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‘Panoplies’ - models: Elizabeth Erm, Magdalena Frackowiak - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - fashion editor: Claire Dhelens, Celia Azoulay - hair: Laurent Philippon - make-up: Lloyd Simmonds - Vogue Paris December/January 2014-2015 - designer: Louis Vuitton Resort 2015

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Trans Resources - Undies & Swimwear

I’ve partially put together a drafted masterlist of trans-specific undergarment resources. 

Right now it only contains links to online shops, two in-person stores, and a few article guides for trans folks learning how to tuck or make your own binder. I did my best to make it readable, and colour-coded some of it. That said, if there’s any way to make this more accessible for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

This doc is shareable via link, so feel free to post it on Facebook, in group chats, send it to your friends, whatever. 

If you run your own database, website, youth group, whatever, you are also welcome to link this as well. Whatever gets this info out there to people who need it!

I should be updating it in the future so the contents of the doc are subject to change without notice.

Signal boosting by all, including cis people is welcome.
(No T/ERFs though they can go 2 heck.)