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데이트 - a date
자기/여부 - babe~honey~
남자친구 (남친) - boyfriend
여자친구 (여친) - girlfriend
싱글 - single
“저는 싱글이에요” : i am single
나랑 사귈래? - would u go out with me?
사랑, 사랑하다 - love, to love
“사랑해” : i love you
…과(와) 사랑에 빠지다 - to fall in love with /name/
“너 정말 예쁘다” : you are really pretty
“보고 싶어” : i miss you
키스, 첫 키스 - kiss, first kiss
약혼 - engagement
결혼 - marriage
나랑 결혼해 즐래? - would you marry me?
프러포즈 - proposal
신혼여행 - honeymoon

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👑 People say to you, “ you have changed ” or something like that well, I hope, for the sake of God that you have changed because I don’t want to be the same person all my life.
I want to be growing, I want to be expanding, I want to be changing, because animate things change , inanimate things don’t change.
Dead things don’t change, and the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, it’s knowledge, should be expanding 👑