fashion of korra

Guys I'm doing it again...

I’m going on another following spree so here’s what I’m interested in:

- Aethstetics
- Gemstones
- Anime
- Steven Universe
- Non-Spoiler fairy tale
- Humor blogs
- Pastel
- Art Blogs
- Pokemon
- Nature Blogs
- Fashion Blogs
- Dank Meme blogs
- Grunge
- lgbtqa+ Blogs
- legend of Korra
- Avatar the last airbender
- American Horror story
- Black and white
- hipster

If you meet any of these please reblog and I’ll check your blog out. I have a few blogs that I own an will be reblogging from, just so you know that they are:

faeriewoods - Aethstetics, nature, grunge, ect blog
poketastic-things - Pokemon blog
badgermolewhlsperer - Avatar the last airbender/ Korra blog

Or if you have followers that post this stuff please reblog, I really need to revamp my dashboard haha

bryke: *has eight year old katara witness the remains of her murdered mother*

bryke: *has zuko physically and emotionally abused and manipulated by his tyrannical father for the length of the series*

bryke: *genocide of air nomads*

bryke: *monk gyatso’s decayed body surrounded by the decayed corpses of the fire nation soldiers he killed with his last fighting breath*

bryke: *koh the face stealer?? ??  ??*

bryke: *that devil shit that go down in the eyes when amon takin away that bending*

bryke: *lets have tarrlok kill both himself and his brother*

bryke: *has ravaas spirit ripped from korras body in the most intrusive fashion possible*

bryke: *lets chain korra up and have a band of terrorists force feed her poison too*

bryke: *also lets have her be haunted and abused by a dark hallucination of herself*

bryke: *death by electrocution, energy rays, explosions*

bryke: lmao how yall ship zutara ???? that shit too dark and edgy for a kids show !! go to church the fuck

Never did I ever think that Id be making a post like this but since this blog is still a work in progress I need more blogs to follow. So, if you post any of the following or anything you think goes along with the following, simply like this post and I’ll check your blog out!

General Lifestyle
- Wicca/Pagan
- New Age
- Nature
- Literature
- Music
- Human Rights/ LGBTQ+
- Writing and Writing Tips & Tricks
- Animals (especially Lions and Owls)
- Mythology
- History
- Make Up and Beauty Tips and Tutorials

Fandom Related Things
- Gravity Falls
- Pokemon
- Over the Garden Wall
- Steven Universe
- Haikyuu!!
- General Anime Things

- Animal Crossing
- Disney
- YouTube