fashion rocks 2008


Last of the thrifted dolls washed up by Chris
Via Flickr:
Fashion Fever Rock Star Nikki 2008 #M9323 I found her basically complete! She is now all washed up and enjoying life again.

Yesterday was a good thrift day!  I just started cleaning these dolls up and I’m super excited about them.

This is my second Hollywood Hair, but this one is in much better condition. Pet Pals Skipper has most of her outfit, plus a jacked/shirt that I’m not sure if it’s hers or not. Her head is stretched from being pushed onto her neck, but I can fix that easily enough. Glam is destined to the parts bin/head redonation. Mystery Barbie looks similar to the Barbie I repainted a while ago… but she still has both eyes with slightly different eye accents. She also had her shoes super glued to her feet. The shoes were chewed and came off easily enough… but I can’t get the glue off. Sindy has been on my list for a while!! She scrubbed down pretty well but she needs a reroot. She is missing too much hair at the back of her head to leave her as is. Nikki is basically new. Her clothes are still tagged together and the elastic is still on her necklace. I’ll need to find her some boots but I have lots of those. Apple is also basically new, she even has all of her stuff. Clone doll is clone. I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade her or release her back into the wild.

I also picked up a copy of Wicked… now I can finally read it!