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The Houses as Clothing Things

Hufflepuff: Loose threads. Heavy sweaters in warm autumn hues. Shoes so worn they no longer have tread. Hair ribbons. Wool scarves that tickle your neck. Complementary colors and patterned motifs.

Slytherin: High heels. Rips in a pair of leggings. Long coats with big black buttons. Silver earrings. Watches that tick unceasingly in the silence. Shirts with lacy necklines. Monochrome fabrics with careful accents.

Ravenclaw: Button-up blouses. High-waisted skirts and the shirts tucked beneath them. Bracelets that snag on everything. Soft fabrics. Ballet flats with scuffs on the toes. Stripes and polka dots.

Gryffindor: Sunglasses. T-shirts with fading designs. Sandals that leave unwelcome tan lines. Socks with cats on them. Flannels and sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Designs full of bright colors, big pictures, and words.


October 10 2017 Rip the back to school challenge but anyways it feels like organic chemistry is consuming my life. I have a quiz tomorrow but right now I’m in bed ready to sleep in this abnormally warm weather :( MY NEW KANKEN (THANKS TO STUDYBUDDY) HAS MADE ITS DEBUT AND ITS SO WONDERFUL. I love kankens but this one is just gorgeous omg Anyways I had an 8am class so I’m going to take a nap lmao Someone remind me to study for the ochem quiz tomorrow sigh


August 22 2017

Getting a chapter of physics in everyday!! I guess I’ll be done in like 13 days but we all know my summer commitment levels are low

I opened an instagram!! I mean I haven’t even posted anything on it yet lol and I’m in the middle of changing the name of my blog here (maybe) so whatever I change this to I’ll change my instagram to.

I’m hoping to start posting soon!! I’ll document more personal sides of UCLA life, and in-progress note taking things, and other spammy finsta studygram stuff. But ya I haven’t even posted anything yet!!

insta: @studyellee


Well maybe for some people school started last week but still I hope this post it’s helpful. I had a lot of experiences with backpacks through my highschool years and now in college/ university.

For me the most comfortable way of carrying all my necessities is a backpack and not a bag, here is why:

- Backpack are comfortable and have so much more space
- They come in all shape and sizes and are customizable.
- Easy to wash and a little less expensive.
- No pain on your shoulder or arm because of the heaviness of a bag.

Now for the reason of the post, this for me are the essential things you should have:

- Notebook/iPad: for taking notes and searching in class.

-Journal: for the important dates and thoughts.

-Stationary: Pens (Stabilo, Pilot G2, Muji, Zebra, Staedtler), markers (Sharpie, Zebra Mildliner), washi tape, erasers, sharper, mini stapler and pencils.

- Book of preference: this will help to kill time through your free periods. (Mine right now is Inferno by Dan Brown)

-Water and energy: Remember to carry your bottle of water and some snacks for boosting your energy like energy bars (personally I like Nature Valley), blueberries, cranberries, some cookies, etc…

- Bag of makeup: I’m no the kind of persons who likes to have this item on her bag but it’s a life saver for emergencies, in it I have: compact powder, the lipstick or lipbalm, mascara, Kleenex and tiny container (like those round of Nivea for creams or balm) with Vaseline, this odd container with the Kleenex will help you if you have a smudge mascara and even if you made a mistake with your brows.

-Headphones: for studying, canceling noise or just simply killing time with good music or audio book.

This is what i carry on my backpack, believe me it’s so much easier if your use one and not a bag for example: I have a friend that loves her Nine West giant bag and use it for school but she complains about the weight of her things (laptop included), yes bag are pretty and make you look girly but they are a pain in the ass and you don’t want pain or marks on your shoulders specially on those long days.

So my advice girls is if you don’t feel comfortable with a backpack like Jansport or Kanken types find a Instagram one like this ones, comfort doesn’t mean ugly.

I hope you found useful this post guys, I would love to know what is in your backpack or bag 🙆🏻✨ and exchange tips.

The Houses as Male Clothing Things


Pull-over sweaters. Hats that shade the eyes from the sun. A fading band logo on an old shirt. Fabrics that never wrinkle. Leather bracelets. Plaid. Dress shoes that leave echoing footsteps in empty hallways.


Soft cotton t-shirts. A tie left untied. Dark-washed jeans. Long wool coats with lots of buttons. Stripes. Sneakers caked with mud. Silver watches that tick loudly if you hold them to your ear.


Pants with lots of pockets. The perfectly pressed collars of nice shirts. Socks with sharks on them. Wire-rimmed glasses. Drawstring backpacks. Hoodies. Well-worn fabrics that smell like home.


Scuffed shoes with untied laces. Button down shirts. Sunglasses. A wool scarf wrapped tightly around a neck. Shorts with silly patterns on them. Khaki. Outfits that look nice no matter the time of year.

(Here you go @belongs-to-moony​ ! I hope this could do your request justice ♥)

Female Clothing Things / Male Clothing Things


June 14 2017

Had my Ochem final yesterday! I was able to finish everything in time so I guess that’s good. Nervous about the grade though ;___;

Went to sleep at like 2am last night. Woke up at 7 to study agAin for my last two finals today! Chem lab first then life science. Very nervous bc I feel like I haven’t had enough time (or sleep tbh) because all my finals were so stacked. Sigh last obstacle before the freedom of summer