fashion princesses


designers worn by princess madeleine: armani

april 15th, 2008: luxembourg state visit to sweden: day one

september 16th, 2008: opening of the swedish parliament

september 15th, 2009: opening of the swedish parliament

april 19th, 2012: day of events in washington dc

july 14th, 2015: victoriadagen concert 

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Most Memorable Dresses: Geri Halliwell’s itsy-bitsy “Union Jack Flag” Dress paired with platform red boots, worn while performing with the Spice Girls at The BRIT Awards in 1997. Halliwell originally was given a mini black Gucci dress to perform in but she thought it was too boring and wanted to celebrate being British. She asked her sister to stitch on a Union Jack tea towel to the front as a patriotic gesture. A peace sign was sewed behind the dress. It has since become one of the most iconic dresses in the last 50 years, beating the likes of Marilyn Monroe (Seven Year Itch Dress) and Princess Diana (Wedding Dress).