fashion of art


So I heard the Ravagers have a tailor. 

Please consider: 

  • Yondu going to “have words” with his bio parents
  • Instead finds a tiny old lady who claims to be his “Meemaw” and fusses about how raggedy his clothes are

  •  ya think I’mma let my grandbaby walk around lookin like he just got chewed up and spit out by an Orloni no siree

  • He doesn’t hire her so much as find her having set up a dainty tea room below deck and already done with half the crew’s new uniforms

  • She makes such good food that no one wants her to leave



Explore the mists of Venus! (they will kill you)

The second in a series of pixel art travel posters celebrating our solar system! I am super DUPER happy with how this finally turned out (it’s been in-progress for a long time, but GUYS. FRIENDS. So worth it.)

More planet posters are on the way soon!

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