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“Summer Vybez Are Still In the Air”

Video Credit: Nqobiledanseur

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A Collection of dresses : Vancouver Olympics season programs (2009-2010)

We are almost a year before the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games (Get excited if you are not already) and I’ve made this post featuring all the dresses worn for practise or for performing the Farrucas Original dance, the Tango Romantica compulsory dance and the Mahler free dance.

Tessa really does look amazing and so graceful in anything that she wears. That’s a fact.

Enjoy ! ♥

Sasha Cohen, Torino Olympics 2006 (Short Program)

This is so close to perfection.

The colors are amazing. The skirt is crazy but also amazing, flowered and ruffled and sequined and FRINGED and instantly memorable.

I just wish I could sign off on that low asymmetrical V on the bodice. 

See? I don’t know, maybe all the glitz makes it work for other people, I could totally see that. But for me it’s… sloppy, I guess. I think it’s supposed to look passionately wild and spontaneous but the illusion doesn’t hold water in my eyes. 

Still. Iconic?

Grade: A-