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Dans nos garde-robes il y a des cintres vides. C'est la partie qui aurait dû être remplie par Helmut Lang s'il n'était pas parti.
—  Loïc Prigent (J’adore la mode, mais c’est tout ce que je déteste)

“Quarter past twelve, and the “breakfast-things” still on the table! The cat is in the cream-jar; the dog stealing the day’s dinner, through the open window; the child crying in the cradle; the maid pouting to the boy at the door waiting to know what to do; the husband coming in from his work, and the mistress still reading her novel which she took up as he went out in the morning. Ah, unhappy man! He has married a woman of ill-regulated mind, who has no appreciation of the value of a well-ordered household, or for the sacred duties of a wife and mother, and who delights only in the false excitements of an over-fed and pampered imagination!” The Novel-Reader by N.P. Willis.

“The Novel Reader” by T. H. Matteson from The Winter Wreath. Edited by N. Parker Willis; New York: Leavitt and Allen, 1853.