fashion rhp


“Science fiction double feature

Doctor X will build a creature

See androids fighting Brad and Janet

Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

Wo oh oh oh oh oh

At the late night, double feature, picture show”

Necklace is one of my creations, paired with Frankie makeup and a trashy wig. Feeling like a 70s’ punk rock drag queen.

hm yea ok i'll do the thing

looking for some new blogs to follow partially bc i’m bored

reblog or like this if you post the following or similar:

  • homestuck
  • snk 
  • sherlock
  • doctor who
  • welcome to night vale
  • vintage or pretty stuff or fashion perhaps
  • things regarding punk or general rock music
  • hOMestUCK
  • wicked/poto/rhps or other musicals

and i will check u out k thanks bye