lupin, June of 1977


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GRAVITY FALLS Aesthetic: Weirdmageddon Pt. 2
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Look what just arrived at the Health Sciences Library! This scrapbook, which was recently added to the UNC HSL Special collections, includes a wide variety of paintings done by a woman named Edith Gordon during her stay in France from 1933 to 1934.

Though the first pages of the scrapbook document a fairly typical tourist’s trip to France (filled with postcards and paintings of scenic vistas), Edith’s fractured femur (injured in January of 1934) took her to the Hospital Hotel Dieu in Nantes for the rest of her French vacation. 

During her convalescence, Edith drew everything around her, from the elaborate hats worn by hospital visitors (image 4) to the rather eclectic floor polishing methods employed by hospital staff (image 2).  She even painted an adorable portrait of a feline visitor to the hospital–a cat named Bobbie (image 3)!

The numerous illustrations of all aspects of patient life make this scrapbook absolutely essential to anyone interested in early 20th century hospitals!  So if you want to get a sense of what life was like in a French hospital in the 1930s, come take a look at Edith’s artwork!

Images taken from: Edith G. Gordon’s Scrapbook of Watercolours, sketches, postcards, press clippings, and photographs compiled by Ms Gordon during her stay in a French Hospital. 1933-34. Located in the UNC HSL Special Collections.


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So digging thru an antique store bin today I found an old scrap book that belonged to a high school girl from Fall River, MA around 1929-1931

She filled it with almost 150 pages of photos of her favorite movie stars, cut from papers and magazines. Here are just a few pages, she really loved Joan Crawford and James Cagney.

This really shows me that fans still have an amazing connection to one and other ever after 80+ years. Just now they hit reblog and use photo shop which isn’t that different.

I mean, God help whoever finds the moody emotastic day planner I had in 80 years but I still really love this.